Astrology of October 2010
by Henry Seltzer (
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Cancer Cancer (June 21 - July 22)
Cardinal Water. Your ruling planet is TheMoon.

The leaves are turning and you along with them, Cancer. You are coming into yourself in a new way; taking the change of the seasons seriously. This month you are thinking your way through to an entirely different conception of life and love, and of yourself. Meditations that take you to the very core of your being, and then out again, bring you to a renewed status of hopeful optimism. This is truly based on a revolutionary approach that rocks your beliefs and undoes the tangled knot of your judgments, allowing a strange mystical wind to blow through you. You win when you relax and follow your heart.

As the month begins, you are investigating your beliefs and your evolving world view. This is a comfortable period of time for you and yet also edgy. You are feeling homey and yet expansive, looking out beyond your borders with alacrity and yet not entirely taking the bait. Something seems to hold you back, which can be frustrating until you realize that all events, even the seeming obstacles, happen for a reason. The weight of your home-based fortification acts as the perfect counter-balance to jumping in with an excess of enthusiasm and going over the waterfall when you are actually unprepared. The New Moon of Thursday, October 7th, gives you plenty of energy for both exploration and for caution. This initiates a season of reflection for you; on in which mulling over your possibilities seems equally attractive to actively pursuing them. Your communicative outreach at this time is sizzling but subdued. You are wanting to get right to the heart of the matter, rather than drift around on the surface of any subject, and in particular the theme of how and where to engage your creative juices or how best to actualize the lightening-like flashes of insight that have been flooding your awareness of late. Partnership is powerful for you now and you benefit from the positions of others, only providing that their point of view blends well with your own. A week later, the First Quarter Moon, taking place on Thursday, October 14th, provides trials as well as triumphs. You are taking a stand at this time for your own brand of enlightened public statement over and against any voices that speak to the contrary. You might find that the impulse that you are working toward – arising from the time of the New Moon from the previous week – needs to be adjusted and the rough edges smoothed, but you are the sole responsible maker of the vehicle that you choose to ride in. You are proceeding with verve and a consciousness of higher purpose, no matter what these current life circumstances decide to throw at you. The Full Moon of Friday evening, October 22nd, ushers in a weekend when there is a shift in the energy that favors stepping out. There is support for what you do from the mystical farthest reaches of the cosmos, as mediated by your own inner vision, quite powerful at this important juncture. In the last week of the month you will find yourself rethinking, in the light of recent gains in awareness, your future direction and home and family concerns as well,. This process might even continue in one form or another for the next six weeks or more, right up to the December holidays. The Winter Solstice will be your jumping-off point.