Astrology of November 2011
by Henry Seltzer (
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Taurus Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
Fixed Earth. Your ruling planet is Venus.

This is a positive and also a perhaps difficult time for you, Taurus, when you find yourself deepening your search for meaningful solutions. There is a creative tension in your process now, as the journey of your transformation continues. This is potentially a very confusing time for you although a richly rewarding one as well. You are all for changes that have been building and are no longer able to be put off. In assessing a noticeable sea change in life direction, you discover that it is an essentially spiritual mission that you are engaged in, so that you do not get anywhere without relying on some form of cosmic consciousness. You are also very aware of significant partners now, and see them as helpers in finding your own way through.

As the month begins, you are very invested in partnership with others. The recent New Moon from the end of the previous month took place in your relationship sector and gave you fresh energy to examine your behaviors and patterns in this important area of your life. You are in the midst of a very special time, when your own self-development matters a great deal to you, and when there is a positive opening to make breakthrough in every part of your life. You are seeing at least one version of the future opening up ahead of you and possibly more than one, and they all seem to involve a greater commitment to spiritual values. These after all are fully as vital to what counts for success right now as material ones. You might have to slay a few dragons in the form of internal demons to achieve the results that you truly want and are now ready for. The main thing is that you recognize the aptness of this moment in time for you and that you do your best to meet it. In this regard, the First Quarter Moon of Wednesday, November 2nd, comes as a testing period of time, when the intended arc of your evolutionary development gets caught on a few snags that you will have to find a way to work yourself through. This can be a confusing time as well; the action is fast-paced and yet also might come to almost a stand-still at times while you regroup to try to figure out what is really going on for you. Partners continue to weigh in with their own opinions which have both the difficulty and the advantage of being quite different from your own, so that careful consideration is called for in a often surprising and sometimes very enlightening set of circumstances. The facts of the matter are a bit slippery now; they can seem to be one way and then another, so that the truth of all these varied viewpoints perhaps lies somewhere in between. With the Full Moon time of the following week, centering on Thursday, November 10th, you have a better chance at compromise and of finding a balance point of the energies. It might still feel like an illusion of some kind, or even of some form of deception, the truth of your situation and of your future plans, but it is at least a graceful illusion. With the Last Quarter Moon of Friday, November 18th, you enter a more meditative period to close out the four-week cycle of the Sun and Moon. You will find yourself mulling over the events of the past three weeks in order to make better sense of them. This is ultimately for the purpose of taking the understanding that you have gained forward into your next phase, signaled by the powerful Thanksgiving New Moon and Solar Eclipse taking place on Thursday, November 24th.