Astrology of September 2011
by Henry Seltzer (
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The Astrology of September features Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, plus Chiron. Mercury is also still in its retrograde shadow for the first third of the month. Chiron is highlighted being aspected by the Sun at the time of both the New Moon and the Full Moon two weeks later. It is also powerfully aspected throughout the month by a strong and difficult connection from Saturn. Saturn with Chiron asks us to take seriously the dark places within us, and to seek greater responsibility within ourselves for dealing with these dark places. It is also possible for authority issues to come to the fore, perhaps as carry-overs from experiences of questionable parenting during our formative years.

Uranus and Pluto are also in the astrological news again, as they have been for the past several months. Their intense and climactic square – echoing the turbulent sixties – is not getting closer, rather it is slightly fading in its strength over the fall and winter season coming up. However, these two powerhouse outer planets are still within 2 ½ degrees of a perfect square for the remainder of the month. They are also triggered by the Virgo and the Libra New Moons that just preceded and end the current month. Additionally, Pluto stations on September 16th only 2 degrees away from its square with Uranus. This summer has been a hotbed of change, with headlines are full of the violent revolutionary activities and reactions to events that Pluto with Uranus implies. Western civilization, indeed the entire world society, is shifting mightily. In our individual lives too we are being asked to transform ourselves to be more in line with our ideals.

Speaking of ideals, these are in part symbolized by Neptune, which shares with Uranus and Pluto a prominent although far less noticeable place in this month’s configurations. This is because the New Moon opposes Neptune, currently residing in the last degrees of Aquarius, with Jupiter in quintile to it also, and because Mercury opposes Neptune briefly during the first week of September as it moves toward its re-entrance into Virgo late on September 8th, a few days before the tenth anniversary of 9-11. During this entire time there might be a touch of deception in the air, which also masquerades as idealism, and vice-versa; sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference. The Quarter Moon occurring the Sunday before this tenth anniversary of the big transformational event represented by 9-11, on the 4th, is also likely to be somewhat contentious. Therefore, these first two weeks of September constitute a very tricky time period when synchronicities and intimations of cosmic forces in action are more likely than not, and when sudden epiphanies are more than possible. It is a good time as always to keep our heads on straight, or as straight as we are able to, and to watch and wait for better answers to our dilemmas – or at least for better questions.

September 4th First Quarter Moon First Quarter Moon Chart
This is traditionally a time when we are forced to take a good hard look at where we are going and the initiatives that we espouse as they come into conflict with the practical concerns of the real world; what seminal astrologer Dane Rudhyar called a "crisis of action." In this potentially contentious period we are pulled in by the Sun-Moon square to re-examine current disputes in that light and to search for a higher synthesis. Although with Mars square Eris there might be a feeling of stand-off in the air, both the Sun and Moon aspect peace-maker Jupiter now, so that practical solutions might be able to emerge.

The Moon is Sagittarius now, the sign ruled by Jupiter, and the same sign as the North Node, giving an added oomph to these proceedings, while Mercury is close to regaining its lost Zodiacal longitude on the 9th. Situations that have been difficult to resolve might be at least heading toward a solution. This gets better as the month unfolds with the balancing effect of the Pisces Full Moon on Monday, the 12th, that kicks off the next week.

September 12th Full Moon Full Moon Chart
This Full Moon, taking place on Monday, September 12th, has its peaceful and also its contentious elements, so that we will have a good opportunity to choose our way forward; and it is obviously to be wished for that we will choose as wisely as possible. On the peaceful side, the Full Moon takes place in calm and gentle Pisces, and there are aspects as well to Jupiter from the Sun, Moon and Mercury, plus a spiritual quintile from Jupiter to the ruler of Pisces, namely Neptune. We therefore might expect a momentary sense of calm amidst the maelstrom of recent events. With Neptune also, there has been a subtle air of fantasy and potential deception hanging over this monthÕs configurations, so that, as has been the case for many months, we are not very sure where we stand and which end is truly up. We must learn to live with paradox, on the collective level and for our own lives individually as well. This has of course been evidenced on the national stage by the stock market and the economy in general.

There are also elements of contention in this month’s configurations and in this Full Moon in particular, with the Sun and Moon square the Nodal Axis and with both Mars and Eris emphasized. There is an important Saturn-Chiron dynamic as well, highlighted by this Full Moon. Saturn with Chiron brings up the wound of misplaced authority, stemming from situations when we questioned the leadership of parental figures from our early life, and questioned too whether the authority that they exerted over us was in fact in our own best interest. When this wound extends into our adult lives we question authority in all its forms applying to us today. This mid-month time period is a powerful one to acknowledge this type of early trauma and its consequences into the present moment. If we can accept ourselves at the deepest possible level, trauma included – and the residue of trauma – we have the chance to truly own our own authority, and this is vitally important as we move through the remainder of this climactic decade.

It is also interesting to note that this Full Moon takes place just one day after the tenth anniversary of 9-11. We as a nation are still raw from the fallout of that cataclysmic event, and struggling to recover from it even to this day. No matter what you believe regarding the events of September 11th, 2001 and their aftermath in the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, one thing is certain; nothing remains the same. The nation’s history in this very important time of transition can be regarded as falling into two periods, the one before 9-11 and the one after. What we are seeing, I believe, is nothing less than the transformation of America, as I have tried to indicate in my recent Zodiactivism blog entries. What does this mean for each one of us personally? That it is important to recognize the transformation of our own personal evolution coming down upon our heads, like it or not; and ready for it or not. Rather than go kicking and screaming like small children at bedtime, since go we must in any case, we benefit when we can embrace the change.

September 20th Last Quarter Moon Last Quarter Moon Chart

This Last Quarter Moon of Tuesday, September 20th, is traditionally a time of questioning, when we quietly observe life in the fast lane from the seclusion of an eddy of time that is self-manufactured – where we can become as we really are, infinite. With luck we can see as our higher Self really does see, taking the largest possible perspective on the events of our lives. The times are indeed rushing us forward so that it is beneficial to relax and momentarily enjoy the view, before plunging once more into the maelstrom with next week’s powerful Libra New Moon.

This coming New Moon, and the Fall Equinox of Friday, September 23rd, as well, emphasize Uranus and Pluto in combination, which means that the wild transformational energies of these climactic times are still very much with us. As we review the events of the past three weeks of this September cycle, it is good to keep these challenges in mind, and to realize that no matter how precisely we analyze our situation, determining exactly where we are in the arc of our evolutionary development, we will be someplace else next month. Thus we take another important step onward and upward along the spiral road of our destiny.

It is interesting to note also that the Sun at this time is parallel to Uranus, just as Mars enters Leo and trines it, so that we might indeed expect the unexpected. It is also a good time to be cautious since Mars in combination with Uranus, as well as being enlightenment-oriented, is definitely also a bit accident-prone. There is a mystical presence now in that very newest planets to be named in our solar system, the Plutoids Eris, MakeMake and Haumea, are also powerfully activated. The Sun exactly conjuncts MakeMake – named for the Rapa Nui creation god – reminding us that in these frantic times, we might need to turn to indigenous wisdom, looking to the inside for the answers that we seek. Meanwhile, Saturn conjuncts Haumea and opposes Eris, which is also a clue for us all. These Trans-Neptunian planetary energies might well be conspiring to allow us to make an important and creative stand for ourselves at this time. In this way we turn to our most authentic inner realizations in place of the false gods erected by a materialistic societal frame work that is rapidly losing its grip on our thinking and, none too soon, its primacy in today’s world.

September 23rd Fall Equinox Fall Equinox
We have arrived at that magical time of year when the fading of the light begins, and candlelight and fire light become all-important. Oh and also in recent years, electric lighting as well. But in any case we are deprived, to an extent, of the light of the Sun, so that we turn inward for the illumination that comes when all external sources are gone, and turn to each other as we huddle together symbolically for warmth. This underlies the true meaning of the sign of Libra - the sign of balance, of togetherness and of the Sun going down, as revealed in its glyph.

This particular equinox time is especially powerful due to the presence of Uranus in the initial degrees of Aries. Uranus is therefore nearly exactly opposite the Sun. Uranus is also prominent in that it resides at this time quite near to the celestial equator, at only 20 minutes of celestial latitude, and is therefore parallel the Sun, also at the null point by virtue of the season. This 0 degree mark in both longitude -- near 0 degrees of Aries - and in latitude, might be thought of as the creative void from which all things ultimately emanate. We are that point in history now, as in some sense we always are, but over this very important and life-changing decade even more so. Uranus represents freedom from the known. What the future holds is ours to create, for better or for worse, in the image of what has gone before or in a brand new image of a better and of a more inclusive design.

Of course the radical metamorphosis of this decade is also symbolized by the presence of Pluto in early Capricorn, in square to Uranus, and to the Fall Equinox Sun, a momentary T-square. The Moon in early Leo also conjuncts Mars, ruler of Aries, and aspects the Sun and the Uranus-Pluto square, bringing further strength to this powerful archetype of revolutionary transformation -- characteristic of these increasingly difficult times we are yet managing to live through. Next Tuesday's New Moon in early Libra also emphasizes Uranus-Pluto. As transformation becomes again our theme, especially over the course of this powerful weekend, you are invited by the surrounding universe to make the most of it; to leave the past behind and to embrace a starkly beautiful future that holds more spiritual nourishment than does our immediate past.

September 27th New Moon New Moon Chart
The Libra New Moon takes place in the early hours of Tuesday, September 27th. This is an extremely powerful New Moon, since it triggers the Uranus-Pluto square that has been the hallmark of this past summer and indeed these past few years. The New Moon degree is 4 Libra, with Mercury at 2 plus degrees of that sign; since we have Uranus at 2 plus Aries and Pluto at 4 plus of Capricorn, the temporary T-square of the energies is huge. Mercury adds to this picture because as well as closely opposing Uranus it is exactly parallel. Additionally, Mars at 5 plus Leo makes an almost exact inconjunct with Pluto and a trine to Uranus.

What this could mean for the weeks ahead is several-fold. At the most mundane level we can expect surprises. There have been quite a few in the world news lately and we are likely to see more. This New Moon is the kick-off for the entire four-week lunation cycle that will take most of October to complete, and it is over this entire period that surprising events are likely, as well as surprising enlightenment arising out of our understanding of these events. We also might want to be extra careful, since Mars is in the picture of this New Moon in connection to both Uranus and Pluto, and Mars with Uranus adds up to accidents, even though in this case the aspect is a trine, a relatively benign aspect. There is also the probability of strong intuitional hits coming down, affecting the way we see the world around us. We do well to keep as alert as possible since we have the opportunity of getting an unexpectedly clear glimpse into the workings of the universe or at least into the workings of our own psyches.

Then too, with Pluto in the picture, transformation is in the air. This means that necessary changes we have been enjoined to make might no longer be able to be put off. The known condition of our lives, even though not be the best for us in the long run, is always the most comfortable; the important changes that we know we need to make become postponed indefinitely. That is where the wrecking ball represented by Pluto comes in, and then we don’t have to wait any longer. In this regard the action definitely steps up next spring, when the square between Uranus and Pluto becomes exact for the first time. Uranus-Pluto is active for at least five more years beyond 2012, so that the remainder of this vitally important decade of the teens will be increasingly dicey.

One other factor is prominent in this New Moon configuration, and it is a softer and gentler one than what has been already discussed. Jupiter and Neptune are in quintile with each other, and they each make a bi-quintile aspect to the New Moon, an aspect pattern called a bi-quintile yod. This brings a much-needed spiritual quality and even optimism to the proceedings, although the joyous idealism of this symbolism could also manifest as confusion, illusion or outright deception. With Saturn less prominent and with Neptune strongly configured, the feeling of can-do might be a welcome relief from all the recent polarization of attitudes both with regard to interpersonal situations and on the national scene. Perhaps compromise is possible after all, and we can yet achieve some lasting progress as we truly enter this tumultuous and difficult decade.