Astrology of June 2010
by Henry Seltzer (
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Capricorn Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)
Cardinal Earth. Your ruling planet is Saturn.

The season of your breakthrough is upon you, Capricorn. You are opening up to a new vision of yourself and your world in the midst of changing realities. The roller-coaster ride of this pivotal year for you is now culminating; the painful part only comes when you try to hold onto the rails of past assurances and resist the tides of inadvertent progress. All month long, a series of preparatory moves lead you toward more direct action next month. The ground beneath your feet seems shaky, and there are rapid-fire alterations of the circumstances of home and family life that affect you deeply, but if you can steel yourself to surf these waves you will come through with flying colors. Remember to breathe.

As the month begins, you are feeling your way through newly observed parts of your inner workings that have recently come to light. You are in some ways reinventing yourself through this period. There is a revolution going on deep within you and your stability suffers thereby. Your communication lately is from the heart and involves not only an inordinate depth process but is also confusing to you in no small measure when you attempt to follow with shifting internal guidelines the thread of the normal mundane world that surrounds you. The Last Quarter Moon of Friday, June 4th, brings a moment of tension to your process and along with it perhaps a sense of limitation as well, as you mull over the experiences of the last three weeks and sum up the lessons learned. You are seeking to find how you can match up your head and your heart in determining a pathway forward consistent with your highest purpose for yourself. The New Moon that comes along a week later, taking place on Saturday, June 12th, brings fresh energy to this process, and fresh issues to be found within the ideals and the illusions inherent in your search. You are in some measure in your element now, establishing yourself in the world of public achievement in a novel manner that takes into account information from the depths of your being as well as the surface avenues that constitute the more normal standard. You are, as shamanic tradition puts it, seeking the path with heart as the only possible way forward right now. Your communication to others around you now might be one clue to where you are heading. Rather than surface chatter you tend to speak from the standpoint of great depth concerning potentially painful issues and to the point. Relationships in your life serve you now in bringing you closer to a mystical perspective, while a revolution at the core of your being spurs you on. The First Quarter Moon of Friday, June 18th, brings an element of tension to your process. This is traditionally a time when you are trying to discover what potion of all that you are attempting might be viable. You are more fully invested in outer manifestation than ever, but extremely cognizant of your intuitional connection with your depths as well. The Full Moon Eclipse in your sign comes along a week later, taking place on Saturday, June26th, and represents a powerful time of transformation and also of great insight. You are truly at the crossroads now, and whatever you decide over these last few days of the month will have consequences for many weeks to come. Partnership looms as an important piece, not so much for its own sake but in the growth factor it provides for your own arc of development. You are feeling your way through to some profound realizations right now that will serve as a basis for further progress.