Astrology of January 2012
by Henry Seltzer (
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Taurus Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
Fixed Earth. Your ruling planet is Venus.

This is a time of big action, Taurus, and of imagination in motion. Itís a tightrope walk in which you strive to meet yourself gracefully in many different simultaneous ways, and you are operating without a net. You are all set to experience life in the largest possible dimension and to gain from your experience a truly big-picture viewpoint Ė as long as you refuse to look down. Whether you consider yourself ready or you donít, your actions are expanding out into the surrounding universe and making not just a ripple but a stir. You are serving to further society and to enable your own self to take a powerful stand; but it must be a spiritual stand in order for your balancing act to remain on target.

As the month begins, you are feeling energized by the presence of your ruler, Venus, in your career sector. This sector also has much to say regarding how you put your energy out into the world, your place upon the stage of world activity, achievement, even a mild form of fame. Your reputation is riding on your actions now, as you enter upon a huge year of change for you and indeed for everyone, and you do well to take a thoughtful attitude because of it. There is a way that you are reassessing your entire action plan for yourself and attempting to see how personal goals interface with social and professional ones in this pivotal moment of the dawning of 2012. You are also incredibly optimistic and forward looking at this time, as befits a year of massive and potentially quite positive changes, as indicated by the presence of expansive Jupiter in your identity sector. A time of spiritual epiphany is indicated by the presence of Uranus in concert with Jupiter but residing in your sector of deep intuitive powers. You have a direct channel to the architecture of the universe at your disposal especially through the first half of this year Ė and this is very exciting. The first six months of 2012 are magical and powerfully transformative for you. Long-locked doors within your psyche might fly open, and you stand to profit enormously but you must be willing to take a chance on yourself and to explore all the facets of your expanding self-image. The support of the cosmos is there for you so long as you can tune in to it, and to the extent that are able to ignore the tug of any negative early conditioning or feelings of being trapped in consensus thinking that prevent you from allowing yourself to open to wonder and possibility. With the very powerful Full Moon of late Sunday evening, January 8th all these factors become magnified. You are on a step learning curve right now but you are not likely to fall off if you keep your head held high and your gaze concentrated. There are difficulties to be confronted and you have plenty of energy for it, at least in this mid-month period of time. You might have to work through issues of inner wounding perhaps affecting your sense of self-acceptance. It helps to remember that you are a worthy as you believe that you are, and that nothing is inherently flawed without the power of thought to make that unjust judgment. At the time of the Last Quarter Moon of Monday, January 16th you will reach the crux of some of these arguments within yourself. There is a moment of tension now in your process and you might perhaps feel compelled to anger or to disparaging remarks toward others but then be forced to the recognition that you are truly angry about something else; even something from the long-dead past that has arisen to haunt you at this time. This is actually a blessing in disguise, these visitations from deep-seated places that represent an earlier stage of your development. Only by acknowledging and accepting and even forgiving these wounded and essentially split-off places within you can you begin to move beyond them. But first for your process comes recognition and performing as a silent witness. The New Moon of Sunday evening, January 22nd, gives you plenty of fresh energy for your purpose. And the weeks that have lead up to this point in time have given you the means to find your bearings and the direction to begin to apply it.