Astrology of November 2011
by Henry Seltzer (
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Virgo Virgo (August 23 - September 22)
Mutable Earth. Your ruling planet is Mercury.

Its another powerful month for you, Virgo, as you continue to explore your unique path toward spiritual evolution. You are re-inventing yourself in this summer and fall period and its scary but also exciting and life-changing when you can get beyond your fear. In this regard, communication is key. Not only will you be able to benefit from the perspectives of others around you, but in sharing your fears, you will lesson their subjective impact, since voicing them makes them less poignant. Another potential trap of this particular time is the possibility for idealization or even illusion concerning significant relationships in your life. You might need to resort to inner guidance and your own currently potent sense of intuition in order to make it through without a loss of faith.

As the month begins, you are strong on connection with others, riding the wave of energy from the New Moon of the last week in October, which also combined your ruler Mercury with relationship-oriented Venus in your sector of communication. You are making great strides in solving the puzzle of your existence; at least as you have come to currently understand it. It helps to be reaching out to others around you. This might give you a better handle on potential solutions. Integration is the key. You are working many of the various modalities of your life and of your linkage with others, including inner discovery, public and private persona, teaching and learning, every kind of exploration of the word around you using heart, mind and soul. This can certainly be a confusing time with these very different avenues to the truth all desiring to be more fully explored, although it is a powerful time also, and ultimately a rewarding one as well. Relationships in particular might be one area where you feel the heights of ecstatic idealization and also perhaps at times the depths of despair. Can you ever be able to arrive at the real person to be found behind the illusion? With the First Quarter Moon of Wednesday, November 2nd, you are more fully aware of the drawbacks than of the positives in what you are attempting. You are dealing at this time with old patterns of relating and perhaps how they have limited you in being able to fully extend yourself to others. The good news is that any added awareness of what is going on for you below the obvious surface levels is of positive benefit in being able to acknowledge and accept these potential traps within your psyche, and therefore being able to move on from them. Home and family become increasingly important as you explore the nature of your reactivity. It is well said that to understand is to forgive, even applying to yourself. The Full Moon of the following week, taking place on Thursday, November 10th, is an occasion for a turnaround in how you see the fundamental relationships in your life and their contribution. You are still perhaps caught up in apparent conflict and the paradoxical elements of any blending of points of view, but you win by allowing the paradox without judgment, just letting it be. With the Last Quarter Moon a week further on, taking place on Friday, November 18th, you are entering yet another hugely revitalizing time, when you can see the possibility for action of a different kind than anything that you have done leading up to this stage of the game. This is a time when it pays to mull over the events that have transpired up to now in the cycle, and the conclusions that you have drawn from them, and attempt to put the puzzle pieces together in a new way that makes more sense out of them for the sake of the future. The Solar Eclipse and New Moon of Thursday, November 24th, Thanksgiving Day in America, is for you accompanied by the retrograde of your ruler Mercury in your home and family sector, so that the month of December will likely be an introspective one for you. This is well one in which you will redefine yourself and the key relationships of your life in terms of their impact upon you, and in terms of the way that they satisfying powerful security needs within you.