Astrology of March 2011
by Henry Seltzer (
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Libra Libra (September 23 - October 22)
Cardinal Air. Your ruling planet is Venus.

The hits just keep on coming, Libra. You are reinventing yourself yet again in this current monthly time frame. Your soul purpose is strongly invoked, which has a lot to do with recognizing old patterns and responding to them with increased awareness, and also with choosing a new course and heading for your ship of state. The benefit at this time is that others around you are on board to help with your significant and necessary adjustments. You also have the courage of your convictions at your disposal now, so that only the smallest gesture is needed, a move toward wholeness that you have been contemplating for some time. The universe is calling. If you have the inclination, take the change; if you don't have the inclination, take the change anyway.

As the month begins, you are embracing necessary change, as you respond to a series of rapid developments that lead to breakthrough. Your idealism for what you are about in this world has been high lately, and also an extreme feeling of limitation that seems to prevent you from reaching lofty goals that you have set for yourself. It may be comforting to recognize that both these points of view are exaggerated and somewhat illusory. You succeed right now by keeping faith with yourself and simply putting one foot ahead of the other. The New Moon of Friday, March 4th, is powerful for you, and helps to center you in your quest for greater connection to your life path. There are issues that could emerge at this time that you have been peripherally aware of but which now seem more urgent, having to do with family dynamics or with your own inner world and the subtle emotional reasons underlying your actions. As you face up to these deeper and more hidden motivations, you are reinventing yourself and your relationship to the world around you. For some time now you have been allowing a set of deep changes to percolate through your very bones. These involve family of origin issues and also the basis for your own psychological security and its grounding in the roots of your psyche. This dark territory is of course of vital importance and also largely unknown and under visited, since much of our basic nature lies deep underground as Freud and more particularly C. G. Jung famously pointed out. Ready or not, you are dealing with this vast and largely unknown space within yourself now, and increasingly over the next few weeks and months. The First Quarter Moon of Saturday, March 12th, in your sector of higher mind realizations, might bring some additional information to the table. You are in the midst of a very active process now, and epiphanies are a big part of the story, brought to you on the wings of the testimony of significant others in your life. Surprising events that you cannot control become common and lead you to strange wisdom. With the Full Moon weekend of Saturday and Sunday, March 19th and 20th, which also includes the Spring Equinox on Sunday, you are able to align yourself more fully with destabilizing change, and with partnership surprises also. You benefit when you take everything that happens as it comes, since after all, the essence of life is change. The realizations that are the most important product of this time period, punctuated by a difficult turning point on the weekend of the 26th, continue right up to the end of the month.