Astrology of October 2008
by Henry Seltzer (
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Scorpio Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)
Fixed Water. Your ruling planets are Mars and Pluto.

You are half in and half out, Scorpio. This is in many ways a very internal month for you, with rich thoughts beneath the surface and with your dreams alive and contributing to your trance-like habitual state of deep awareness. Mercury is retrograding through your sector of profound unconscious process all this month, including the shadow period, and you are likely to put yourself into a meditative and self-reflective state for at least the first three weeks of it. A different side simultaneously emerges however in the second week of October, as your ruler Mars enters your identity sector marking a time of new opportunity and optimistic, even over-the-top, communicative outreach. The lesson lies in integration between all your parts. Breakthrough may come in the last three days of the month.

As the month begins, you are outer-oriented, but delving down into your deep unconscious, the hidden spaces behind and beyond your conscious mind. This is a paradoxical monthly cycle for you, when you are pulled to the inside in a largely reflective stance, supported by the Mercury retrograde period which is also in full swing right now. You also have at this time a strong urge to lead out in the world, and to lead from your deep intuitional center. The First Quarter Moon that comes along on Tuesday, October 7th, may serve to highlight these conflicting goals. You are optimistically putting your best foot forward and simultaneously holding back right now, including plans that you could be making toward what is an increasingly uncertain future. The answer involves a greater degree of trust in the internal guidance system that points the way to Spirit acting through you for the highest and in the interest of all life. Finding your way to this place of faith inside yourself is not easy but it is rewarding whenever you can do so. At this time also, relationships with important others in your life could lead you to examine underlying components of behavior that have been largely neglected in your conscious assessment up until now. These unacknowledged patterns still rule your behavior from below, as it were. Getting more familiar with your blind spots is another potential benefit of this period of time for you. With the advent of the Full Moon taking place on Tuesday, October 14th, you are ready to make a stand for what you believe in, and to feel your way forward into greater wholeness. The Last Quarter Moon that comes a week later on Tuesday, October 21st, is a time when you may find the wisdom of choosing your battles, and also of acceptance. Your finances may be fluctuating at this time but more importantly, so is the value that you place on these temporary markers. Like the lilies of the field "that sow not" you might come to find yourself graced with the universe's blessing and sense of purpose. All this monthly cycle leads up to the October 28th New Moon in your sign, when you will have tremendous energy for striding forward in some dramatic new way. You will feel at this time even more strongly the ongoing push-pull of staying safely conventional versus making some unique move that takes you out of existing ruts, and you will make your informed decision each time, proceeding by gut instinct and the power of prayer to the extent that you can school yourself to trust in these measures.