Astrology of April 2008
by Henry Seltzer (
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Taurus Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
Fixed Earth. Your ruling planet is Venus.

This month is magical for you, Taurus, as you consolidate your recent ideas for new life directions. With the New Moon occupying your sector of dream imagination, a voice is whispering in your ear that the spiritual grounding for a changed life must come from inside. You are likely to find yourself inhabiting inner spaces more than outer, especially for these first three weeks, although both sides of life are very alive for you right now. The mystical focus of these early April days is enhanced by communicating your most important truth to others, which paradoxically helps you to open doors leading inward, where you commune in perfect silence with your Higher Self.

As the month begins, you are filled with the numinous energy of otherworldly spaces behind and beyond your conscious mind. This is a sensitive and retiring time of the year for you, preceding your birthday period, when you are more internal than usual, mulling over the experience of the life events that have taken you down your evolutionary track thus far rather than making new ones. At the time of the Aries New Moon, on Saturday evening, April 5th, these feelings are likely to be intensified, along with the possibility of dissolving old patterns of behavior that stem from early childhood experiences and that no longer serve you in your present state of knowledge and awareness. There could be painful issues that you recognize at this time and that may be coming up for the purpose of moving beyond them. The New Moon makes a favorable aspect to Chiron and a sense of your prior woundings might be more consciously available to you as a result. The New Moon and also your ruler Venus are in your 12th sector at this time, corresponding to Pisces and Neptune, so that your inner world could be more real for you than your outer during this period. The early going of April is therefore a time of meditation and preparation for you, while the last ten days of the month represent greater outer manifestation and connection with others around you. Coming midway between these turning points, the First Quarter Moon of Saturday, April 12th, is likely to be a testing passage, when the impulse of the New Moon contends for viability with the circumstances of the outer world. You may feel extraordinarily sensitive to events at this time and also quite befuddled by them. You might encounter confusion over motivation and also a cautious optimism rising up within you that you can find your way through the maze. The Full Moon of the following weekend represents a flowering of purpose and perspective on your situation. You may find at this important crossroads that partnership with others holds one key to your success, and that seeing the world around you from a different standpoint represents another.