Astrology of November 2009
by Henry Seltzer (
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Libra Libra (September 23 - October 22)
Cardinal Air. Your ruling planet is Venus.

This month that follows your birthday represents a great moment of burgeoning awareness as you take on a new persona and begin to concretely act it out in the world. As you grapple with inner patterns and take a serious look at your new mission statement, at the same time you are exploring a powerful set of revelations that stem from the very core of your being and that practically shut you down in terms of outer agenda. You must form your own unique path through the soul truth that you experiencing right now and it takes all you've got. That doesn't mean that you can't have fun with this. The saints laugh, because at bottom they and you remain eternally joyous to be alive.

As the month begins, you are riding the wave of the New Moon in your sign from the middle of last month. The powerful configurations of this period initiated a time when you are clearly more active both mentally and physically, and are also filled with idealism. You are also perhaps a bit confused as you are evolving in some very different directions from what might be on your conscious agenda. Since Saturn entered into your identity sector just before the start of the month, on October 29th, you are getting quite serious about these changes that you find yourself in the midst of. With the Full Moon of Monday, November 2nd, you are still partaking of a less worldly agenda, now investigated it from the standpoint of self and other. Significant partners in your life will prove to be integral to your own development at this time, providing both the difficulty of merging different points of view into your own and the joy and expansion of doing so. There is a way that the opinions of others are crucial for you now, and help you to define your connection to your future self; and there is a way that you also find that you must preserve your own integrity and your own autonomy all the more aggressively because they do. The Last Quarter Moon of Monday, November 9th, serves to exacerbate these basic considerations by highlighting the difficulties in getting along with others, and with simultaneously acknowledging your own core needs, and also the fundamental optimism that you bring to the table right now, the feeing that you can move mountains. This feeling will stand you in good stead in the weeks to come, as you get deeper into the inevitable changes that this period of time holds for you leading up to the end of the year. Like the Roman god Janis you are looking back right now as well as forward, making this second week of the month a terrific time for journaling. With the New Moon of the following week, taking place on Monday, November 16th, you are ready to make a fresh start with the development that you are in the midst of, and with the resources that you will need to accomplish it, peripherally including financial ones. This is a confused period of time for you regarding monetary concerns, and the ultimate meaning of finances in your life. While it is true that happiness does not derive from financial stability, such form of security does make it easier to cultivate a relaxed state of mind that is so necessary for pursuing your true goals. The trick that you might be able to come to over this closing period of the month is to proceed as though the financial aspects were already covered, and see what comes out of that, remembering all the while that your true soul purpose is being revealed to you more and more. The First Quarter Moon of Tuesday the 24th punctuates this process and definitely presents you with a few curve balls, which also turn out to be enlightening. Intuition is a powerful factor for you over this entire monthly cycle. This period of time is only difficult when you refuse to accept the fact that everything is changing for you and that you might as well go along with the program. Once you start to seriously consider the idea that the steering wheel is out of your hands you can begin to relax and simply enjoy the ride.