Astrology of February 2011
by Henry Seltzer (
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The Astrology of February focuses on Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. All these planets except Saturn are changing signs right now, and until they do, aligned with each other in the last degrees of the sign that they are leaving. The New Moon at very nearly the beginning of the month, Wednesday, February 2nd, sees Venus in exact sextile with the Neptune-Chiron midpoint, and in close square with Uranus. This means that we will enjoy epiphanies and experience changeability with our relationship energy at this time, and indeed throughout the month. The New Moon sits right at the mid-point of this square, conjunct Mars, so that Mars is also very much emphasized at the moment of this New Moon and through the first half of the month. We are being guided toward a new and different sense of assertiveness in our relationships with others and regarding our own inner feelings of empowerment.

This is a month that is also about transitions, since many of these planets are making the shift into the next sign. Venus enters Capricorn just as Mercury also enters Pisces, on the 3rd, while Chiron enters Pisces on the 8th, and Mars on the 22nd. Uranus moves into Aries in early March, in the biggest factor of profound change. Neptune crosses into Pisces in April, but only for two months before retrograding back into Aquarius; making its final entrance into the sign of its rulership in 2012.

Saturn, representing limitations, is prominent in these February skies as well, being the only major planet on one entire side of the Zodiac. When Venus transitions into Capricorn – ruled by Saturn – that motion represents a limitation of relationship energy for the purpose of moving ahead with greater focus. Since Venus is also squared by Uranus in the early days of the month, there is a push–pull of our energy to relate; should I go or should I stay? And in exploring my options do I move ahead quickly and with impulsive passion, or do I proceed more cautiously?

The Full Moon of February 18th opposes Neptune in the last degrees of Aquarius, while the Sun is conjunct to both Neptune and Chiron, newly in Pisces. The important mid-month consideration is therefore concerned with spiritual perspective. There is a temptation to give in to formlessness and idealism, even to delightful illusion. But Saturn is also prominent now, especially at this Full Moon time, and Saturn is suspicious of the gorgeous illusion and will inject into the proceedings a note of either cynicism, or of sanity, depending on your outlook. We will be more aware of concealed trauma also, and the habitual patterns that result from these inner woundings.

Though all these configurations, the beat for powerful change continues. Neptune presents a peaceful background to the urgent T-square of Uranus, Pluto and Saturn that is still a growing factor this year, heading toward the spring and early summer. and this T-square prepares the way for the first exact pass of the Uranus-Pluto square coming up in June of 2012. The second of these two years to come is therefore the more powerful, but this unfolding year of 2011 is likely to pack quite a wallop as well, as we adjust our expectations for lifestyle and move toward a more fitting use of dwindling planetary resources and also adjust in our individual and our collective lives the falsely materialistic viewpoint of modern life which is also running out, and just as quickly.

February 2nd New Moon New Moon Chart
This New Moon features Venus-Uranus square, with the New Moon and Mars at the midpoint of the square. This means that relationship is very much on our minds and in our hearts at this time, along with the active will to pursue it lustily. Uranus is still conjunct Jupiter, across the Pisces-Aries borderline, which considerably amps up the energy for variability and unique enlightenment right now.

February 10th First Quarter Moon First Quarter Moon Chart
This is traditionally a time of trial as we seek to understand both the limits to growth and the chance for a way through. Conflicts could arise, especially considering that the Sun remains in conjunction with Mars. Additional wrinkles now include the entrance of Chiron into Pisces, rendering the Wounded Healer more prominent as a current archetype. Venus also conjuncts Pluto, re-emphasizing this theme.

February 18th Full Moon Full Moon Chart
This Full Moon takes place in the last degree of Leo and Aquarius, and the Sun is conjunct Neptune and Chiron, still only two degrees apart, and resides at their midpoint. This brings to the fore the wound of our separation from the divinity, perhaps the basis of all wounding. Also, Venus, having been through the darkness of Pluto's realm, now squares Saturn and is in aspect to Uranus. Relationship gets even more complicated.

February 24th Last Quarter Moon Last Quarter Moon Chart
This is traditionally a time when we reflect and absorb the accumulated wisdom of the previous three weeks. It is also in this case the occasion for a Pisces lineup. The Sun, in conjunction with Mercury, is in Pisces now, and semi-sextile to Jupiter. Mars conjuncts Chiron at the very beginning of the sign, with Neptune nearby in the last degree of Aquarius. Uranus remains conjunct and parallel to Jupiter, continuing to generate brilliant ideas. There is plenty of food for thought as we review the ending cycle.