Astrology of March 2011
by Henry Seltzer (
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Aquarius Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)
Fixed Air. Your ruling planets are Uranus and Saturn.

Your real and your unseen worlds compete, Aquarius. Events have transpired lately to bring both strongly to your conscious awareness, even though they are fundamentally opposed. An important learning experience awaits you in the current month that might serve to bring these disparate parts closer together, although a final integration is still distant. The resources for this endeavor are arrayed to your advantage, in support of an inner pilgrimage. You are investigating more concretely important factors of higher mind – and your take on them – that have been brewing within your psyche for many months now without a clear resolution. This could involve perspective shifts or even travel plans. The latter half of the month is a good time to come to a more solid conclusion on these matters.

As the month begins, you are feeling comfortable with yourself as you continue to contemplate changes that seem to be entering your life from within. This is essentially a learning process for you as you attempt to decode your soul's code, and apply it to your everyday affairs in a way that represents your own perspective as opposed to the varying views impinging on your self-concept by the world around you. The New Moon of Friday, March 4th, provides you with loads of fresh energy for this purpose, as you seek to integrate your own energy with that of others around you in a way that remains true to yourself, marrying inner and outer points of view. Your values and your resources are the bulwark that sustains you now and enables you to forge your own solution. Discerning your true inner nature is the difficult and centrally important task that you face over the course of this monthly cycle. With the First Quarter Moon of Saturday, March 12th, you are surer of yourself in stepping out although you also might hit a few snags in actualizing your possibilities. There is joyous exuberance in facing your fears regarding goals and yet also the recognition of the practical impediments to accomplishing them. Not every impulse that you have can flower and not every ideal be actualized, although the obstacles also serve you by showing where you need to push back in choosing what is finally the most important priority. With the Full Moon a week later, taking place on Saturday, March 19th, you are summoning up your mental strength to take a stand for what you most deeply believe. The challenge of these past several months has been that you understand where you are ultimately coming from. You must manage to exteriorize that point of view out into the world without diluting it according to what comes at you through the skewed lens of consensus thinking. It's a tricky tightrope line to walk and it has been more than a little confusing at times; yet you are beginning to get a handle on it in this new year and new phase. Not all that comes from within you sparkles but it is helpful to recognize that all of it must be honored as important parts of your journey toward more complete and more satisfying self-expression. The Last Quarter Moon of Saturday, March 26th, represents a time of taking stock in yourself and evaluating how far indeed you have come and what remains to be more fully realized. You are heading toward significant breakthrough over the coming weeks. You are in a commanding position to the extent that you can bend your Fixed ideas and become as sages say "like a little child" in order to enter your kingdom.