Astrology of June 2009
by Henry Seltzer (
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The Astrology of June is very powerful and features all the outer planets and Chiron along with Venus and Mars. Mercury, newly returned to direct motion, is recovering from its retrograde and in square aspect to Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune. With Mercury still in its "retrograde shadow" until it re-enters Gemini mid-month, we are well advised not to push anything during these first two weeks of June, but rather to watch and wait. We will eventually see the benefits of our striving.

Saturn, now also in direct motion, begins this month to make its next pass toward its opposition to iconoclastic Uranus. We are reminded of limitation and at the same time encouraged to move forward into a more vibrant future for ourselves and our world. Last November, Uranus was opposite status quo, stay-the-course Saturn – exact on Election Day – entirely appropriate for where the country as a whole was headed at that important juncture. We are all challenged as we try to hold onto the past while remaining exquisitely poised on the edge of an unimaginable future. This future is currently making itself more consciously felt, representing a departure from all that we have previously known.

When the Full Moon of June 7th comes along, in the middle degrees of Gemini, it squares both Saturn and Uranus, bringing consciousness to bear on their now re-forming opposition. This configuration represents the pull of the unknown versus trying to hold on, all beset by the mystery of on-going societal transformation. This next pass, the third of five exact hits, will transpire on September 15th, just a few days after Pluto turns direct in square with both Saturn and Uranus. This season is therefore proving itself to be very pivotal as we head into the amazing configurations of the years leading up to 2012.

We can expect the two weeks following June 7th to provide feelings of limitation and possibly of perfectionism, a sense of struggle with the fates that ultimately leads to learning opportunities. In the week that follows, with Uranus in the picture as well, contrasting feelings of freedom will also surface, culminating with the Last Quarter Moon of June 15th.

The Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron triple conjunction in Aquarius will fade after this summer, but it is currently still quite active and aspects Uranus one sign away in Pisces. These planets have just stationed, making them even more potent. The New Moon from the last week in May squared them as they draw to their closest point, a position of stronger influence that returns at the end of the year. The symbolism of this configuration reflects our total and unquestioned reliance on Spirit on the one hand, and on the other our fear of failing to meet our highest expectations for ourselves plus the doubt that arises naturally in the human mind when confronted by something so simple and so huge. It could be summed up by saying that we keenly feel the tragedy of our sense of separation from the godhead, even though mystics say that this sense of separation is only an illusion.

For the first week of June, Venus and Mars are in a rare mutual reception to each other, bringing them into close association for the entire month. At the time of the June 7th Full Moon, Venus enters her own sign of Taurus and remains in conjunction with Mars, meaning that the concept of right relationship with ourselves and with each other will continue to play a major role in our thought process and in our actions for this entire monthly period. The conjunction perfects with the June 20th Summer Solstice and the powerful New Moon two days later, when the Sun and Moon oppose Pluto exactly. Pluto in the early degrees of Capricorn reminds us that these climactic times are coming to us for the specific purpose of clearing away the accumulated debris of the last century, just as the snake sheds his skin, in preparation for the next level of maturation to come.

Transits to the U.S. Chart USA

Last month I indicated that there would be more hard times to come for the U.S. economy, based largely on Pluto's transit to the U.S. Midheaven. Of course there have been many somewhat negative indicators, including the pending bankruptcy of General Motors which was announced in the middle of last month. Another scandal that spells trouble for the image of the United States, especially abroad, is the revelation that photos exist of rape and sexual abuse. This is the material that president Obama has chosen not to release fearing retaliations to American service personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is of course a very Plutonian matter, and affects the image of specifically the U.S. military. Not surprisingly, Venus was conjunct Eris in sextile to U.S. Mars on May 27th, when some of the worst allegations were made. For this entire time frame, including the current month, transiting Chiron is also very close to the U.S. Moon degree, representing the public. Chiron in this case would symbolize the psychic pain of the American people in reaction to the news that we routinely tortured and abused prisoners during the Iraqi invasion. There is also the potential for healing as this information begins to get out, so that responsible actions can potentially be taken.

This month, once again the transit of Pluto to the U.S. Midheaven is featured, and even closer in degree than earlier. This aspect is greatly emphasized by the June 22nd New Moon, which opposes Pluto almost exactly. The Sun and Moon also conjunct U.S. Venus on this day, while Venus aspects the Midheaven. There undoubtedly remain further stages of unraveling still to come over the next thirty days, and particularly at the time of this quite powerful New Moon.

June 7th Full Moon Full Moon Chart
This dynamic Full Moon in Sagittarius squares Saturn, and with the Sun also squaring Saturn, forms a T-square. Saturn in Virgo is about achieving perfection through diligence and discrimination. We will feel the limitations but also the lessons of these terrible and yet beautiful times that we are privileged to be living through. Venus, newly in her own sign of Taurus, begins there to conjoin Mars, tightening up by the time of the Cancer New Moon. As they draw closer together throughout the first three weeks of the month, they conspire to support the idea of right relationship and equality between the sexes. Meanwhile, Mercury, now direct, squares the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune triple conjunction in Aquarius, which is therefore rendered even more powerful. The theme expressed is of idealism and tremendous optimism, coupled with the need to go your own way with your ideals and find the magic touch that is just right for you, rather than continuing to reluctantly subscribe to ideas received from early conditioning or consensus thinking.

June 15th Last Quarter Moon Last Quarter Moon Chart
This time of relative tension in our ongoing process of development signals a shift in attitude – the "crisis in consciousness" of which astrologer Dane Rudhyar spoke – wherein we are able to see what has and has not worked out for us over the three proceeding weeks of the lunation cycle. This time the Moon in Pisces conjuncts Uranus, emphasizing forward motion over stagnation, over collapsing back into the same old patterns that we are ready, or in some cases more than ready, to discard. Sometimes, knowing what you need to do is at a one hundred percent level while actually doing it remains at fifty, but the consciousness of necessary change is still the most important part of the battle for control and integration.

June 22nd New Moon New Moon Chart
The Cancer New Moon takes place just two days after the Summer Solstice and packs plenty of punch, since the Sun and Moon almost exactly oppose Pluto while Mars and Venus, now fully conjoined, are also aspected by Pluto, the New Moon and Saturn. Pluto is even more greatly emphasized since both ends of the opposition square the Aries point, or zero degrees of the Zodiac. Uranus is getting closer and closer to conjuncting the Aries point as well, although we are still a year away from that powerful event. As has been more than evident since the beginning of 2008 when it entered that sign, Pluto in Capricorn represents the on-going transformation of the structures of our lives. With Mars and Venus in conjunction also involved in this New Moon configuration, we will be taking a closer look at all our relationships and attempting to sort out the true nature of our motivations in this important area. In and increasingly smaller planet, it is only by getting along with each other that we will get ahead, survive and even thrive in these tumultuous times that we are currently living through.

June 29th First Quarter Moon First Quarter Moon Chart
This configuration with the Moon in Libra square the Sun in Cancer emphasizes the themes from the New Moon and brings them to a relative boil, since the Suns opposition to Pluto is still active and the Moon squares both. This stage of the lunation cycle, which Rudhyar called a crisis of action, brings our attention even more firmly to the issues that we are dealing with at the present time, so fraught with significance for each of us individually and for the collective experience that we share in common.