Astrology of June 2010
by Henry Seltzer (
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Leo Leo (July 23 - August 22)
Fixed Fire. Your ruling planet is TheSun.

Your higher mind is buzzing, Leo. There is a field of dreams beyond right and wrong, beyond mundane considerations of any kind, and you are slowly aligning yourself there. What you wish for at this juncture will come to pass, especially after the mid-month New Moon, so you are advised to wish carefully. Coming to a startling new vision of future progress affects real-world priorities as well as mystical ones. Something fundamental is changing in the way you see yourself and your role as you engage the world. There might suddenly be a way for you to discover true soul purpose in the regular commitments you make to life in the here-and-now. If there is, you will find it.

As the month begins, you are likely contemplating your next move, searching for a fit between where you are heading and what you now perceive as your life purpose. This month represents the beginning of a weeks-long shift in how you see your world and your place in it, and you are on the road to a more self-fulfilled future even as it gets off the ground. This is providing of course that you can take the turn when it presents itself, and not waste very much time dilly-dallying around. There are painful places within your psyche that you must negotiate, as with every stage of growth, but on the whole you are in a very good place right now and have every chance of improving your situation if you face it with the courage of your convictions. The Last Quarter Moon of Friday, June 4th, might bring up issues that you have not fully recognized, and could in this way give you pause in your quest for self-knowledge. Called by noted astrologer Dane Rudhyar the "crisis in consciousness," this part of the lunation cycle helps to bring to mind all that is lacking in a given plan, thereby increasing awareness of the pitfalls as well as the brilliant ideas you have thus far managed to glean. You might also feel the conflict of your sense of soul purpose versus the priorities of others in your life, or of how you see your most promising pathway forward. The New Moon that follows a week later, taking place on Saturday, June 12th, brings fresh energy and awareness to your project. New recognition of the places you have been planning to visit in your mind or in terms of actual physical travel might well come up for you at this juncture, or even of the ones that you currently occupy. These last two weeks of the month also present you with your best opportunity all year to vision new possibilities for yourself and make potentially drastic but ultimately necessary course corrections. Whatever you sincerely wish for during this period has a great chance to manifest, especially when it is in alignment with your highest intention for yourself. Your work in the world that you perform each day takes on an added significance now and places itself in service to the transformation of routine structure into ideals of cosmic connection. You are so energized and illuminated by this newfound awareness of what matters most to you that you might over-idealize the power of your personal evolution or the partnership connections that enable progress along this path, but a healthy dose of holding back is also part of the mix of energies surrounding you at this time, and allows you to remain in a relative state of balance. This sense of process becomes highlighted by the First Quarter Moon of Friday, June 18th, which might serve to hold you even further back from the fullest expression of enthusiasm, as you are forced to recognize the inherent limitations of your situation. Another turning point is reached by the time of the extremely powerful Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse that takes place a week later, on Saturday, June 26th. You are at the crossroads of your destiny now, and bringing all your being to bear, both inner and outer. The world you formerly inhabited still has its hold on you but the call of the new one that awaits you is stronger, and will prevail.