Astrology of February 2012
by Henry Seltzer (
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Aries Aries (March 21 - April 19)
Cardinal Fire. Your ruling planet is Mars.

Chaos and confusion can yet breed wisdom, Aries. This is a time of back-and-forth movement rather than straight ahead. Although you are full of energy in some ways, you find yourself pausing in mid-flight to reflect on where you are going. This is in fact an excellent time to look to the inside for answers to questions you perhaps until recently didn't know to ask. There has been a strong intuitional level within you, building for weeks now, and it serves you well. Some facets of your worldview might be crumbling but there is much to be gained from the ruins as you open to inner guidance. You suspect there is more to life than you have been letting on, and are attempting to suss out what is really going on here.

As the month begins, you are full of vim and vigor in the wake of the very powerful Aquarius New Moon from the end of last month. You are also slightly incapacitated with your ruler Mars now in full-on backwards flight through your sector of service to others, everyday working world responsibilities and health. All of these areas are subject to rethinking and resulting reactivation at this time. You are engaged in looking more deeply into your motivation, so that whereas with you sometimes just to see an option is to act on it, you might now be taking things a little more slowly and cautiously. You are a strong stand for yourself, but it an inner stand that you are most firmly committed to. That does not change the basic forward-going consistency of this monthly period. While you are full to the brim of deep thoughts you are still allowing a positive vision to possess you, by and large. Especially if you have a March birthday, or a Rising degree early in the sign, you are thinking of the past and even the present as a gateway to something that is not only different but fundamentally better. How to get there is another story however, and one to which you will devote considerable energy over the weeks and months ahead of you in this game-changer of a year of 2012. The changes that you are in the midst of definitely include relationship issues. The Full Moon that comes along on Tuesday, February 7th, speaks to you of relationship needs, since it precedes by one day the entrance of Venus into your sign. You are feeling a little feisty with so many stressful aspects surrounding Mars, your ruler, but you are a spiritual fighter at this powerful juncture, a warrior for truth and for discovering your true pathway forward. Your self-expression is blossoming now, and in direct proportion to how accurately you can perceive the direction that your heart want to travel and how quickly you can make the necessary course corrections to come into alignment. Relationship concerns can either help or hinder, depending on whether that portion of your existence is proceeding smoothly. With the Last Quarter Moon of Tuesday, February 14th, Valentine's Day, you might find yourself negotiating a settlement. You are examining the very basis of your relationships, looking under the covers of your motivation in this and in all areas of your life, and re-creating for yourself the story of how you arrived at this point. A deep spirit of compassionate investigation underlies all your analysis so that you are thinking with your heart as well as your mental structure. It helps as always to let go of any preconceptions that you might have regarding any aspect of your life. This includes the life of your unconscious process that is ever powerful and ever with you. The New Moon of Tuesday, February 21st, takes you into another world deep inside, where, just as Alice found when she stepped through the looking glass, nothing is quite what it seems although you must still try to make heads and tails out of whatever it is that you encounter.