Astrology of October 2010
by Henry Seltzer (
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Leo Leo (July 23 - August 22)
Fixed Fire. Your ruling planet is TheSun.

You are finding your way down deep as well as forward, Leo. This is a good month for progress but of an unusual kind where hidden motives dominate an otherwise normalized scene. Communicative outreach to others around you can become confused very quickly or penetrate to unforeseen depths. You win when you allow yourself the full range of your emotions in any and all situations. In love relations you might need to beware of over-idealization or self-deception that can lead you quite suddenly into another universe altogether. You benefit from staying as open as possible to every potential interpretation of what is happening and to all available avenues for exploring self-expression.

As the month begins, you are in a paradoxical energetic space of idealistic exploration of relationship possibilities while remaining quite serious and slightly cynical or even shut down concerning your communicative outreach to others around you. The truth, as usual, lies somewhere in between. If you can tone down your wildest flights of passion you will have less to take back later on. And while if you can relax in some of your most restrictive and held-back moments and allow yourself to breathe through them, grace will visit your situation in answer to your call. It helps to remember that things are seldom as dire as you make them out to be in your most negative assessments. The New Moon of Thursday, October 7th, highlights these conflicting points of view and also constitutes a huge shift in attitude that could help you to transcend their basic incompatibilities. You are dealing with wildly idealistic notions concerning especially the projection of feelings onto another person, one who seems to match the inner perfection that you seek inside. It is best that you temper your enthusiasm with a dose of caution, so that you might find that a slightly cynical point of view is actually a good thing to have. The next day, when Venus stations retrograde in your home and family sector, kicks off a meditative period of time of inner work. There is an important connection for you to explore right now between your public statement and your private inner journey toward wholeness. This is obviously something that you must investigate in more detail, taking time off if necessary to do it. You are slightly out of touch with the world around you at this time, which could be useful when you can recognize your need for withdrawal. There are gains to be realized that will come from serious-minded and heartfelt investigation of your inner world. This could be a painful time however if you construct ideas around why and how you are disconnected, or if you make of your distancing a procedure linked with escapist fantasy instead of cultivating a positive goal of inner exploration. The First Quarter Moon of Thursday, October 14th, might bring a further dose of realism to the process in which you are currently engaged. In some ways you are up against the wall right now, and fighting for your own independent point of view, one in which you can allow yourself to take in the thoughts and images of others but are not swayed by them into espousing a life direction that is in fact antithetical to your most basic nature. The meditations of this period involve part of a months-long transformation whereby you more thoroughly understand what it is that you were put into this life to accomplish. The Full Moon of Friday evening, October 22nd and as well the following morning, when the Sun moves into Scorpio – the sector of your chart where Venus currently retrogrades – represents another important juncture when you will come closer to a full understanding of what you are really up to. It is well to take seriously the intimations of this significant monthly period, which in fact represents the gateway to the rest of your year.