Astrology of April 2008
by Henry Seltzer (
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Libra Libra (September 23 - October 22)
Cardinal Air. Your ruling planet is Venus.

You are making an important adjustment between inner and outer right now, Libra. You are finding this month a tremendous impulse toward relationship of all kinds, including business partnerships. It's a time for greater intimacy in your life, and not just with partners. You are bonding more deeply also with your own dark spaces within. Something in the way that you connect with others is in the process of being reborn because of your recent advances in the way that you connect with yourself. In the best possible outcome, rather than propping you up, partnership with others becomes means of building your own strength.

As the month begins, you are finding truth in the strangest of places, under the covers of the overt world that surrounds you. The spirit of revelation is upon you now, and there is something deep inside you stirring. You are seeking your true calling in the midst of life's ordinary circumstances, which is essentially a holy mission. It may be that you occasionally find yourself deceived by appearances, for the world of seeming consistency all around you is noticeable, but you are reaching out right now for the less obvious conclusion. The New Moon of Saturday, April 5th, taking place in your relationship sector, is potent medicine and a stirring of tremendous energy for your partnership dynamic. It is also a time when you will take a turn to the inside, to confront your interior world of dream emotions and secret feelings. You are investigating your past at this time with a revisionist eye to changing its effect upon your future. The past remains the past, but the way that we conceptualize it may make it live again in a new way. As you sort through your memories to find the pattern that connects them to your evolving view of life, you engage in meaningful and creative activity in the name of your truth. With the energy of this powerful lunation for important partnerships in your life comes also the determination to find your own way through, by linking up to your own agenda, neither swept away by the opinions of others nor entirely independent of them either. The First Quarter Moon a week later, traditionally a time of trial, where the impulse that has been started during the New Moon phase must encounter the obstacles of real world viability, is for you this month another powerful turning point when you are enjoined to take a higher mind view firmly into account in evaluating everything that is happening to you. Some new sense of creative activity is attempting to be born in you over this entire monthly cycle, and this is the time when your faith is tested and when you are being asked to make choices. This is also another period when things may not be what they seem, so that careful and delayed evaluation might also serve you well at this time. The Full Moon of the following weekend, taking place over the 19th and 20th, emphasizes the transformative nature of these times. Something deep inside your soul is shifting, and although this might reflect outwardly in relationships with intimate partners or with family members, the most important movement is once again, internal. Your true destination is integration, a peaceful melding of al your influences into wholeness and harmony. Although this may be an elusive goal in the present moment, holding it up as an ideal will help you find the balance that you actively seek at this time between the polarities of self and other.