Astrology of November 2011
by Henry Seltzer (
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Libra Libra (September 23 - October 22)
Cardinal Air. Your ruling planet is Venus.

This month is a special time for you, Libra. You are likely to be fortunate now with finances, or at least have no problem getting by, but the more important question to ask is what you might be able to create from the gift provided by these resources. Your values are shifting as you explore new perspectives on both outer and inner work, with the one feeding off the other. Meanwhile, partnership with others around you is an important and enlightening although fitfully transformative factor. Security in this area seems elusive, but you are in the process of forming a stronger basis for your own emotional security in terms of greater self-reliance and a deeper connection to the beneficence of the universe that serves to guide you onward, even as it puzzles you.

As the month begins, you are full of the desire for progress of both the material and the spiritual kind. You are perhaps learning that you cannot truly have the one without the other. As it says in the bible, by rendering unto Caesar those things that belong to Caesar or in our present day the banking establishment’s, you permit the free expression of your life force toward inner realities as well, which might be translated as “rendering unto God[ess]” the things that are hers, without stint. You are currently taking an acute mental and philosophical approach to this problem since while one key of this time period for you is sound financials, while another is the integration of all your various energies in a more unified manner. All of what is going on for you right now solidly stems from security needs that have been long unexpressed – or at the very least under-expressed – to your conscious mind. With the First Quarter Moon of Wednesday, November 2nd, you might find yourself caught up on some of the lurking snags that can hold you up on your voyage down the river of your spiritual progress. The good news is that intuitional enlightenment also is available to you in plenty, in part brought to your attention by the unexpected actions of significant persons in your life. You might find that you are worrying too much about details and that you benefit when you can accept the information thus supplied and lift your gaze to the bigger picture. The Full Moon of the following week, taking place on Thursday, November 10th, brings balance to the picture of your material concerns and also to issues of self and other that could arise at this time. It becomes vital to actively communicate your point of view to others around you, including significant partners. A deeply spiritual basis for everything that you do is also becoming more evident, and no longer really possible to ignore. You are finding both the rational reason behind your connection with others, and internally within yourself, and also those reasons that seem to come from nowhere but are actually the product of a deeply intuitive source of information within you. With the Last Quarter Moon of Friday, November 18th, you are mulling over what you have gleaned from the three weeks of the cycle that have thus far passed, attempting to productively rearrange your sense of these findings. Inner work is called for even more, as you slow down in your communication with others and enter a more introspective phase. The following week’s New Moon and Solar Eclipse taking place on Thanksgiving Day, November 24th, in your communication sector, presages a more meditative month of December when you will continue to refine your insights into your true situation.