Astrology of October 2010
by Henry Seltzer (
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Libra Libra (September 23 - October 22)
Cardinal Air. Your ruling planet is Venus.

This is a truly magical era for you right now, Libra, and one equally invested in looking backward in time as well as forward. It is however a refined and reinvigorated vision of the past and a more solid and meaningful idea of your future that awaits your fullest attention over the course of this month and next. Your ruler Venus completes her retrograde – that takes her all the way back into the last few degrees your sign – by mid-November. Until at least then you are likely to be mulling over past creations including relationship issues and decisions. By coming to an enhanced comprehension of who you are and were you will eventually come to a better understanding of who you will ultimately become when you acknowledge your unplumbed depths.

As the month begins, you are caught up in paradox, somehow accepting practical considerations as the only reality while simultaneously allowing your thinking to soar also, finding its way out into cosmic spaces of endless possibility and forging new pathways. Epiphanies abound. Prosperity comes into your life in fits and starts, always just enough, and fluctuating unexpectedly. You are in the process of discovering that money does not only not buy happiness it doesn't even buy security on the most fundamental level. Your imagination does that. Only if you are conditioned by consensus thinking does money in and of itself ever seem to do the trick. It is true however that you are constrained to continue to render unto the powers that be what they require in each moment, so that you must balance inside yourself these contrary notions. This is a difficult exercise and one very important lesson for you of this monthly period. The New Moon in your sign of Thursday, October 7th, provides you with fresh energy for your journey toward wholeness. This is a time when both the practical realities of your situation and the mystical and imaginative side of your nature call out to you with equal insistence, potentially driving you to distraction. Learning to mediate between them is part of your process now, and gets easier with consistent practice. One key is not to believe absolutely anything that you think, or anything that you hear from others, instead adopting a "wait and see" attitude. Your ruler Venus is also in retrograde motion now through your resources sector and it puts your in a meditative mood. This period of time lasts six weeks or even longer, right through to the Winter Solstice on December 21st, and is good for journaling and mulling over your possibilities, not so good for leaping ahead with sudden new plans. This is spite of the fact that you will be feeling the impulse to do just that. What is recommended is that you silently witness the struggles going on around you and within you, and wait for the roiling waters to settle. The First Quarter Moon of Thursday, October 14th, might throw a few obstacles into your path but you will also find within yourself a great deal of determination to handle them in style. It is also possible right now for your point of view to become tangled up with that of significant partners in your life. If so, again you must take the high road of synthesis rather than of confrontation; remember to breathe. The Full Moon of Friday evening, October 22nd, and the weekend that follows, provides you with a place to stand amidst the changing tides, and positive support for the strengths as well as the far-out visions and fantasies corresponding to your situation. You are making a huge transition and it is best to weigh all your options and to proceed slowly, now and in the weeks to come.