Astrology of September 2010
by Henry Seltzer (
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Leo Leo (July 23 - August 22)
Fixed Fire. Your ruling planet is TheSun.

You are in the midst of a fallow period right now, Leo, gathering the data that you will need as you prepare the way for further changes still to come. There are important lessons now, not least that seeking security can be an illusion unless firmly grounded in the spiritual basis of soul purpose. The outlook for eventually achieving your goals remains bright, but you might find yourself pulling back from the fray as you re-examine your values. You will spend the next few weeks and even months mulling over where you are going and exploring your root psychology that serves as the vehicle for getting you there.

As the month begins, you are in some ways fully grounded in the real world of practical events. This summer has placed you in a siege of contrasting energies, in which brilliant flashes of insight have occurred, although sometimes these seem only designed to make you pull back into the safety of tried and true ways of being. They have taken you thus far, after all, and still relatively intact. It is a dilemma that has likely left you with the determination to see your changes through in spite of obstacles. This first part of the month is a thoughtful time of respite when you are spending more time mulling over the transformation that you are in the midst of than actually living it. The dice are rolling and you must in any case follow their fall and trust they will take you to a closer understanding of your true purpose in being here. With the New Moon of Wednesday, September 8th, you are pledging more than ever to take a stand. Your finances are fluctuating, but these and other resources are there to help you grow and not the other way around. In any case they might easily receive a boost at this time, since the New Moon is lighting up that sector of your chart. This is an educational moment for you as well, when you might find that the information you receive from others brings disparate factors together for you and allows you to envision spiritual opportunity that still remains grounded in practical concern. You might need to beware somewhat of idealism at this time, especially in regard to partnership with others, remembering to keep your own council as the last and best resort. When the First Quarter Moon of Tuesday, September 14th, comes along, you will more clearly see what the realistic probabilities are and also the inherent difficulties. You have a focus on home and family concerns now that contrasts with your more expansive outer and social presence. With the Full Moon of Thursday, September 23rd, you reach a culmination of what you have been struggling with, but further and taller hills rise beyond this first eminence for you yet to climb. You might be forced to take another look at where you thought that you were going, and at issues of service and self-sacrifice that have been coming up for you over these last few weeks and months. There is an important purpose in these trials and it is that you get a better handle on your true destiny.