Astrology of October 2008
by Henry Seltzer (
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Libra Libra (September 23 - October 22)
Cardinal Air. Your ruling planet is Venus.

This is a powerful month for you Libra. With the Sun in your sign in your birthday time, you are definitely a self-starter, but you also may find yourself in a deeply reflective space over this time period as well. You are very tied right now to home and family and the psychological roots of your being, as you seek to find new value in tribal connection with others. Good fortune also smiles upon you over this monthly cycle, although it might pay you not to get too cocky. Old patterns of self-expression could also continue to confuse, and to present you with opportunities for growth. You are coming into a time of interior adjustment that takes into account all levels of your psyche, both the more obvious ones and as well the unseen worlds within you.

As the month begins, you are riding the wave of the energy produced by the recent New Moon in your identity sector from the very end of September. This is not a time to go forward with radical departures based on entirely new ideas however, since Mercury is also retrograding through your sign for almost the entire month, when you consider the period of the retrograde shadow. You may in fact detect a tendency to look more closely at all your concepts at this time, and to reconsider your assumptions. With Jupiter and Pluto poised in your sector of home and family and your psychological roots, you might also be taking a deeper look inside yourself at your interior dimension. There is enthusiasm within you at this time for delving down into the vast and yeasty spaces of your internal understanding, and as well for finding new value in your home environment. These considerations are also a priority for you at the time of the First Quarter Moon of Tuesday, October 7th, which conjuncts Jupiter. At this time also, blueprints of psychological orientation could come up for review which no longer serve your purpose in the present moment. It is vital for your on-going spiritual health to transcend these old patterns of behavior and the way to do that is to recognize and accept these cast-off pieces of yourself, so that you can move beyond them. With the Full Moon of the following week, taking place on Tuesday, October 14th, and the days surrounding it, you are entering into a new arrangement with the surrounding cosmos. At this time you might find yourself going forward with your life in a new way, taking on the mystical pursuit of what is largely unseen, but deeply felt, as a guidepost for your emerging personality. You are reinventing yourself in some important ways over the course of this monthly cycle, even though the shift may be a subtle one. The Last Quarter Moon of Tuesday, October 21st, emphasized communicative breakthrough as well as coming to terms with your core interior process and with what you discover there. Much wisdom is to be found in the silences and the gaps between activities, when you take the time to look.