Astrology of October 2011
by Henry Seltzer (
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Taurus Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
Fixed Earth. Your ruling planet is Venus.

You are getting serious, Taurus. This is the month when you make an important internal connection between what you do and what you believe. There is a way that everyday life is being made into something rich and strange, to fit in with how you have been seeing the world around you. Health concerns and fitness programs also correspond to this more elevated and intuitive viewpoint which is recently more of a dedicated ideal for you. The challenges and surprises of this time are ether coincidental or else meaningful, and it is by accepting the latter idea that you rock your world entirely. Partners could also come into the picture in a big way after the mid-month Full Moon, and might prove to be extremely helpful in pointing your own way forward.

As the month begins, you are feeling strong on service, both regarding important others in your life and with respect to the surrounding collective as a whole. You are also feeling more strongly called to health regimens of all kinds, diet, environment and exercise, which you might also conceptualize as being of true service to yourself. The energy of the New Moon from the end of last month was very powerful, and it conditions along these lines for you the remainder of October as well. The general theme is your reason for being here, on this planet, which could be considered the discipleship to your Higher Self, as seminal Western Astrologer Dane Rudhyar referred to it. You are more fully engaged than ever right now in finding your true path forward in this world, and in discovering the soul work that you came into this lifetime to fulfill. This involves the work of others as well as of yourself, and a good dose of Spirit that is also in the mix of energies around you now, that comes to you from profound intuitional realms deep inside your psyche. With the First Quarter Moon of Monday, October 3rd, the tension for progress mounts and you might conceivably hit a few snags in the arc of your projected development. You might feel as though you need to make a stand for yourself, but it is a sacred stand that you are making, embodying the ideal of the spiritual warrior. You are in the midst of a gigantic shift in your beliefs and your perceptions and becoming familiar with the notion that the formula just will not jell unless there is Spirit involved in the equation. With the advent of the Full Moon of Wednesday, October 11th, you come into a time of greater balance of the energies within you and outside of yourself. Partners come more fully into the picture now as well, as an adjunct to your own process of evolutionary growth. This is an extraordinary time of mediating between self and other, outer and inner, and between the practical and the spiritual side of life. In all this you are responding to the intense nature of these times, as reflected in the astrological configurations that are only becoming stronger as the months roll on. With the Last Quarter Moon of Wednesday, October 19th, you are reflecting on where you have been over the prior three weeks of the lunar cycle, and where indeed you might be heading. The events of this time period have been hectic and relatively undigested as they arose, so that this is a good time to stop and think. Partners in your life are helpful now in bringing this process forward as you store up the accumulated wisdom from what has taken place and prepare for your next stage of development, which will be jump-started by the Scorpio New Moon of Wednesday, October 26th. This later October time period will be a useful one for getting a good handle on your partnership dynamics, and for further sorting out the details of what you are really up to. You are now taking everything into account including those parts of your process that are relatively unconscious ones.