Astrology of November 2011
by Henry Seltzer (
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Capricorn Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)
Cardinal Earth. Your ruling planet is Saturn.

You are refining your approach, Capricorn. This month is when you take your can-do approach a step further, making an art out of the achievement-orientation that is your hallmark. You are actively visioning a novel and qualitatively different future for yourself, one involving a good dose of the spiritual along with the mental and physical techniques that have been so successful for you in terms of past results. You are beginning to recognize that while the latter is consistent with what consensus thinking calls for, and beyond which has no greater expectation, it can lead you right into a dead end. This recently emerging expansion of your potential includes a melding of heart and mind, inner and outer. You are taking a courageous stand for yourself based firmly on internally felt values of home, family and tribe.

As the month begins, you are feeling your future calling. The energy from the New Moon of the end of the previous month landed squarely in your sector of friendship, group association and future plans, and this has you buzzing with new-found potential. The amazing motif for you at this time is that not only are you thinking about the future as a logical extension of your present-day activities and business agendas, you are also seeing more clearly than ever before how to enable sensible and elegant departures from business as usual for yourself and others around you. A major theme of this lunar cycle is integration, and another is spiritual emergence. You are seeking solutions across a broader range of choices, including other-worldly ones, and making a bold move to integrate your entire sense of self – body, mind and spirit – behind these novel possibilities. The First Quarter Moon of Wednesday, November 2nd, brings you more solidly and concretely in line with these conceptual turns and twists, and also might be the occasion to uncover some of the drawback that are inherent in bringing those new ideas into fruition. Point of view between yourself and others might differ markedly, although there is also an unusually high level of intuitive information available to you now that can help to see you through the most difficult of these conflicts, to the extent that you can allow it to enter your consciousness. The Full Moon of Thursday, November 10th, brings with it a modicum of balance and helps you to right the ship of your progress. Your own individual needs and self-expression are focalized as you continue to explore the expansion of your goals and even of your persona, and this forms an important adjunct to the group process that is the general theme of this month’s adventure for you. Your point of view is idealized and shifts with whatever way the winds of change for those around you is currently blowing, which is exciting or potentially destabilizing depending on how you look at it, and can be exasperating at times unless you can make your mind up to accept the most inclusive big-picture view of things possible. The Last Quarter Moon that comes along on Friday, November 18th, is traditionally a time of evaluation and reflection, when the events of the first three weeks of the lunar cycle are digested and summed up to serve as a launch-pad for future initiatives. For you in particular this phase involves getting a better handle on the philosophical or intellectual perspective shifts that might prove necessary in accommodating yourself to the changes that are appearing on your current event horizon. You might also be assessing old patterns of relationship or communication that have proven problematical in the past and attempt to work past these potential barriers to future progress. With the Solar Eclipse and New Moon of Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 24th, you are entering into a relatively peaceful and more introspective period of continuing to mull over the current arc of your development; that process could bear fruit well into the month of December.