Astrology of November 2009
by Henry Seltzer (
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The Astrology of November features all the outer planets: Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Just before the month began, Saturn entered Libra and squared Pluto, an important aspect that becomes exact by mid-November. This powerful combination of archetypal energies is made even more so because Pluto currently resides in Saturn's sign of Capricorn. The structure of our lives that we have come to depend on might take a sudden turning.

Both Uranus and Neptune are also featured prominently in this month's configurations. Like Pluto, these powerful numinous archetypal energies symbolize forces for change, although less sweepingly drastic in their effects than their astrological cousin. Uranus represents the flash of inspiration that can apprehend in an instant all that we are about, the human condition raised to a level of cosmic understanding. Uranus is prominent in these November skies because it is almost stationary during this month, about to turn to direct motion, and also because it is aspected by both the Full Moon and Venus at the very beginning of the month and the New Moon of November 16th. Neptune is also stationing direct this month, on November 4th. The New Moon of the 16th aspects Neptune strongly, by square, just as Jupiter closes in on a repeat of the triple conjunction with Neptune and Chiron that was active during last spring and early summer.

Since Uranus and Neptune occupy the same degree of different signs right now, they are linked; any configuration, like this Scorpio New Moon, that aspects Uranus also aspects Neptune. Since they remain in mutual reception – each one in the sign ruled by the other – there is a strong dose of compassionate understanding in the air, which is a much-needed plus; a potentially optimistic way of seeing past the enormous burden of change that is already upon us. We are fortunate to have compassion and sensitivity for each other and the intelligence to deal positively with the changes and the challenges that are upon us as part and parcel of these climactic times we are currently living through.

The square between Saturn and Pluto is huge, and represents the first combination of these powerful planetary energies since the fall of 2001. This configuration becomes even more compelling due to the nature of the degrees involved, since the initial degrees of Capricorn, and of Libra, are equivalent to the Aries point, which is related to the beginning degree of all four Cardinal signs. The Sabian Symbol for the first degree of Libra, opposite the Aries point, where Saturn begins its November journey, is "a butterfly made perfect by a dart through it." This symbol speaks to the sleight of hand of human perception which transforms the raw stuff of nature into art. As Saturn transits Libra in square to Pluto, the very structures of our lives that we depend upon for sustenance are subject to the storm of destruction represented by Pluto, a storm that can be in the end constructive also. We have room to grow as individuals only by eliminating previous foundations and removing the dead weight of the past that would otherwise hold us back. It is a brave new world that we are entering in this end-of-the-year period, redolent with the reasonable fear of the unknown, and yet holding much promise as well, as we begin to get with the program and allow ourselves to let go of what we can no longer hold on to.

Transits to the U.S. Chart USA

Last month, we mentioned two times in the course of October when the transits would be particularly severe due to the Full Moon of October 3rd being conjunct U.S. Saturn in the tenth (government and administration) while the subsequent New Moon was close to the U.S. Mars-Neptune square; this as transiting Neptune, Chiron, Uranus and Eris were also aspecting this important set of points, presaging further troubles at that time, especially with regard to the military.

Indeed the headlines and key stories from these two periods reflect these trends. The first weekend of the month saw one of the deadliest days ever for U.S. forces in Afghanistan, just as the recent Afghan election was set to be overturned due to accusations of fraud, and as the administration was considering sending in more troops.

Leading up to the New Moon weekend of October 17th, it was decided that Afghanistan would need to hold a run-off election, and that places the U.S.-appointed president Hamid Karzai in danger of losing his power. Meanwhile President Obama hesitates to give a response to the local commander of U.S. forces in his request for up to 40,000 additional troops. It was also revealed at this time that drone attacks in Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan have tripled from the days of the Bush administration, revealing a policy of supposed targeted killing of terrorist personnel. This policy results in collateral damage accounting for the deaths of civilians at many of the strikes.

Meanwhile, a survey of President Obama's efforts in New Orleans gave him only a D+ in improving the situation there, after 9 months on the job, where 60,000 abandoned properties attest to the lack of meaningful effort at restoration. Dozens were arrested in protests of health insurance companies as civil unrest in this country grows.

In the last month of the year, hotspots will continue to be represented by the New and Full Moons at the beginning and middle of the month. On November 2nd, the Full Moon aspects the U.S. Sun degree, just as transiting Uranus squares U.S. Mars and opposes U.S. Neptune, and while transiting Pluto continues to square the U.S. Midheaven. There could be sudden activity at this time along the road of thorough-going transformation that the country is certain to traverse over these next few years. The New Moon of November 16th activates these same sensitive points, and emphasizes the Neptunian factor of deception and confusion, so that issues of misleading statements from the government and within the military might once again arise. These years leading up to 2012 will prove a time of great change for this country, indeed the world; and that will indeed be difficult. But it is change that has in many ways been long overdue, and this society will ultimately be the better for it.

November 2nd Full Moon Full Moon Chart
This is a thoughtful Taurus Full Moon with Mercury close by the Sun. Saturn is closely square Pluto at this time, which is powerful. The structure of your life as you have come to depend on it might be changing even more radically than before. The Full Moon also makes a T-square to Mars, meaning that sudden action might also be emphasized. It is a good time to remember to breathe, and to "count to ten" before reacting.

November 9th Last Quarter Moon Last Quarter Moon Chart
This is traditionally the time when we look back over the events of the previous three weeks and attempt to understand their impact, and what lessons we can draw from them. The Moon is opposite Jupiter which makes for an optimistic assessment. On the other hand, Saturn and Pluto are drawing nearer to a perfect square, indicating what is perhaps quite a difficult passage. This is also a time when mental activity is very much in the forefront of our awareness, since Mercury remains within a few degrees of the Sun and in square to the Moon. It's a time when we are tempted to use logic to solve problems that are inappropriate to merely mental solutions, so that it is good to be aware of the value of intuition, which is also powerfully present right now.

November 16th New Moon New Moon Chart
The Scorpio New Moon represents an important turning point when emotive magic is being invoked, since Neptune, and also Uranus, are powerfully configured. This Scorpio New Moon squares Neptune, just as Jupiter begins to conjoin it in a triple conjunction that perfects a month later in mid-December. Neptune in Aquarius is confused and not fully at home there, but it succeeds wonderfully in taking us out of our everyday affairs and tuning us into the numinous possibility. Uranus meanwhile is standing by in trine formation with this New Moon and symbolizes intuition that comes from deep inside and the sudden knowing that overcomes us as it changes everything in an instant.

November 24th First Quarter Moon First Quarter Moon Chart
The Sun, newly entered into Sagittarius, and the Moon in Pisces conspire to make a few waves that lead us into increased awareness of our total situation. We are drawn to an understanding during this period of where we are at with outer world activity and inner world intuitive grasp. We are also engaged in seeing more clearly how important partners in our lives represent both a help and a hindrance in moving us along our chosen path. As Venus enters its brief trine with Uranus over these few days, relationship issues could come up rather suddenly. Everything that we have going for us now contributes to the sense we have been feeling lately that the times are changing, and irrevocably, and for good reason, as we prepare to abandon those parts of our individual lives – and also of our dysfunctional society – that just aren't working for us anymore.