Astrology of October 2010
by Henry Seltzer (
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Capricorn Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)
Cardinal Earth. Your ruling planet is Saturn.

You are in your element, Capricorn. You have taken the accumulated wisdom of the past cycle, when Mercury retrograded through your sector of higher mind, and rolled it up into a useful ball, and now you are making something significant happen in the world at large. You are excelling in the arena of business as usual, exerting a powerful presence there. In many ways however, all that you accomplish right now constitutes a radical departure from everything that has gone before. You are rethinking life direction in the light of new-found instinctual wisdom that eventually permeates even your conscious thought process. Mystical madness from deep inside your very bones lights your way to a new outcome representing an entirely different summation of your achievement.

As the month begins, you are struggling to maintain the status quo in your career and professional life in the face of challenges from deep within you. On the one hand it feels very much like business as usual will continue to do it for you; while on the other a suspicion is beginning to dawn that nothing will ever be quite the same again. You have some wild ideas percolating away in the corners of your brain that are telling you to take another road home, the road less traveled perhaps. And your sense of security, financial and otherwise, feels at times unlike the solid edifice that you have been projecting it would be but rather like so much dust in the wind. You can take heart from these types of revelations however, and from the inescapable fact that you are, after all, still here, to realize that you can make a go of it in many different ways. You might retreat from the conference table for a while, but you will return stronger and with many more arrows in your quiver than when you went away. The New Moon of Thursday, October 8th, gives you loads of additional energy for your explorations. There is a thoughtful process that is going on inside you of amalgamation of disparate points of view. Eventually it finds its way out into the world at large. The New Moon also kicks off a weeks-long process of reflection and absorption of new information affecting the way you see yourself engaging with the social milieu that surrounds you and with your evolving concept of your own future self. Softly burnished optimism and fuzzy belief systems are a definite component of the picture now, and your job is to embrace this sense of idealistic vision as though it were bedrock and simultaneously hold it accountable to standards of probity that you also possess in good measure at this time, without entirely abandoning either perspective. This is possible only by stretching your concept of reality to include the mystical in equal portions with the sensibly mundane. The First Quarter Moon of Thursday, October 14th might throw a few glitches your way as you continue in your attempt at working these things out, but it is important that surmount these relatively light-weight difficulties with whatever grace you can muster under pressure. The end result is not nearly so important as the style in which you choose to arrive. You have reserves of warrior energy available to you now that will be enough to turn the tide, but you must choose to access them and that might include more fully inhabiting inner rather than outer impersonations of power. The Full Moon of Friday evening, October 22nd, and the weekend that follows, is essentially a time of reaching for balance between these seemingly conflicting polarities. Your efforts at integration continue for then next six weeks or more, leading up to the end of the year.