Astrology of November 2009
by Henry Seltzer (
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Cancer Cancer (June 21 - July 22)
Cardinal Water. Your ruling planet is TheMoon.

You are working on your stuff, Cancer, along with everyone else that you know, and for you, core security needs are an important component. You are likely to further explore this issue in the weeks ahead. Home and family concerns seem stuck but can morph rapidly, leading you out of the trap, as changing worldviews alter your perception of events. These epiphanies are hopefully nudging you toward an attitude of no blame, not for you, not for anyone else. This seems obvious in theory, although the difficulty is still there in actually manifesting this ideal. Different times and changing relationship dynamics call for different responses. True compassion is dawning within you but you must rise to meet it.

As the month begins, you are seeking the fulfillment of your dreams and schemes from a place that is deep within you. Home and family concerns are always an important consideration with you, and right now more than ever. You are in some ways breaking out of old patterns that show up in your core-level psychology and in family interactions, and in other ways you might feel like you are incredibly stuck, but finding beauty in the stuckness. Your goal is to modify these older patterns, and the stuck places also, as you engage in an entirely thorough-going and ultimately beneficial transformation of values and goals and of the methods you use to arrive at them. With the Full Moon that starts the first week of the month, on Monday, November 2nd, you are feeling the mandate for change. There is a future self that is blossoming in connection with the on-going exploration of your roots that you are currently engaged in, and you can feel its presence even though the faint outline is difficult to see clearly. This involves perspective shifts that are quite sudden at times. As the epiphanies slide into place and the tumblers of your locked self begin to click and gratefully open you will experience the rush of being in at least two places at once, with one of them far beyond and much deeper than the everyday world and yet so close to it that you can almost touch it. The Last Quarter Moon one week later, taking place on Monday, November 9th, might provide some points of tension in your unfolding process of awareness, but also the deep joy of feeling your way through to the right path forward for yourself. You are intent on discovering a true form of security that has nothing to do with your bank account but relies on the more everlasting received wisdom that stems from life and living. When the Scorpio New Moon comes along one week later in your sector of self-expression, taking place on Monday November 16th, you are reveling in the freshness of the moment and the promise of further positive change. This mid-month period represents a mystical crossroads, when not everything is as it seems and yet when the ordinary realities of day-to-day existence are just as present as ever, illuminated by your deeper experience into something that is simultaneously more rich and strange. The last two weeks of the month provides both challenges and successes. You are reinventing yourself in this current era and taking into account as you do so input from partners and from your own deeper centers. The former might be difficult to hear at times, and might even play out like criticism, but there is a way to reframe this into useful feedback if you manage to stay centered. Sometimes when what you hear doesn't make you feel good there is a way around it that makes you feel better on reflection. The secret is to have the presence of mind to breathe, and to count to ten before reacting.