Astrology of March 2011
by Henry Seltzer (
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Cancer Cancer (June 21 - July 22)
Cardinal Water. Your ruling planet is TheMoon.

You are feeling somewhere inside yourself just like the crab in your astrological symbol, Cancer, hiding down there in your shell. This first month of spring finds you still somewhat stuck in a rut, but with also some extraordinary resources at your disposal that can help to pull you out of it. You are developing a more compassionate nature that includes significant others in the equation in a new way. A winter season of brilliant ideas has left you with some good ones that you can allow to mature into useful strategies for living. You are in a great position right now to apply some of this amazing talent to your life at large and to your family and home experience in particular.

As the month begins, you are very aware of the influence of others on your life, and yet also feeling joyously independent as well. Issues of security and feeling nurtured have been coming up for you these past few weeks and you are struggling somewhat to understand and integrate them. Self-nurturing might be the ultimate issue that you are facing as you attempt to deal with family and significant others from a non-judgmental and optimistic viewpoint. The New Moon of Friday, March 4th, gives you fresh energy for your process, which is currently one of increasing your higher mind understanding of the world around you in order to find your place within it, and the place also that relationship with important others holds in your life. You are examining these twin concepts more closely than ever before, feeling into the secret undercurrents of the way you deal with others to their and your benefit, and the subtle way that others impact you as well. The First Quarter Moon of Saturday, March 12th, conveys with it a period of relative tension in your process and provides much food for thought as the weekend unwinds. You are seeking to determine at this time what part of your activity is viable heading into the future and what part is not. Epiphanies are plentiful. This is a time when the rubber meets the road for changes that you are prepared to make, or even if you believe you are not ready. The ground seems solid beneath your feet but some of that idea is illusion. Your public statement is going through a significant metamorphosis as you redefine the ongoing basis for your security with respect to close interpersonal relationships and to business partnerships also. You are heading into a particularly dicey time over the next few months as you attempt to sort out these areas. An early preview of intensity is available during the time frame of this pivotal weekend, especially if you were born between June 25th and 30th, or have your Ascendant in the early degrees of the sign. The Full Moon that comes along on Saturday, March 19th, in the weekend including the Spring Equinox on Sunday, will also provide a few intense moments. This is a time of balance and also of coming to terms with the fact that drastic change is upon you. By the Last Quarter Moon a week later, taking place on Saturday, March 26th, you are wiser and therefore stronger and more ready to meet your changes head on. You are coming into your own with a fuller understanding of what makes you tick from below the surface layers of your personality and it can be a difficult learning curve. Your situation is in no way entirely dire however, since it is possible to take these happenings with a light heart as might be indicated by the flashes of humor that will also show up when you least expect it. After doing your best to assess the correct move, the secret lies in letting go and giving up to the ultimate wisdom of the universe that surrounds you – and then letting go some more.