Astrology of June 2010
by Henry Seltzer (
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Scorpio Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)
Fixed Water. Your ruling planets are Mars and Pluto.

You are in your element, Scorpio. The tides of change are sweeping through you and it is massive transformation that you thrive on. In your case this involves taking another look at where you are heading in your life and why. You will have to contend with the usual barriers, feelings perhaps of not good enough or of the limitations of consensus thinking that attempts to hold you back from what you know in your heart you must do for yourself. It does not pay to be shy about the moves that your inner guidance system is urging upon you right now. This is your one and only life and it is up to you to live it.

As the month begins, you are full of fantasy, envisioning a better and smarter future for yourself, one more fully aligned with where you would like to see yourself evolving toward, if you had a magic wand and could wave it. These last few days leading up to the present moment have been filled with wonder, not least because you are sensing a new world moving toward you as much as you are moving toward it. Your highest intention has always involved gaining access to this positive forward motion and understanding it, so that you are more conscious of the choices that you are in any case seemingly destined to make. You are once more standing on the threshold of change, and seeking to discover how you might embrace it more wholeheartedly. The Last Quarter Moon of Friday, June 4th, confirms in you this paradoxical feeling of fated process, one that takes you further out of yourself as well as into the very depths of your being. You are transcending old patterns of behavior that have held you back for far too long, through the path of understanding rather than that of forceful striving, and seeking intimacy with significant others in your life as a way to break through your own inner barriers to self-knowledge. With the arrival of the New Moon in your sector of personal transformation, taking place on Saturday, June 12th, you are ready to take that all-important step into the void, throwing caution to the winds without knowing really where you will wind up. Something inside you calls you to explore the path of service to others as an ultimate criterion of relevance. There are brilliant ideas floating about you now and you could seize on any one of them; but only the path that takes you closer to what represents soul purpose for you makes any sense at all, over the long term. You are pushing off from the shores where you have felt safe, in exchange for an unknown and constantly receding horizon, and are likely tempted to deny your mandate for change and remain comfortably cocooned. You might as well break your association with the past however for you can no more remain wrapped in soft silk walls than the butterfly can when the time has come to begin the painful process of spreading her wings. The First Quarter Moon of Friday, June18th, finds you potentially laboring, having reached a crossroads of a sort as you try to find the way through to your next important phase. The resistance within you that you were reluctant to recognize has raised its wise and frightened old head and you must deal all over again with choices that you thought were already made. It is possible also that surprising twists and turns along the way may give you momentary pause, as you continue to strive to align your world view with the future rather than dwell on past glory. The courage of your convictions will prevail in the end but the sailing is not as smooth at this mid-month juncture as you would likely have hoped for. When the very powerful Full Moon Eclipse comes along at almost the very end of the month, taking place on Saturday, June 26th, in your communication sector, you are prone to discussing recent victories and defeats as a way to more thoroughly understand them and to be finally able to push past your fears. It's a brave new world that you are emerging into and the only one that you have left to convince anymore is yourself.