Astrology of April 2011
by Henry Seltzer (
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Libra Libra (September 23 - October 22)
Cardinal Air. Your ruling planet is Venus.

This is a powerful month for you Libra, and one that is full of changes. You are very fixated on relationship considerations right now, and relationship is rising up to meet you. You are suspicious that there might be a better way of connecting with significant partners, and impatient to find it, even though it might be just a trifle impetuous to do so at this time. With Mercury retrograding through your partnership sector nearly all month long, you are reviewing and rethinking your position, with all the returns not yet in. Still you are more than aware that an important tide is turning, and it is likely to arrive more fully by next mid-month. Ready or not, here it comes, and it sweeps everything before it.

As the month begins, relationship with significant partners in your life is on your mind and in your heart. Both more superficial and procedural and also deeper transformation is now arising to alter your previously entrenched positions in this area, and this applies to personal and also to business partnerships. The fact that Saturn is now emphasized and has been sitting for some time now in your identity sector implies that you currently have a certain tendency for fixity but the process of these first two weeks of April might actually change all that. The New Moon of Sunday, April 3rd creates a focal point of energy that could sweep away before it everything that is not nailed down within your relationship dynamic. A great deal of calm balancing is required on your part to weather this storm and maintain self-focus and this is your task over the course of this climactic period of time. Mercury is also retrograde now in this same sector of your chart, so you might be aware also of rethinking your current relationships, looking to them for review and revisioning. Any new relationships that enter your life right now will be accompanied by this tSunami-like energetic flow, so that it might be a good time to watch and to wait, rather than to plunge right into anything. You fullest participation in your day-to-day environment and health practices is not only implied but also required at this point in time. You are still in the process of making some deep-rooted changes at the very core of your being, resulting in a new basis for emotional security. The First Quarter Moon of Monday, April 11th, provides plenty of opportunities for looking forward into the future, and also backward, especially concerning important relationships in your life, as you strive to find the truest essence of your dynamic with both newer and existing partners. You might hit a few snags in the road at this point also, since there are inherent conflicts in the energetic mix for this somewhat difficult moment in time that follows an intense weekend. The Full Moon that comes along a week later, taking place on Easter Sunday, April 17th, provides a sense of fulfillment and a perhaps also a feeling of relief, as you reach for the balance point between considerations of self and other. The following weekend puts you back into a peak of intensity as Mercury turns direct in your partnership sector, subtly shifting the energy, while you are reminded once more of issues of home and family, and of your own security needs, that have been brewing for some time now without fully reaching their resolution. The Last Quarter Moon of Easter Sunday evening, April 24th, is exciting and presents surprises as well as insights, making that day and the week that follows the perfect moment in time to begin to sort things out. You are sifting through the details of what has happened for clues for what is to come. It's a tricky business, but a vital one, although like much of your life these days it is prone to error and subterfuge, both on the part of others and also just on your own.