Astrology of February 2012
by Henry Seltzer (
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Libra Libra (September 23 - October 22)
Cardinal Air. Your ruling planet is Venus.

The season of surprises has not ended, Libra. If anything your flirtation has become even more intense with unexpected offerings on the part of the cosmos that surrounds and nourishes you. Sudden moves in response are almost second nature by now. You are called to service and to more vibrant self-expression, but not from the standpoint of merely ego involvement. The universe is affording you an opportunity these days to make radical changes in your life and in the way that you do relationship with others, and to make these in line with inner promptings that you can no longer ignore; these take you into better alignment with your highest intention for yourself, or with at least as much of that soul-purpose as you are currently able to acknowledge.

As the month begins, you are riding the wave of the powerful New Moon from the end of last month in your sector of creativity, childhood and romance. This is a time of high-energy self-expression, and you might be tempted to the wilder side of this surge, leaving responsibilities in the dust behind you. There are however competing forces of sobriety and self-control that pull you in quite the opposite direction. For the resolution of this polarity there is no easy compromise except to attempt as well as you are able to honor each side as the impulse arises or else the contrasting sense of caution. These cosmic forces that seemingly toy with us have actually their function, moving us forward with our spiritual evolution. This is the ultimate soul destination that we are more than ready for but which seems always just a bit out of reach unless difficulty compels us. As Neitzche famously said, “what doesn't kill me makes me strong,” or to put it more simply, adversity builds character. There is a mystical flow to your life right at this moment which is very subtle and to which it is therefore not easy to tune in. This is an inherent part of you nonetheless and it is also in this monthly cycle coming quite strongly to the fore, perhaps being perceived as angel guidance or the emanations of your Higher Self. You might find instead a natural disinclination for completely trusting the messages that you receive in this way. This is yet another side of the nay-saying element that is being invoked by these difficult configurations. It begins to yield as you take the largest possible viewpoint on your situation into account. The Full Moon that comes along on Tuesday, February 7th, represents as always one culmination of the arc of development that was begun at the time of the New Moon, 15 days earlier. In this case you are reaching a plateau of self-acceptance that includes acknowledging your past and planning for a different future that will hopefully better integrate the energies swirling around you and through you at this time. Events with significant partnerships in your life may suddenly crop up now as well, and these might help you to move – on way or another – through some of the personal development issues that you have been contemplating. With the Last Quarter Moon, taking place on Tuesday, February 14th, Valentine's Day, you are definitely feeling your way into the dynamics of inter-personal relationship and its underlying set of motivations. You are also engaged in a process of redefining your understanding of everything that has gone before, up to this point in the Lunar cycle. It helps to recognize that while relationship is of vital importance to you it serves as an adjunct to your own process of growth and awareness, rather than the other way round. The New Moon a week later, taking place on Tuesday, February 21st in your sector of the discipleship to your higher self, takes this as its starting point and nudges you in the direction of increasingly higher commitment to your innermost goals and values.