Astrology of September 2008
by Henry Seltzer (
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The Astrology of September features Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus, with also a Mercury retrograde period that begins in of the last seven days of September and extends through October. The Virgo New Moon that set the stage for a volatile September took place on August 30th, following the Leo eclipses, and conjuncted Saturn, bringing to the fore that planet's sense of limitation. Over the first week of September, Saturn is simultaneously moving into a mild and positive trine with Jupiter in Saturn's own sign of Capricorn, just as Jupiter stations direct on the 7th, so that the unbridled enthusiasm and contrasting sense of extreme limitation which fired up in recent months becomes replaced by a blend of these energies and sense of cautious optimism prevails. By contrast with dramatic Leo, Virgo is about the refinement and purification of effort, and as the fall season commences we will be evaluating and coming to terms with what we have begun so gloriously over the summer months. With Jupiter moving forward once again and lightening Saturn's load, this first weekend of the month will be a powerful time of transition, and of shifting awareness, since the First Quarter Moon triggers the Jupiter-Saturn interaction.

The Full Moon of September 15th conjuncts and opposes Uranus, bringing this volatile and changeable energy to the fore. Our relationships with each other are also very present to us during this mid-month period, and subject to reevaluation and rapid development, since Mercury and Venus are exactly conjunct in Libra and making a significant inconjunct aspect to Uranus. The inconjunct signals adjustment and something will likely have to give within our partnership dynamic, perhaps in contrast to enlightenment that comes to us from the standpoint of our own sensitive inner process.

Both Saturn and Uranus are highlighted in September's lunations, and Saturn and Uranus oppose each other more and more closely over the following month, leading up to the exact opposition which perfects on November 4th, Election Day. Saturn and Uranus are fundamentally antithetical, since Saturn represents the forces of the status quo, while revolutionary Uranus represents change above all else. It is certainly startling to see these two archetypes facing off, exact to the minute, on the day of the most change-oriented election in American politics for perhaps the last seventy-five years. The mid-September time period may well pre-figure that forming opposition, as this historic campaign enters its final stages. We might look for surprises during this time and for the arrival of unexpected information that creates out-of-the-box solutions where it seemed that none were possible, that begin break open the bars of our cage.

The Mercury retrograde period that follows a week or so later, two days after the Fall Equinox taking place on the 22nd, is another powerful time of surprising revelation, because Mercury in Libra conjuncts Mars and trines mystical Neptune in Aquarius as it stations. Significantly, this Mercury degree squares the Mercury degree in the U.S. chart, representing the media, and trines the U.S. Mars degree as well. Uranus is also powerful at this time, so that in both the public sphere and in our personal lives we may find surprising epiphanies popping up that inform us in some important fashion of the unseen world all around us.

Transits to the U.S. Chart USA

Last month we predicted a mellow and peaceful month of August with idealism running high and the possibility also of deception in high places especially with regard to the military or oil. The first item has generally been the case, as the Democrats put on a high-minded and united front while even the Republicans have chosen a woman (and a maverick) to fill out the ticket.

As far as deception there were a couple of subtle indicators. For oil, it was revealed in the business news that futures speculation rather than shortages had driven crude oil prices high over the summer. As far as deception and the military, in August the first trail of a Guantanamo detainee has highlighted the system whereby enemy combatants have been sequestered away on non-U.S. soil without legal recourse, a practice frowned upon by both presidential campaigns. For further information on Neptune in the U.S. chart see my new Zodiactivism blog.

In the current month of September, Mars has just crossed the U.S. Midheaven, to be joined by Venus and Mercury, indicating many and varied activities in America at the level of government especially during the September 7th to September 15th time frame. At the same time transiting Uranus squares U.S. Mars, highlighted by the mid-September Full Moon. This all leads one to suspect that further changes and challenges are in the offing this next month regarding the military in this country, with surprises in store there as well.

When Mercury retrogrades it forms a Grand trine with Neptune and U.S. Mars, so the days surrounding the 24th could be very interesting. Jupiter stations this month, still opposite U.S. Sun while Saturn sextiles it, so that there is a fundamental sense of grounded optimism that prevails over this September time period.

September 7th First Quarter Moon First Quarter Moon Chart
This phase is traditionally when the rubber meets the road with regard to the changes that we have been promoting over the course of the first week of the new cycle. We may find a "crisis of action" in the words of dean of modern Western humanistic astrology, where we have to adjust our expectations concerning what part of out initiative is viable in the real world of events. This Quarter Moon also emphasizes the JupiterSaturn trine, a mellow aspect that ameliorates its effects somewhat, and leads off a period of a week when a triple conjunction is forming between Mars, Venus and Mercury in Libra, presaging lots of activity in the relationship department.

September 15th Full Moon Full Moon Chart
This Full Moon conjuncts Uranus in Pisces, so that there could be surprises that come up at this time. Information from our deep intuition might also provide unexpected epiphanies. Venus and Mercury are conjunct in Libra and inconjunct Uranus so that relationship energies of an interesting and even an eccentric nature may be in the air for us at this juncture. The Full Moon represents a culmination of the preceding two weeks and a time when we are ready to share our New Moon impulses with the world, and they may be inventive ones at that.

September 21st Last Quarter Moon Last Quarter Moon Chart
This is a very interesting configuration. Coming as it does, near the end of the lunar cycle, this is traditionally a time of summing up, when we reap the lessons of the three weeks just passed as a seed for the future period yet to come. This time accompanied by a slowing Mercury, getting ready to retrograde, it will kick off a reflective and inward-turning period of time. Mars is also conjunct Mercury, as it retrogrades, and this conjunction aspects Uranus and Neptune, making for hazy unrealities and graceful epiphanies mixed in with the more normal sensations of the waning cycle.

September 24th Mercury Stations Retrograde Mercury SR
As Mercury retrogrades, it conjuncts Mars and trines Neptune. It also makes an inconjunct aspect with Uranus. This will be another extremely powerful and active Mercury retrograde period, similar to the last one in late May and June. The retrograde period extends for five weeks, to nearly the end of October when you count the shadow period, during which it regains its lost zodiacal ground. The other highlights will be the conjunction with the Sun on October 6th and its station direct on the 15th.

September 29th New Moon New Moon Chart
This New Moon begins another phase. There will be loads of energy to be going forward into the peaceful vibration of diplomatic Libra, but with Mercury retrograde at this time as well, it might be better to wait for any radical departures from existing plans until after the retrograde period has passed. With Venus in Scorpio we will be looking more deeply into our relationship dynamics with significant partners, and all our interactions with others.