Astrology of November 2011
by Henry Seltzer (
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Leo Leo (July 23 - August 22)
Fixed Fire. Your ruling planet is TheSun.

Surprising realizations continue to abound, Leo. You are focused this month on home and family and as well your security needs in general. During another big month of changes, the realization is beginning to dawn upon you that your psychological well-being is entirely tied to the holistic grace of the earthly environment and the numinous starry cosmos combined; that success in the world is a reflection of the integration of the innermost depths of your being as much as it is found in the more easily accessible surface layers; and that your own happiness depends on the happiness of all others. The possible activities arising out of these realizations are many and varied, but some form of exploit seems to be called for. Your task is to find the one that is uniquely your own.

As the month begins, you are pulling out all the stops for doing the inner work that your body, mind and psyche have been secretly crying out for. The vibrations are subtle and the message ambiguous, but when you look more closely out of the very corner of your eye the information is unmistakable. The re-evaluation that you thereby experience can affect you in several different ways. Not least is that you are likely feeling a mandate to find your true calling in the world, that is to say the urgency to be up and doing the dharma work that you came into this lifetime to perform. In this regard your home scene is very important, since it provides you with a place to stand as you figure out which way to turn. It is also true that as the holiday season approaches, family members provide for you some of the richest exercises in inner wisdom. You can clearly see the necessity to make peace with ancient trauma that might still be able to trip you up, even though long past the time of its emergence. Old patterns of behavior stemming from wounds of early childhood might be up for recognition, acceptance and renewal. At the time of the First Quarter Moon of Wednesday, November 2nd, issues such as these may be brought to the fore for the purpose of moving beyond them, thus adding a touch of conflict to your inner process of increasing awareness. Your intuition is powerful now and events conspire to aid your growth. This could be classic both in intensity and in the surprising enlightenment that follows more careful consideration. The Full Moon of the following week, coming along on Thursday, November 10th, is an occasion for a more balanced approach. You find yourself launching yourself out into the world of events and outer achievement more fully at this time, but your own development remains what you are really after. Your activity creates its rewards but when you look more closely the multi-layered depth of your true situation emerges. Everything is not what it seems, and yet it all becomes clearer when you just let go of attempting to analyze and go beyond the faculties of the logical mind. The Last Quarter Moon of Friday, November 18th presents you with potential snags in the road of your progress and a few more facets of your experience to mull over. Mercury begins to slow down for its upcoming retrograde period of the following week. The normal activity of this phase of the lunation cycle involves reflecting on the events of the past three weeks and attempting to make better sense of what has transpired, which also has the effect of turning you more introspective. You are very busy at this time in your doing, but simultaneously partaking in a calmer spirit that whispers in your other ear about just being, without needing to do. You are more fully energized by the time of the New Moon and Solar Eclipse taking place on Thursday, November 24th, Thanksgiving Day, in your sector of creativity and self-expression, but once again, with a powerfully overriding interior motivation.