Astrology of September 2010
by Henry Seltzer (
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Taurus Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
Fixed Earth. Your ruling planet is Venus.

It's an interesting road that you are on these days, Taurus. After all that running around this summer, you are slowing down right now, retrenching. You have been getting serious about what you want to do with yourself and this requires that you create a truly imaginative interface with the world around you, including partnership alliances. Your self-expression is blossoming, and relationship issues continue to dominate your planning. Through it all, you are striving to resolve a tug-of-war between the practical and the spiritually ideal. As you mull over your possibilities for these next few weeks, you are holding out for balance within your evolving worldview.

As the month begins you are enjoying the expansiveness of this time of the year for you, with the Sun residing in your sector of creative self-expression. At the same time, you are feeling the indecisiveness implied by Mercury retrograding through this same area of your chart. The Mercury retrograde period includes the usual miscommunications and mechanical breakdowns, but the positive side is that this reflective period of time enjoins you to look more closely within yourself and attempt to discern where exactly it is that you are heading at this moment in your life. Mercury conjoins the Sun on the 3rd, and this will be one peak of the retrograde period. As you reflect, with several planets in your Sixth House you are also thinking more concretely about what you are truly about in this lifetime. Noted humanistic astrologer Dane Rudhyar referred to this sector of the chart as that of "discipleship to your higher self," and you might feel like you are finally getting closer to understanding what that sense of mission could imply. Spiritual truth contrasts with practicality as you explore your choices. The New Moon of Wednesday, September 8th, gives you fresh impetus for your ongoing development as you continue to redefine yourself and your approach. Partners come more firmly into the picture too at this time, since your ruler Venus crosses into your relationship sector. There is a way that your own point of view is currently modulated by the opinions of others, and that yet allows you to retain your own unique individuality as you feel your way into an uncertain end of the year. One thing that is for sure is that your vision for future possibilities is a moving target right now. This could be scary or else exhilarating, depending on your perspective at any one time. The First Quarter Moon a week later, taking place on Tuesday, September 14th, is a time when the rubber meets the road with what you have in mind to accomplish in terms of your own personal contribution. Mars enters your seventh sector at this time, and so relationships in your life are more active than ever, and remain so for at least the next several weeks. With the Full Moon of Thursday, September 23rd, you come to a kind of culmination which is also a further jumping-off point for new adventures. Your demeanor is likely to remain thoughtful, as you continue to assess the changes and challenges of the summer months and cast your eye more definitely on the future that is arising from them, as your worldview continues shifting in response to circumstances.