Astrology of October 2010
by Henry Seltzer (
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Taurus Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
Fixed Earth. Your ruling planet is Venus.

Welcome to the past, Taurus. You are exploring right now both the implications of important partnerships in your life and also your own highest purpose for yourself moving forward, but the planetary energy is such that prior events present themselves more fully to your consciousness for review and redefinition than future ones. It is as though you have to get settled with what has taken place, perhaps reinvestigating lost love or at least revisiting its circumstances, before you can move ahead with your current agenda. The time will come for more full relationship participation as soon as next month and certainly by the end of the year.

As the month begins, you are seeking a new way forward based on a radical departure from the past, but the irony is that have also to more fully accept what has come before, with its successes and failures, before you can make this vision of a novel and vibrant future entirely yours. There is an important idea that you now could consider of true service to others. You have a weighty approach to this concept and to your own highest vision for yourself moving forward that must be honored, even as you mentally explore vastly new and different worlds to eventually inhabit. In your attempts you are aided by the agency of significant others in your life, who serve as a catalyst to your own transition. The New Moon of Thursday, October 7th, brings additional energy and focus to your process of transformation and regeneration. A time of deep reflection is approaching when you will have the inclination to carefully reexamine everything that has been going on this summer. Your ruler Venus retrogrades through your relationship sector for the next six weeks of more, and you will spend a great deal of time is absorbing the lessons that have been presented to you lately in the form of close encounters and significant life events, as you continue to solidify your internal concept of your true path in this lifetime. The First Quarter Moon a week later, taking place on Thursday, October 14th, represents a moment of relative tension in your process that could temporarily derail the momentum of your exploration. You are taking a deeply personal inner stand for yourself, affirming your ability to remain tall in Spirit no matter what currents of life might try to move you off of your central focus. You are caught up in the dual roles of seeking dramatic progress toward insistent future potential while also remaining cognizant of your responsibility to reflection and meditation on everything that has gone before. In this last half of the month you also might encounter reminders of previous relationships or of relationship patterns that have left their residue in your unconscious. The Full Moon of Friday evening, October 22nd, and the following weekend, when the Sun moves into your relationship sector, marks one critical juncture of this two-week period, and the conjunction of the Sun with your ruler Venus on the 28th represents another. This last half of the month is a time of indecision and dissolution rather than of building up. It helps to take everything naturally, as it comes, and not to push; to recognize that life is happening to you rather than you to some partially flawed conception of your life. You are storing up the experiences of this month and next as the necessary preliminaries for a greater emergence on into December and the New Year.