Astrology of February 2012
by Henry Seltzer (
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Virgo Virgo (August 23 - September 22)
Mutable Earth. Your ruling planet is Mercury.

You are working the mystery, Virgo. This month you are acknowledging more fully the powerful road of self-development that you have been on lately, and taking it another step further into conscious choices. There are still knots to unravel. You are getting deliberate about making a spiritual pilgrimage to the center of these conundrums and conducting a town-hall meeting within your own mind and heart on how best to accomplish this daring feat. Others are important now and they shake you out of your winter slumber and urge you to get on with what you started. These significant persons in your life are there not only as fellow conspirators but also to remind you to open up to all that you are and to all that you can become.

As the month begins, you are more fully engaged than ever in finding your life purpose, however you might conceive of that now. You have been witnessing your reactions, doing your homework to better understand yourself, and the resultant change of worldview is apparent especially when you contrast your current state of development with where you have only recently been. This is a powerful time of self-recognition and of looking more deeply into what you have been up to all this time, and where you are truly headed. As the twelve-year-old protagonist in the recent movie “Hugo” relates, everything, even each person, has a purpose; the universe doesn't come with any left-over and useless parts. The difficulty of course is in finding out just what that purpose might actually entail – bearing in mind at least the clue that that purpose is not to be found within the TV advertising advice on how to be successful and beautiful in the context of consumer spending. The entrance of Neptune into your relationship sector on Friday, February 3rd, might cause a bit of confusion, certainly idealization, in that area, but you are still primarily concerned with finding inner purpose. To this end the angel presences that are always with you, perhaps appearing to you in the form of intuitional voices from inside, are more poignant and even more succinct. They want to reach out to you with guidance but you need to make the first move. The Full Moon that comes along on Tuesday, February 7th, puts some icing on the cake of these nascent ideas, since the Sun conjoins your ruler Mercury in the sector of discipleship to your Higher Self, while the opposing Moon lodges in your sector of dream imagination. You are investigating inner realities more than outer ones in any case, and this juncture might provide you with inspiration that could come to you as night dreams or even as daytime ones, or cross your consciousness as mystical events. There is an other-dimensional universe of vast proportions that lies just outside of normal waking conscious and that you can catch a glimpse of out of the corner of your eye when you relax into it. You might find that you have an unusual connection to significant others in your life, to partners or to close friends, that has associated with it an admixture of idealization and also doubt. Your mission, and you cannot choose but to accept, is to look more closely into these important connections, and into all the surprising and beautifully developing events of your life, and try to see the world behind the world of surface appearances. The Last Quarter Moon of Tuesday, February 14th, Valentine's Day, is another important time when meditation rather than direct action will be your most reliable pathway forward. You are engaged at this time in a process of summing up all that has come before and rearranging the message until it fits like a key in a lock, opening up new neural connections within you. The New Moon of February 21st is a powerful one for you, and stresses relationship with the beyond in the form of important people in your life. They come to you not only as connections and as mirrors for your own process, but as ambassadors of the galaxy and the vitalizing life currents flowing through you. Don't question whether they are real as people or actors in a cosmic drama designed to enhance your own experience of yourself. They are both.