Astrology of July 2011
by Henry Seltzer (
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Gemini Gemini (May 21 - June 20)
Mutable Air. Your ruling planet is Mercury.

Your full potential is opening up before you, Gemini. As you search out new fields to conquer and focus on what is ahead for you rather than on what is behind, itís almost as though what has gone before no longer even exists. This dream of the future unfolding is the stronger and overcomes any illusion of past incompleteness. Itís scary taking on a new kind of responsibility for yourself in moving into a better internal relationship with Spirit actualizing itself through your life, and yet this vision is so compelling that it outweighs all other considerations. Your life as it develops and as you respond to the evolutionary pressures within you and outside of yourself is simply allowing you to become who you really are.

As the month begins, you are feeling a terrific fresh start in both finances and in more subtle sense of the ideals that you espouse, brought about by the powerful Solar Eclipse and New Moon from the very beginning of the month in your second sector of resources and values. You are strongly visionary at this time and yet also somewhat restricted and restrained from acting on the full scope of these potent ideals by an equal dose of caution that holds you back. You are therefore being pulled in several directions all at once; this is the nature of the polarization of these times that you are living through. You are possessed of tremendous idealization as well as the motivation to move forward and to eliminate previous foundations; at the same time there are competing urges to remain cautious and keep what you already have. With the advent of this powerful eclipse, all these factors are greatly energized. Fundamental to your process now is the desire to grow and to transform yourself, and in so doing, to seek to fulfill your evolutionary purpose. Your self-definition is changing and your creative self-expression along with it. Your persona somehow retains the conservative streak of holding on for dear life to what has gone before, even though that past expression is dying or already dead. This might be your biggest challenge in the current month, of being able to eventually overcome this tendency to stay stuck. The First Quarter Moon of late Thursday evening, July 7th, and early Friday morning, July 8th, signals the beginning of a dicey and confusing period when conflicts with others around you could arise. This is a time when you are seeking to better define the arc of your own development and the self-concept that you actually embrace in getting yourself from where you are now to a place that is in greater alignment with your spiritual center. It is an intense time because you are not only finding new ways to interact with others around you, but are also coming into greater consciousness concerning the manner in which you put yourself out there. This affects the causes that you aspire to, and the way that your work in the world either furthers or hinders your true soul-level purpose for being here. The Full Moon of Thursday night and Friday morning, July 14th and 15th, might come as something of an illumination in this regard. This is a time of balance and reassessment, when many of the issues that have emerged over the course of this present monthly cycle could come to be seen in a new light. Over these prior two weeks, there could also have been old patterns of behavior that have come up that can now be seen in a more conscious fashion. These illuminate ways that you have been wounded in the past as a contributing factor to knee-jerk reactions that are no longer in your best interest in the present era. If such patterns do arise they do so for the purpose of acknowledging these dark places within your psyche and moving beyond them. This is obviously not in the sense of ignoring these issues but rather of accepting everything about yourself, without judgment, including your flaws. With the Last Quarter Moon of Friday, July 22nd, you are getting a better handle on everything that has come before with an eye to a less encumbered future: one where you might be able to take greater delight in your transformational process.