Astrology of August 2010
by Henry Seltzer (
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Sagittarius Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)
Mutable Fire. Your ruling planet is Jupiter.

You are rebirthing yourself, Sagittarius, and you have the stretch marks to prove it. You are however only slightly battered by unfolding events, especially when you can take the time to step back and examine the larger picture. A powerful summer continues to unfold, and with the present month seems to be coming to a head. Finances fluctuate but you are finding a new basis for security in word and deed. Creativity rules the day. Your ideas continue to explode, fast and furious, as you are getting more serious than ever regarding a definite commitment to a future that you can really live with.

As the month begins, you are feeling the pressure of circumstances. Evolutionary metamorphosis is upon you, and in whatever degree you consciously apply this understanding you are changing mightily in response. In particular, you are finding yourself essentially alone and self-motivated right now, aware of others but not swayed by them in determining what it is that you have to do. You are in the process of clarifying your values, based on a new feeling of independence, in order to establish a more stable and lasting sense of self-worth. Your finances are likely fluctuating, but this is an indication of a more fundamental impetus. You are finding that money counts, but mostly as a symbolic counter for what society considers valuable, not as a thing unto itself. Your relationship to money is likely to be changing over the course this year and next. In the midst of this process of developing deeper awareness the New Moon that begins the second week of the month, on Monday, August 9th, comes like a breath of fresh air that also highlights the more important pieces of your ongoing transformation. There is a powerful push-pull that is operating upon you now, and it has to do with your involvement with societal goals that you favor. Your creativity is blossoming, and leads you in new directions, but something inside you seems to be telling you to hold off on the most dramatic possible breakthrough. In one way this is good, because you need to keep continuity with what as gone before, and because the pressure of the innovative and unknown is always a strong draw with you and it helps that you remain grounded, in some fashion at least. But when the polarity that is reflected within you becomes a counter to your legitimate and necessary forward movement, perhaps out of fear or because of yielding to the pressure of consensus conditioning, then the issue becomes more complex, and you might need to override the feelings of contraction that are holding you back. Only you can decide what makes sense for you in the long run, and that is the excitement and the glory of this period of time. The First Quarter Moon a week later, taking place on Monday, August 16th , is a time when you might receive further information that enables you to take a stronger position, and also a crucial juncture when things that you cherish about your current situation might seem to be going south after all, just when you were counting on their completion. This is a confusing period and made more so by the many choices before you. On the 20th Mercury retrogrades in your sector of career and professional life, for four to five weeks, when you take the period of the retrograde shadow into account. During this time you will be better off reflecting and reorganizing your approach than flying off in ant new directions, no matter how they glitter for you. The Full Moon a few days later, coming along on Tuesday the 24th, also highlights the contrasting elements of what is going on for you right now. This is an entirely potent configuration that spells further difficulties in the making unless you can get a handle on what you truly want, deep inside yourself. It is within the bounds of your own inner guidance that you will find the most comprehensive answers.