Astrology of February 2012
by Henry Seltzer (
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Leo Leo (July 23 - August 22)
Fixed Fire. Your ruling planet is TheSun.

You are particularly attuned to partnership these days, Leo, and may be taking a break from feeling as though it is all up to you. While working it as a team, you are yet very capable as well of subtly taking charge when the situation calls for it, but in so doing you are obeying, rather than commanding, the forces of nature that are flaring up like solar flames all around you. You feel mystically inspired and yet more fully present. It is one thing to get a sense of direction from your own single mind and quite another to get that same feeling in concert with another, but you are managing to pull off both of these feats without even breaking a sweat or flexing an obvious muscle.

As the month begins you are sailing pretty well with outer world concerns and yet also adhering to that still small voice within that speaks of mysteries. It is a temptation to get yourself way out there with your work in the world, out on a limb as it were. It might seem as if the opportunity is too precious to miss out on, that you need to go for it heart and soul right now, but you nevertheless do well to pay attention to other areas of your life that serve as ballast. These could be revealed to you in the course of a more formal sense of meditation practice, or in simply by following inner guidance as you receive the notion. Journaling helps. You have huge intuitive resources available to you right now and you might as well take advantage of the opportunity that this degree of inner wisdom can provide. Intelligence reports from a universal Source might also come your way in the guise of partnership perspectives that seem to differ from your own. You are very invested in relationship concerns right now but you benefit from pursuing these from the standpoint of how they fit into a bigger picture vantage point. You possess a strong sense that significant persons for you may be able to provide a fresh perspective and approach as well as a sounding board as you confront for yourself the question of how your own life is unfolding, and why. The Full Moon in your sign taking place on Tuesday, February 7th, provides you with plenty of food for thought in this regard. This is a time of reveling in issues of self and other, and of making a philosophical endeavor out of whatever partnership issues arise, so that these are recycled into useful material for your thoughts as well as for your heart. You may find a mystical roadway through portals that you never suspected were lying there in wait for you. The Last Quarter Moon on Tuesday, February 14th, Valentine's Day, provides you with yet another vantage point on your process of growth and integration, and yet another way to regard significant partners. This is a period of mulling over where it is that you have been in the light of recent reflections, and with an eye to where you might ultimately be headed. Even though you are strong at this time for jumping ahead and also for holding back, and there is no easy resolution to this quandary, you still remain relatively optimistic about your chances for eventual breakthrough. The New Moon comes along a week later, on Tuesday, February 21st, taking place in your sector of intimacy and personal evolution. You are still very involved at this time with others as an adjunct to your own arc of development, but this period is also in some ways just the icing on the cake of recent explorations. There is an even more mystical side of yourself that is calling you. Opportunities provided now open further doorways that lead you toward rather than away from your own center.