Astrology of February 2012
by Henry Seltzer (
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Taurus Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
Fixed Earth. Your ruling planet is Venus.

You are operating in a hazily optimistic and future-oriented mode these days, Taurus, and seeing just how far that can take you. You are yet simultaneously very focused on your work in the world and bent on taking big chances in order to maintain your momentum there. In some ways like those cartoon characters that are dueling right off the edge of the cliff, in one way you are feeling frisky and free, but only when you choose not to look down. In another part of yourself you might be discontent, and not only a little, over how far you are removed from everyday concerns. But since it's working for you, you do not have to dissect what exactly reality consists of, whether it is on or off that cloud; it merely is.

As the month begins, you are feeling very present in the achievement-oriented outer world, and yet in some ways far removed form that world as well. It is as if you are being held back somehow from fully participating, and rather than the more obvious spectrum of events and situations, taking the opportunity to explore inner dimensions of your own devising. Relationship is additionally on your mind at this time, and creates perhaps a focus on seeing the places where you are stuck and need to make changes. Your basic sense of optimism is strong however and you feel that the future is unfolding as it should for you right now, while you are simultaneously taking a more inner look at what still needs to happen, a viewpoint that makes sense to you and to you alone. You are bringing other viewpoints in, more as a contrast to and a stabilization of your own, and yet they contribute something quite important. There is a way that everyone you meet can be seen as representatives of the natural wisdom of the universe, speaking to you through them, as ambassadors of the other-dimensional realities if only they knew it. With the Full Moon of Tuesday, February 7th that feeling might be magnified. You are seeing Goddess in everything now when you half-close your eyes to look from the standpoint of that inner place within you. There is wisdom in that seeing and fundamental optimism also, but definitely some feeling of lack and of limit is involved as well. One could say that this is part of the received wisdom, that sense that not everything that you conceive can truly come off, much as you would like it to, and also that it doesn't much matter about that in the grander scheme of things. These feelings of limitations might be intensified by the time of the Last Quarter Moon of Tuesday, February 14th, which is also Valentine's Day. There are strong factors operating within you that carry both suggestions, one that the universe is infinite in its scope and yet also the other that it is limited in its action, the mantra of life in the physical plane. At your best, you are filled with the desire to change things and yet also somewhere down within your soul with the patience and acceptance to accept them as they are, and are in any case mulling over recent events and trying to shuffle them into a different kind of sense that will give you the seed for your next set of changes. These might begin as soon as a week later, on Tuesday, February 21st, with the very powerful New Moon in your sector of wishes and hopes and future plans. This is a time when your ideas are running wild and when some of them might even come true; the best time all year to focus on what you really want your future to look like as it begins to shape up over the course of this climactic monthly cycle.