Astrology of June 2010
by Henry Seltzer (
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Taurus Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
Fixed Earth. Your ruling planet is Venus.

This is a month of contrasts, Taurus. On the one hand your internal life is rich and strange, with dream realities overtaking and supplementing mundane ones. Equally, you are fully engaged in present-tense and real-world activities, getting a boost from new financial initiatives and working your way toward a better understanding of how to be of true service to others in this world. You are also trying hard to see around the next bend to where a growing fanciful vision of the world in a larger sense might be taking you. Being so caught up in the grip of powerful process becomes fun when you learn to surf the wave. You are heading into the great beyond and to a very different place on the inside than where you have ever been before.

As the month begins, you are finding peace but not necessarily contentment in inner work. There is a ferment inside you, but it does not readily come out to the surface except in occasional scattered waves of energetic outbursts. A revolution that begins with inner dream realities has suddenly swamped your current plans and set them afloat in new waters. The Last Quarter Moon of Friday, June 4th, is traditionally a time of tension, and of reassessment. This particular period is also associated with what you intend to do in future along the lines of growthful progress versus what you feel you must to keep the financial picture as stable as possible. You are wrestling inside yourself between your head and your heart with no clear winner. It might be best to avoid the dilemma by a paradoxical side door beyond conflict that pops you out into an entirely new level. The New Moon that comes along a week later, taking place on Saturday, June 12th, provides a dose of stability, and perhaps also of confusion, lending a spiritually uplifting quality to the reassessment of your goals. There is nothing that works for you in regard to your career choices that you make right now except "the path with heart." You also could encounter problems that come up regarding what you plan to do in concert with others; group activities, friendship, and causes you espouse. This could obviously also involve the specifics of future plans. The issues that arise are likely additionally related to old patterns of behavior that have outlived their usefulness in the present era, but which still are hanging around behind the scenes to trip you up. You are ahead of the game when you can confront these inner demons with calmness and courage and without regard for their former ability to terrorize. Your sense of emotional safety depends on so many things, both consciously and with less than conscious awareness, so that further researches into your depths can only create greater clarity. The very basis for your security is shifting now, but moving targets are not unattractive. You are operating on an almost deceptively idealized basis in all that you plan and do. The First Quarter Moon of Friday, June 18th, serves to ground you more thoroughly in the realities of your situation. This is a testing time period, as you contemplate your progress through the minefields of both inner and outer manifestation, and one that allows you greater scope in the end as you get a better feel for the lay of the surrounding land. At the time of the very powerful Full Moon Eclipse in your sector of higher mind a week later, taking place on Saturday, June 26th, you are coming into yourself perhaps even more fully. Perspective shift has been part and parcel of your journey toward wholeness for many weeks now, and this end-of-month period marks an important stage in your journey. Your beliefs are all called into question at this time, and routine answers to fundamental questions about who you are and where you are headed will just not suffice any longer.