Astrology of November 2008
by Henry Seltzer (
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The Astrology of November features Jupiter, Saturn with Uranus, and Neptune. The SaturnUranus opposition perfects on November 4th, Election Day, and remains active throughout the month. This opposition reflects the polarities of our times, the holding back of the status quo versus the push for new breakthrough. The configuration was especially powerful and noticeable in our lives at the end of last month, when it was triggered by the Scorpio New Moon of October 28th that began this current cycle. Saturn and Uranus represent archetypal energies that are antithetical to each other in their manifestation and that together represent the rebellious will to smash existing icons and start over, nearer to our ideal. Their moving into exact alignment at the time of the election signals how fraught with significance this election and these times really are. Will the existing hierarchy be swept away with the tides of change, or will they hold their own and beat back the progressive forces that threaten to swamp them? Only time will tell.

The Taurus Full Moon of November 12th forms a Grand trine in Earth signs with Jupiter and Saturn while the opposition from Uranus is also still strong in its effects, so that this mid-month timeframe sounds a new note of cooperation and working things out in the midst of angst. The Sun and Moon also square numinous Neptune, while Saturn also draws near to an exact inconjunct aspect, so that we might expect to see evidence at this time of high idealism and as well the crashing of illusion, even the probability of deception revealed, or else the grounded optimism of positive change built on a spiritual foundation. All of these manifestations are possible at this fairly intense juncture.

The Sun and Moon at this Full Moon time also triggers once again the Saturn-Uranus opposition by trine and sextile, still active, within one degree, though fading. The JupiterSaturn trine configuration is a peaceful one, so that the excitement of Uranian insight at this time tends toward cooperative solutions rather than confrontation, a good sign in American politics after a hard-fought election, whether the outcome be red or blue. Those born in middle to late Cancer, from July 4th to July 18th, such as indeed the country itself, might feel the effects most strongly as their Sun degree forms a Grand sextile at the 20 degree mark of Earth and Water signs, with all six points illuminated.

On the 26th – one day before the Thanksgiving Day New MoonPluto moves into Capricorn to stay for almost 16 years. Pluto into Capricorn, a potent event that is happening for the first time since America was founded, and that began last January, signals that the corporate power structure here in this country and around the world will be subject to far-reaching changes over the course of the next two decades. We are already seeing the beginning of what will in all likelihood represent massive changes in our world. The PlutoUranus square that is currently forming and that will peak in 2012 is another strong indication that "the times they are a changin." As many have been saying for years, ever since the UranusPluto conjunction of the sixties in fact, it is time for a new social paradigm that will work better for everyone and not just for the few at the top of the economic pyramid. Who would have thought a few years back that we would see a black man with a civil rights perspective this close to the White House?

The New Moon accompanies a Sagittarius line-up that presages a relatively joyous and expansive early holiday season, in spite of the economic turmoil still gripping the nation, although it must also be said that with Uranus opposed by Saturn and sextiled by Venus there could be sudden news at any time that could continue to rock the boat. The Sun's ruler, Jupiter, is also in close alignment with the numinous spiritual energy represented by Neptune in Aquarius, which could be read as either high idealism coming to life or also the possibility of deception in high places. There are ways that we would like the world to be that might not be possible at this climactic juncture. We would all like to mold world affairs closer to our hearts desire, in the direction of peace on earth and a chicken in every pot, and the politicians are eager to assure us that they will do just that. It may not be that simple, although the enormous hope that is alive in this nation today is a very positive thing. Still, we might want to reflect on the revolutionary refrain from the sixties that is also ringing in our ears that come what may over the months ahead "we won't be fooled again."

Transits to the U.S. Chart USA

Last month we indicated that "idealism and higher purpose intention will vie with deception as explanatory principles" in this October time frame, and we have seen both, along with a goodly dose of illusion as the stock market soared or plunged according to the most recent perception. It's anyone's guess what will happen but the planetary configurations point to increasingly difficult times for America leading up to at least the middle of 2012. One thing is for sure, whoever wins the election will have a tough time making ends meet, or to be putting their money where their mouth is. For a look at the candidates' natal charts – see my Notes on the Candidates.

The Neptune archetype was responsible for some of the illusory and idealized (and media-soaked) factors on the national stage last month, and is very powerful again in the present monthly alignments, so that we can expect more of the same. The Full Moon of November 12th triggers transiting Neptune as it trines U.S. Mars, and as Saturn nears its conjunction with U.S. Neptune as well while transiting Uranus opposes it. At the very end of the year Saturn stations retrograde within a degree of U.S. Neptune, and then hits it again in February. The next pass of the SaturnUranus opposition is February 4th, so this first month of the new administration next year is likely to be a powerful time in this country that could stimulate both ideals and illusions of what can concretely be accomplished.

In the present month the mid-month timeframe will be the most powerful, and redolent with the unworldly energy of Neptune. Idealism will be present in abundance, together with powerfully enlightened concepts of change that is not only possible but necessary, and also the reality of seeing dreams die that cannot be fulfilled. The sense of this country's beliefs in terms of higher mind will be elevated and placed up on a pedestal.

Will we see the grounding of our ideals in concrete action or the disappointment of their failure to be everything that we wanted? A little of both, no matter who gets in and who is left out in the cold, and no matter who we were pulling for. This country is paying the price for past excess and there just is no easy way out right now.

For more information on transits to the U.S. chart – see our zodiactivism blog.

October 28th New Moon New Moon Chart
This New Moon that began the current monthly cycle aspects Jupiter while Mars nearby aspects both ends of the close SaturnUranus opposition that perfects on November 4th, Election Day. Jupiter is coming to trine Saturn, which is a good sign. Uranus opposite Saturn represents the revolutionary blend of overthrow and rebellion, also the conservative reaction to that impulse. We'll have to wait and see which factor wins out on the national stage, and in our personal lives as well. After the completion early in November, there are five more passes of the opposition still to come, the next two in 2009, in February and September.

November 5th First Quarter Moon First Quarter Moon Chart
This is a the traditional "crisis of action" when what we have planned and begun to execute on over the past few days of the New Moon cycle comes to grips with reality and must suffer and survive, or perish. In this Quarter Moon, Pluto occupies the midpoint of the Sun-Moon square. To further accentuate the slightly uncomfortable nature of the Sun-Moon square at this time, the Moon conjuncts Chiron, and conjuncts the nodal axis exactly, while the Sun squares it. Our destiny is therefore bound up with acknowledging our wounded nature at this time.

November 12th Full Moon Full Moon Chart
This dynamic Full Moon forms a T-square to Neptune, while the Moon makes a Grand trine with Jupiter and Saturn, and Uranus continues to oppose Saturn. There is a gentle and optimistic tone to the proceedings right now, and a strong sense of optimism. With Saturn and Neptune in aspect with each other, there is also a strong sense of disillusionment that is in the air as well. We may see our dreams begin to fray at the edges and suffer from being brought down to the merely real, and we might also see a great rising up of the energy for peaceful change.

November 19th Last Quarter Moon Last Quarter Moon Chart
This phase is traditionally the "crisis of consciousness" of the lunation cycle from the time of the previous New Moon, when we become aware of what we still need to do in order to get where we thought we were going when we set out. In this case, the Sun and Moon aspect Pluto, just as Pluto is about to enter Capricorn on the 26th. This powerful transit makes the New Moon that follows and the Winter Solstice next month more important than usual.

November 27th New Moon New Moon Chart
This Thanksgiving Day New Moon indicates a brave new beginning represented by a Sagittarius line-up of Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars, all within a few degrees of each other, and activates Jupiter by semi-square aspect. Venus moves into close aspect with Jupiter at this time also, and Pluto in Capricorn indicates that the structure of things will be shifting as well. Jupiter still trines Saturn, implying a relatively peaceful time, and triggers a close SaturnNeptune inconjunct that was described in the section on the Full Moon, so that these details apply even more strongly as we head into the next cycle. The energy of disappointment that could be symbolized by SaturnNeptune is however definitely ameliorated by the sense of optimism and expansion that the Jupiter archetype symbolizes.