Astrology of April 2008
by Henry Seltzer (
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Gemini Gemini (May 21 - June 20)
Mutable Air. Your ruling planet is Mercury.

Your roller-coaster ride continues into the present month, Gemini. This current cycle follows vibrant and exciting advances in the outer world statement of your career and professional life, and represents an even greater sense of movement and expansion. You are being challenged to let go of previous assumptions regarding what is concretely possible or you at this important life juncture; the sky is literally the limit. The April 5th New Moon and the two weeks following are the best days you'll have all year to vision new possibilities for yourself into being. All bets are off as you make a fresh start on this first month of the rest of your life.

As the month begins, you are thinking about your future. You are perhaps beginning to suspect that there are ways that you regard your world and its inner dynamics that have implications for the way you apply your strengths. There have been questions in your mind lately regarding where you could best put your energy in terms of the surrounding social network. You need to be able to fit yourself in consistently with your inner guiding principles as you are coming to understand them. The New Moon of the first weekend of the month, coming along on Saturday evening, April 5th, is a time of great energy for these questions and also bolsters your determination to concretely and differently establish yourself in your world. This is an excellent time to be making plans and visioning new ideas for yourself into being. This is especially so at the very time of the New Moon and the few days following. The First Quarter Moon of the following weekend is also a powerful time for you, when things may come to a head regarding your efforts to establish yourself in this new conceptual world. Then the Full Moon another week later, taking place on the weekend of April 19th and 20th, puts you in closer touch with your ultimate agenda. It is important to pay careful attention to whatever comes up for you at this time, of either a positive or a negative nature, in order that you more closely track the progress of your spiritual evolution. You are being put in touch with your emotions in a new way, transitioning at the very core of your being, and the meditative power of this period will bear far-reaching consequences for many weeks to come.