Astrology of October 2010
by Henry Seltzer (
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Aries Aries (March 21 - April 19)
Cardinal Fire. Your ruling planet is Mars.

You are going deep this time, Aries. Relationship and intimate connection is on your mind, but it just could be that the most important relationship you can explore will be the one deep inside the dim reaches of your own soul. What does that look like? It's up to you, but it might seem a bit like wrestling with and then coming to terms with the mystery gods within. You are beginning to understand yourself better and to come to greater acceptance of even your relatively unsavory aspects, and acceptance of these dark places is key. Why? So that, as the poet says, your chaff might fly, your grain lie sheer and clear.

As the month begins, you are facing important truths regarding the significant relationships in your life, whether or not you feel yourself to be entirely ready for the experience. You are strenuously invited to the party that is going to be on in any case, and it's come as you are. Regarding situations that you currently encounter both with significant others in your life, and alone in silent meditation or even as you sleep, your most profound depths are stirred by feelings of enlightened response. You are caught between the impulse for expansion and for darting off in entirely new directions and a contrary instinct for holding back and remaining within safe limits. This is especially true for relationships. There is a form of mentoring that you are participating in right now, whereby some of the answers that you seek are available through the agency of significant others in your life. A week into the month, the New Moon takes place on Thursday, October 7th, and fresh energy is available for relationships and for these interior explorations. A new dawn is possible now in partnership dynamics, perhaps in the form of transcending previous patterns that have proven to be ultimately dysfunctional rather than life-enhancing. You are taking a supremely idealistic approach to life in general these days, and to relationship in particular, so that it pays to also sound the note of caution that balances out your approach. It's a paradox; you gain by retaining some semblance of the old order even as you travel within your soul to distant horizons. The farther out you go in an entirely new direction– provided you are taking inner guidance into account – the better; and yet you also must stay close to home. If you can put these contradictory viewpoints together and manage to adhere to their joint impulse, you will surmount the challenge and the dilemma of this particular time period. The First Quarter Moon of Thursday, October 14th, represents additional trials and further tests. What is being asked of you now is that you take a stand for yourself in spite of everything that inclines you to the contrary. Although you benefit from paying close attention to the input of others you cannot entirely give in either to their perspectives. It is important at this juncture to remain as clear as you can in your dealings with everyone around you and to articulate in the kindest possible way whatever comes up, since any suppressed emotion could build up a charge and explode later on. The Full Moon of Friday, October 22nd, represents a culmination of one phase of this delicate play of ideas and inner realizations and the beginning of another. This is a time of triumph for what you have come through and also of regret for what you have not been able to accomplish. You must beware of too great a degree of either self-congratulation or evil fantasy at this time as your emotions are greatly stirred and over-idealization of your situation in either direction is more than possible. The middle course, as usual, has much to offer, and could continue to be a useful mantra for the weeks ahead.