Astrology of September 2010
by Henry Seltzer (
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Libra Libra (September 23 - October 22)
Cardinal Air. Your ruling planet is Venus.

This is a time of action and of contemplation, Libra. You are participating in both inner and outer realms these days, with Mercury retrograding through your sector of dream imagination until at least mid-month. You are feeling into renewed soul purpose that helps you to gather up the pieces of your life and attempt to put the puzzle back together in a different way. A new vision of what is possible could emerge with the aid of helpful partners, based partly on a re-evaluation of what you have to offer, and partly on a sense of spiritual mission that you are only now beginning to fully comprehend.

As the month begins, you are fathoming your depths and reviewing the intelligence gathered. The daily papers and the Internet convey a certain quality of message; what we might call news. At any rate it is information of the outer world of events and stated reactions. The information coming your way now is of a different order altogether, deeply spiritual, and connects you rather to your own inner process which might be little known to you in the ordinary run of events. This comes at a most opportune time since you have had the world a little too much with you lately. As an antidote to scurrying around in the ant heap of the modern civilized world, you might try a little candlelight and ritual. Mystical card images could also help to sort things out. The New Moon in the second week of the month, taking place on Wednesday, September 8th, brings fresh energy to the picture but it is energy more appropriate to this realm of non-events and symbols. Additionally, since Mercury occupies this same sector of your chart and remains in its retrograde shadow for another several weeks, you are more tuned to your inner world of reflection and introspection for this period of time than to outer levels. In the meantime you definitely have at least one foot in the outer world, with finances very much on your mind. It is important however to recognize that all that glitters for you now is not the gold of outer circumstance but that of deeper and harder won wisdom. There will be revelations to absorb and integrate that stem from both concrete successes and the shadow side of the recognition of potential failures as well and of the darkness that resides within you. The First Quarter Moon of Tuesday, September 14th, might present you with some glimpses of inherent difficulties in what you are attempting right now, which is the integration of your private and your public life, and of inner and outer concerns. Partners too might come into the picture at this time, partially as a reflection of your own internal powers that are perhaps largely disowned. The Fall Equinox and Full Moon arrives late Wednesday and early Thursday morning, September 22nd and 23rd, and brings yet another phase of this energy for transformation into prominence. This is a powerful transition for you and brings significant others in your life more directly into the picture of the balance and the integration of all your forces that you seek.