Astrology of November 2009
by Henry Seltzer (
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Virgo Virgo (August 23 - September 22)
Mutable Earth. Your ruling planet is Mercury.

It might be difficult and it might be easy, Virgo, but it will certainly be interesting. This is a time of gathering your energy for your next phase and of learning more about what you will become when you grow up. If this is a rough ride you are on at least you have lots of company and there are plentiful rewards for staying the course. You are experiencing sudden enlightenment through friends and partners that could help to pave the way for a helpful attitude adjustment. Security issues that you may have, and how you deal with finances, are hot-button items for you as you go through this month's set of changes. Partly as a result, you are transforming in the way that you project yourself out into the world.

As the month begins, you are changing your approach once again, still morphing into the person that you will eventually become over the course of this dramatic year. Your values and your basis for security are an increasingly visible part of your life journey right now, and finances may continue to occupy your attention. It helps to recognize that whatever you do or don't do, the universe has a plan for you that will prevail over all your attempted protestations. The Full Moon that begins the first week of the month, taking place on Monday, November 2nd, signals a time when you are seeking the balance point for educational in-flow and out-flow. This is a great time to consider all kinds of mental activity such as writing and teaching. This is obviously a terrific time for journaling as well, or for sharing your deepest truth with like-minded others. The conversation heats up a week later with the Last Quarter Moon of the 9th taking place in your sector of dream worlds and inner unfolding. The days surrounding constitute a period of tension, when creative sparks may fly. This is also a time when you will be getting closer to understanding your ideal career or life path – your "dream job." Part of this new-found understanding is coming from an almost entirely unconscious or pre-conscious place right now, so that it pays to go slowly and to examine the nuances of your situation for clues to what this is all about anyway, and where you are heading. The New Moon that comes along a week further on, taking place on Monday, November 16th, is a powerful time of further opening. This represents another opportunity to make the best out of what are perhaps difficult life circumstances right now. Home and family concerns and security needs are likely to predominate. Sudden epiphanies that arrive on your doorstep by way of helpful partners might be more the rule at this time than the exception. You are seeking to find a way home to what feels natural rather than forced or the result of others' expectations, and this is no easy or conceptually simple task. The First Quarter Moon of Tuesday, November 24th, might represent a moment of tension in your evolutionary process, a time when partnership interaction will likely be both helpful in sorting out your priorities and a contrast to your own viewpoint that proves clarifying. All through these last two weeks of the month your self-expression is blossoming in ways that are new to you and not a little strange, to the point of being difficult to understand and to accommodate by those that know you best. You must recognize that whatever road you are on, it is your own path. This path is one that you must walk alone in many ways, in spite of the support of loved ones, and is the right path for you at this time, all appearances to the contrary notwithstanding.