Astrology of October 2008
by Henry Seltzer (
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Leo Leo (July 23 - August 22)
Fixed Fire. Your ruling planet is TheSun.

You are entering a period of exploring your roots with an eye to growth, Leo, on the verge of breakthrough in discovering your true nature. You may find in the course of this month that you come to mystical self-expression in spoken and written word, leading to great idealism, perhaps confusion, regarding your own motivation and also that of important others in your life. This is a great time for journaling and for internal reflection. It is all for the sake of the eventual transformation of your life goals as you seek to operate from the standpoint of the highest intention for yourself moving forward.

As the month begins, you are in a highly communicative mode, but from a decidedly more introspective frame of mind than usual. Instead of capturing the center of attention with your egoic self, you are focused on deeply perceived soul-level interaction, and communicating to others around you from this quiet place. You are also getting more serious about the basis for your security right now, financial and otherwise. You might find yourself looking for ways to celebrate the difference between material success and the feeling of well-being that comes from a deeper motive. You might even be in the process of discovering that psychological feelings of safety stem from many causes, with finance only one of them. With the advent of the First Quarter Moon, taking place on Tuesday, October 7th, you reach both an optimistic point of departure from existing norms and also one peak of the Mercury retrograde cycle. This is a time when you might expect an intensification of the classic symptoms of missed connections and communication breakdown. Together with the increase in tension represented by the Sun-Moon square this could make for an interesting week. It makes sense to avoid sudden radical departures from an established plan at this time, even though the temptation is definitely there to experiment. The Full Moon a week later is another important crux of time, when you are likely to be making a stand for some set of ideas that you believe in, over and above the sense of business as usual. You win when you espouse a middle way between extremes. Taking something from the conservative approach as well as something from the novel and exciting has its definite advantage most times, and certainly now, when polarizations are likely. You also must beware of deception at this time, since the potential for idealization is strong. You could refrain from giving up on your rose-colored glasses altogether, since optimistic assessments often motivate necessary change. By month's end you will be making a fresh start in your core beliefs and in connection with others around you.