Astrology of September 2010
by Henry Seltzer (
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Pisces Pisces (February 19 - March 20)
Mutable Water. Your ruling planets are Neptune and Jupiter.

It's a long road that has no turning, Pisces. As you look for a fresh start in both life and love, the question comes up whether you can take seriously the messages of your own inner voice, beyond all others. You are still dwelling at least half the time in a dream world of your own devising, but you are nevertheless more serious than ever about your ongoing transformation, and moving forward with relationship initiatives that have been in the cards for you all along. In the push-pull of self and other, you are seeking a third way that represents a fruitful amalgamation of all your possibilities.

As the month begins, you are rethinking and reprioritizing relationships in your life, both personal and business ones. It can well be said that relationship with others provides much of the juice of life, as well as providing an indispensable complementary point of view; however there are also traps implicit in this arrangement whereby we can lose sight of our own way of looking at things or compromise our own best take on a given situation. These considerations and other like it might be a large part of what moves you now, as you reflect and attempt to come to terms with the concept of partnership. You are very much involved with the world right now, partly because of this push and pull of ideas of self and other in your life. At the same time you are also paradoxically drawn, as you have been for some time now to an essentially spiritual point of view that takes your own inner workings and nothing else as its starting point. The New Moon of Wednesday, September 8th, provides fresh impetus for your journey of exploration in the area of connection with others. This could be a time when you are ready to make a philosophic break with past patterns and how you have handled the contrast between the demands of partnership and what you want in terms of yourself alone. You are getting smarter about these things is some ways, and the evidence is beginning to mount that a new way of relating might prove to represent interesting advantages all around. It could also be that the residue of ancient trauma has caused reactions and avoidances that are in fact no longer appropriate to your present sense of self, and that could be recognized for what they are and gracefully abandoned. In any case, the time may have come for a change of style. The First Quarter Moon of Tuesday evening, September 14th, will throw up a few roadblocks on the path to progress that will serve to either solidify this movement as you succeed in overcoming them or else to threaten to derail it. This is a time when you are ready to take a stand for yourself, and damn the consequences, but of course, as always, it is not quite that simple. In working out what you need to do you will at least have the courage of your convictions, becoming a spiritual warrior for your cause. You are making a huge shift over these last few months in both worldview and life direction, and this is one element within the chain of circumstances and responses. With the Full Moon of Thursday, September 23rd, you have come to a greater realization of where your struggles might be leading you and a more inspired acceptance of the necessity of change operating in your life.