Astrology of March 2012
by Henry Seltzer (
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The Astrology of March is powerful, and features two important retrogrades: Mars and Mercury, along with the archetypal energies of Chiron, Uranus Neptune and Pluto. The red planet, still retrograde in Virgo, gets back to almost the beginning of the sign by the end of the month, heading toward its direct motion on April 13th. Mercury also retrogrades this month, from March 12th to nearly the end of April when you take the period of the retrograde shadow into account. We can expect a more deeply meditative and internal time than the usual Mercury retrograde, because Mars is also retrograde in mutual reception with Mercury, and because the mist of numinousity represented by Neptune and the sign of Pisces is so greatly emphasized by the recent Pisces New Moon from February 21st.

Pluto is also highlighted this month, at the time of the mid-month First Quarter Moon, when there is a huge Grand trine in Earth signs that includes Pluto in Capricorn. The initial stages of the Mercury retrograde period that begins a few days prior also emphasize Pluto, with Mercury squaring Pluto and in close conjunction with Uranus. The forming square of Uranus and Pluto – that important world transit aspect that gets progressively more and more intense throughout the spring and early summer – is therefore brought to greater consciousness at precisely this mid-month time. This presages a greater awareness that we have seen thus far regarding the radical transformation and evolutionary or even revolutionary series of insights that are necessary to allow this culture to thrive as it emerges into the 2020’s.

The numinous quality of Neptune, together with the crucial accompanying reliance on Spirit as a significant guidepost, is also quite powerfully constellated now. This is because Neptune was closely conjuncted by the powerful New Moon from the 21st of February which also closely aspected Uranus. The present month will see a repeat of the spacey qualities associated with the ruler of the oceans, combined with the more frequent occurrences of synchronicity that are the specialty of Uranus. Just as throughout February, we will find surprising enlightenment at every turn if we can only open our eyes to see it.

Meanwhile Mercury, after the 11th, begins its retrograde; so that the last two thirds of the month exhibit the usual symptoms of deep introspection, missed connections and mechanical breakdown. Since Mars is also retrograde, this is exacerbated by the factor of the mutual reception between them. Also, during the early part of its retrograde period Mercury will aspect retrograde Mars, as well as Uranus, Chiron and Pluto. Insights will be paramount and supplant action as the most important mode in operation. At the March 14th Last Quarter Moon there is a powerful Grand trine in Earth signs between Venus conjunct Jupiter, retrograde Mars, and Pluto. This phase is normally introspective in any case, and it may well be that during this mid-month period we will be getting down into the deepest places within us, perhaps to a part of ourselves that has been wounded in the past, and attempt to work with these deeper parts of ourselves in a constructive and practical manner.

The March 22nd New Moon in Aries, coming just a few days after the Spring Equinox, also represents an exciting juncture, since very near the Aries point and in conjunction with unpredictable Uranus. The New Moon forms a yod formation with retrograde Mars and with Saturn, retrograde in late Libra, making a bridge for practicality and yet heralding even greater frustration with forward motion. Uranus also is semi-sextile to the Neptune / Chiron midpoint. Epiphanies prevail. This is all and all a very exciting month and one that will be redolent of new understanding regarding where we are in our personal lives and as a collective; thus providing insights that are sorely needed at this climactic stage of our turbulent decade.

March 8th
Full Moon
Full Moon Chart The Full Moon in Virgo that arrives on Thursday, March 8th, is an interesting one. A slowing Mercury conjuncts Uranus. The Moon is linked with retrograde Mars. Through the somewhat abstract aspect known as the parallel, the Sun and Moon, opposed in the sky, are also connected with Chiron, Uranus, and Mercury, just as Mercury begins to slow down, preparing for its retrograde on March 12th. When Mercury retrogrades in a few days in early Aries it will reverse into a second conjunction with Uranus – so that this is very much a time of Uranus empowerment. There is a trickster energy available to us now that transcends the logical categories of the conscious mind, and that puts us into direct intuitional understanding of what Uranus implies: the very architecture of the universe. This can be seen on a superficial level as the very frequent occurrences of synchronicity these days, defined as a meaningful relationship between events that is nevertheless not a causal relationship. This acausal principle of connection is in fact the very basis of astrology. The planets conspire, up there, and earthly events somehow correspond; as above, so below.

A more useful addendum is that the synchronicities flinging themselves at us these days can convey information to us from, as variously called – the Universe, or your Higher Self, or God or Goddess. And this is information that you can receive from no other source. So if you have a bright idea while you are out driving somewhere that might turn a relationship around or create an opening for societal revival around some particular issue, and simultaneously the Green Light signals “Go!” – pay attention. It is the Universe applauding.

Additionally with this Full Moon of March 8th, a significant Grand Trine is forming in Earth signs between retrograde Mars in Virgo, Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. This Grand Trine perfects with the Last Quarter Moon of March 14th, when it is quite exact all around, within a few minutes of a degree of zodiacal longitude, so that the week between that event and this will be more and more eventful in terms of the action of Pluto, which is to remind us that everything that is alive is living in the shadow of constant change, and that to believe in any form or stasis is mere comforting illusion. You might really see and feel your life transform in some area, perhaps one that is consistent with where and how transiting Pluto hits your natal chart.

The exciting thing about this Grand Trine is that all three planets are moving toward the meeting place of March 14th, Pluto very slowly, Jupiter directly, and Mars in retrograde motion, so that they are suddenly next week in perfect alignment. Retrograde Mars in combination with Pluto means that forward motion toward our goals is suspended, at least somewhat, in favor of taking a good hard look under the covers of all our motivations.

With Uranus and Pluto both prominent now, and their forming square only about 5 degrees from exact, we might also get a preview of the coming intensity of their first exact connect in June. This indicates a place in our lives where an existing structure must change, with awareness, into a completely new form. Something within us must die in order that we are in the process reborn, and this is never easy. It is comforting to recognize that the necessity being forced upon us indicated by the symbolism of Pluto in combination with revolutionary Uranus is, while difficult, in our own best interest. The Universe is looking after us – as always – and this case with a form of tough love.

March 14th
Last Quarter Moon
Last Quarter Moon Chart The Last Quarter Moon taking place on the evening of Wednesday, March 14th, marks an exciting and interesting mid-month period. This phase is traditionally a time when we reevaluate, looking back over the previous three weeks of the lunar cycle, and preparing for the next. The contemplative nature of this time is reinforced by the Moon in high-minded Sagittarius, and greatly intensified as we head toward this particular Spring Equinox due to the current inner planet retrogrades. Not only Mars but Mercury is now retrograde, with Mercury moving backward through early Aries toward Uranus. This means that we will likely have even more of the usual unexpected breakdowns and missed connections, within a mental environment favoring inward contemplation over direct action. With Uranus highlighted we will also see an increase in synchronicities together with the surprising enlightenment they bring and participate in a more inclusive spiritual vision that includes other-dimensional realities as commonplace.

The trine relationship at this time of retrograde Mars to Pluto is even more dramatic. Mars has retrograded backward in Virgo to the 9 plus degree mark, the same degree in Capricorn where a slowing Pluto now resides, and is actually less than one minute of a degree off at the time of this Last Quarter Moon. This exact trine between Mars and Pluto is timed to coincide with Jupiter in the 10th degree of Taurus, conjoined by Venus, thus making a Grand Trine in Earth signs. Mars also currently opposes Chiron in Pisces, an aspect that gets closer over the week that follows. Mars with Pluto might normally symbolize hidden anger exploding, as we unfortunately witnessed over this past weekend in Afghanistan, when a lone soldier killed 16 civilians there. This tendency for explosions of rage is muted, however, by the fact that Mars is currently retrograde, and aspects Chiron, so that the action of this combination also manifests on a far deeper and more internal level. This therefore might well be a time when we transform outward aggression by means of deep reflection on the motivations for aggression, and for our own self-assertion or its lack.

The combination of Venus with Pluto is also important to consider. We will be, more than usual, subject to the storm of our desires and might be able to take the opportunity to reflect as well on these deep urges and their origins. Thus the motivations for both our assertive and our loving and relating activities are truly “up” for us now, and available to the contemplative view of our inner eye, with everything that happens appearing as grist for the mill of our enlightenment. Regarding these important areas of relationship and achievement, may inner contemplation result in genuinely new vision regarding our life and its challenges, in realms both collective and personal. Blessed be!

March 22nd
New Moon
New Moon Chart The Aries New Moon that graces us this Thursday morning, March 22nd, is an unusually intense one. This beginning of the Soli-Lunar sequence immediately follows the Spring Equinox, when the world begins its new yearly cycle. This obviously signals a profound time, equivalent in many ways to the traditional New Year of January 1st; you might make a resolution or perhaps take stock on how your recent resolutions are doing as we conclude this third month of 2012.

Mercury remains retrograde, still in Aries, and has moved backward through the sign to almost the exact Aries point of 0 degrees. With the New Moon at 2 plus degrees and Uranus at 4, this New Moon thus represents a powerful trigger for Uranus in Aries, the planet within sign of an awakening human consciousness. Uranus in Aries lasts about seven years, continuing throughout this decade of the turbulent teens right up to 2019. A marked increase in synchronicity has been observable lately and this tendency will likely increase over the next two weeks of the prime of this lunation cycle. With Mercury turned inward, it is our innermost thoughts that really count. Carefully weighing any and all meaningful coincidences that arise is only part of the story now, since the unexpected epiphanies that flow from these explorations will represent to your conscious self the opening for further transformation.

This powerful symbolism has been flirting with us for nearly two years, since June of 2010 when Uranus first entered the sign of Aries before retreating into Pisces until last spring. This month and New Moon could be considered its true coming-out party. The Sabian Symbols of the New Moon and also of Uranus are revealing: “A cameo profile of a man in the outline of his country;” and “A triangle with wings.” Marc Edmond Jones has for the first: “[the] capacity for giving full play to every ramification of the reality [you] have created for yourself.” In other words, and especially with Uranus involved, trust your intuition. This might tell you more about what you are up to than a raft of job counselors. The second symbol, for the degree of Aries where Uranus currently resides – A triangle with wings – speaks to the intense creativity and high potency of this moment in time.

This powerful New Moon is accompanied by yet another symbolism that reveals an important part of our ongoing metamorphosis as we find our way into Aquarian Age humanity, namely the opposition of retrograde Mars to Chiron in Pisces. This opposition, exact to the minute at the time of the New Moon, presages a valuable inner exploration of all our motivation for aggression and anger, as well as for normal healthy assertiveness or its lack. It might be that over the course of this four-week cycle we come to realize where we are stopped in frustration or too easily started up in rage. These types of knee-jerk reactions stem from ancient trauma experienced in childhood and bottled up inside ever since, walled off from our waking reality by barriers of grief or shame. The symbolism of Chiron, the Wounded Healer, entirely relates to this concept of the hidden patterns that represent the real motivating factors of our most extreme actions. As a noted psychologist has stated, we are never angry for the reason that we think we are.

Our conscious minds are part discriminating perception and part illusion, in many instances covering up the actual well-springs of our behavior, and we have a true opening now to understand ourselves and our relationships much better. It is possible that we will be enabled over the ensuing days and weeks to make important necessary inroads for that process, preparing ourselves for the radical transformation still to come in this climactic year and decade.

March 30th
First Quarter Moon
First Quarter Moon Chart The First Quarter Moon that comes along Friday, March 30th, is a powerhouse for mainly one reason – that as the Sun and Moon come into their square aspect, they square and oppose, respectively, Pluto in Capricorn, thus bringing his energy for radical transformation into the picture once more just as Pluto's square with Uranus begins to draw closer. The First Quarter Moon in fact always represents a minor form of crisis when the rubber meets the road in terms of concepts that have arisen from the time of the New Moon and now must pass the test of real-world viability; this time even more so. Therefore this First Quarter Moon is an especially powerful juncture. The Uranus-Pluto square that astrologers have been writing about for months now will perfect on June 24th for the first of seven times throughout the decade. As of the end of this current month of March their difference from exact has narrowed to a mere 5 degrees, so that the revolutionary symbolism that they represent will kick up another notch. In fact, plans have recently been announced for further Occupy Wall Street protests in the spring in this county, not to mention developments in other hot spots around the world.

The New Moon that began this cycle last March 22nd highlighted Uranus, while the Full Moon that follows will closely aspect Neptune, so that all three outer planets are triggered in this early spring timeframe. Since Mercury and Mars are still retrograde it will be a good time to reevaluate our current arc of spiritual and evolutionary development. The outer planets were called by seminal astrologer Dane Rudhyar the "Ambassadors of the Galaxy" and in fact are just what the doctor ordered as we evolve as a culture beyond the constrictions of 20th century thinking. The sudden enlightenment represented by Uranus that can also be shocking is channeled by the other-worldly energy of Neptune into alignment with Spirit, something that has been culturally lacking. As our ideals are becoming realigned in this way along comes the energy of Pluto, the wrecking ball, utterly destroying the old to make way for the new – allowing a foundation point that that can be built upon by the emerging idea – rough as that might be to the dwellers within the old paradigm. Teamed with Uranus, and peripherally with Neptune in the early degrees of its own sign, Pluto is a force for change that is difficult to resist, or at least not for very long.

These cosmic energies apply to the surrounding collective but they apply in an even more poignant way to individuals. We all have places where we need to improve on the existing plan, and we all need that kick in the butt to get us started. These are indeed the times that try men's and women's souls, but for an ultimately good purpose. It helps to reflect upon this notion as we are contemplating the wreckage of a cherished piece of the past. We might or might not manage to rise to the occasion; no blame if we do not. We are all in some manner on the road to wisdom and our personal evolution, each on our own schedule. And if we ignore the problem, don't worry! It will get worse.

The indications for each Sun Sign over this month are given below. Be sure to check out your Rising Sign as well, if you know it. You can now log in to My AstroGraph, or sign up for a new account for a free calculation and interpretation of your Sun Sign, Moon Sign, and Rising Sign. Please note that dates given in this column for astrological events are based on U.S. Pacific Time Zone (UTC +8), for other locations dates may need to be adjusted depending on the number of hours of separation.

Aries Aries (March 21 - April 19)
Cardinal Fire. Your ruling planet is Mars.

This is a time of potential empowerment for you Aries, but of a special kind that values inner knowing over outer achievement. In the lead-up to your birthday time, you are merging into a fun-house mirror view of your days that bespeaks more of strangeness than familiarity, and of many insights to be gained. You are looking under the covers of all your motivation from a truly inner perspective, including relationships and the practical side of soul development. You may pass through several stages that are each distinct as the weeks go by, punctuated by the Mercury retrograde beginning March 12th in your identity sector and the powerful New Moon there on March 22nd. Don’t be surprised if you come out the other end in mid-April feeling quite differently about yourself and your world.

As the month begins you are feeling the undertow of your ruler, Mars, in retrograde motion in your sector of service and day-to-day issues. Mars changes to direct motion on April 13th, but does not escape his retrograde shadow until late in the month. The areas of life ruled by the sixth sector include health concerns and fitness regimens as well as your work life, and any and all of these areas could be subject to reversals of one kind or another. You might be seeing things in a different way, especially since there is simultaneously a strong pull to the inside represented by the previous New Moon in your sector of dream imagination. Your dreams might be very real to you now, and could even seem precognitive. Your waking powers of intuition are also potent now and give you better information than you can get through other sources. It’s all very logical when you think it through; we operate in the normal way of thought from a very imperfect state of knowledge, but no such limitation applies to the power of intuition, which cuts through both false logic and faulty facts. And who after all knows you better than your Higher Self? It is in fact these powerful intimations from deep inside that can give you important clues for finding your way forward. You are fumbling – as Sarah McLaughlin famously put it –toward the ecstasy that surrounds you at every moment without your knowledge, or at least without the knowledge that your conscious mind is capable of grasping. With the Full Moon of Thursday, March 8th, you are coming to a place of relative calm and a plateau of understanding. You have likely carried certain realizations forward into this balance point which just precedes the retrograde of Mercury in your sign, on Monday the 12th. Mercury in retrograde could signal yet another shift in the energy. Introspection was already the watchword for this period and now, even more so. The Last Quarter Moon of Wednesday, March 14th, is another relatively important point in this particular moth’s cycle, because a Grand trine is formed in earth signs between your ruler Mars, the career transformation represented by Pluto, and Jupiter in your resources sector. There are benefits in terms of professional life and probable financial rewards that have been building, but more importantly this mid-month time period that is just getting underway represents the most recent stage in a journey of transformation that affects you deeply and that involves future career moves. You are seeing things differently than you have in the past, and the accumulated changes are beginning to tip the scale toward an approach that is more fully in alignment with your inner sense of knowing. This transformation has been many months in the making and will take many more. Everything that is worth having is worth waiting for. Inner work provides the key that opens the lock to a more integrated self-concept. Your focus is on outer achievement now but that is just the other side of the same coin. The Spring Equinox takes place on Monday the 19th and is always high energy for you as the Sun makes its yearly entrance into your sign. The subsequent New Moon a few days later, taking place on Thursday, March 22nd, is a powerful one for you and highlights the next important section of this monthly period. You might feel a deep healing connection to the cosmos. The strong intuitional presence that has been with you lately is now even stronger, and is capable of helping you solve many riddles, both within you and pertaining to your outer life as well.

Taurus Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
Fixed Earth. Your ruling planet is Venus.

This your time to shine, Taurus, although perhaps not in any way that you might have expected. The powerfully transformative influences upon you now are in your own best interest, and will take you far, if only you can relax and allow yourself to open to them. These include the mystical intimations from your inner voice of intuition, which paradoxically has more relevance than the roar of the surrounding crowd that tends to drown it out. You are moving forward in a big way right now, embracing the concept of a future that you can really live with and for, but you must first acknowledge the very real presence of this unseen world. Within that perspective, you are an integral part of a larger natural process from which you are, in fact, indistinguishable.

As the month begins, you are reveling in the freedom-loving energy of the recent New Moon in your sector of future plans, where it collided with numinous Neptune. You are getting your act together and striking out for an unknown territory where your footsteps follow a different and more saintly path, a soul mission, if you will. This is a huge month for you, and a hugely internal and mystical one as well, particularly with the retrogrades of both Mercury and Mars in key sectors of your Solar Chart. The recommendation for this period is not to push the river, but to watch and wait until at least the middle of next month. You are in somewhat of a paradoxical situation however, because with this potent New Moon energy hitting your chart you do feel the urge to push forward. You are visioning new possibilities for yourself, and the vision has true power, but this could also be a time of turning everything that you thought you knew directly on its head; a time when within your process of evolutionary growth and change, a true picture of inner calling comes into its own. Of course this is not the end of the story; these mystical inner visions must be made real by an intricate process of amalgamation to what you can concretely see, hear and touch, and you are in a good position to make that happen over the next few weeks and months. The Full Moon that comes along on Thursday, March 8th, represents a time of optimism and new vision and, with your ruler Venus newly arrived in your identity sector, a time as well of confidence and powerful self-expression. You are sizzling in your estimation of yourself and this feeling of “can do” is infectious so that others around you take the hint. You must beware of over-confidence but at the same time, and after checking in with inner guidance, take advantage of the power that you have to lay the tracks down for the path that you feel that you must ultimately follow. The Last Quarter Moon of Wednesday, March 14th, brings in a different theme, one of reassessing and reevaluating what has gone before. This is especially true with Mercury retrograde in your sector of dream imagination and inner work. You still possess a confident stance at this time, and a sense of mission, and that mission has review and renew written all over it. Your inner world is a great source of intuitional data that rather than the noisy street comes to you through the silent ether of perfect knowing. Nevertheless you can trust the information, and perhaps even more so than what the culture and your conditioning provide. With the Aries New Moon of Thursday, March 22nd, you are again presented with the gift of energy, and again this energy is directed primarily inward. You might find much to do there in your inner world as you spend some quality time with yourself. Old patterns of behavior that no longer serve you could come up for greater acceptance and healing, and this could positively impact your motivation for the way that you insert yourself into the world around you and make a difference.

Gemini Gemini (May 21 - June 20)
Mutable Air. Your ruling planet is Mercury.

You are making a fresh start with career initiatives, Gemini, although perhaps a bit strangely. An extreme flirtation with Spirit is in the air. A truly mystical life direction could be emerging, or you might get lost somewhere in the mist – idealization or illusion? Beginning with the mid-month retrograde of your ruler Mercury, a contemplative mode ensures. If you consider yourself to be exploring your future by means of direct experimentation it could be a case of two steps forward, one step back or even the reverse. Just recognize that the universe has its plans as well, and that even though these do not match up entirely with your own, there is value in the backward movement. The reward is greater awareness of inner rather than outer priorities, and of your fertile depths.

As the month begins you are still reeling in the cords of mental imagination that lead everywhere, all birthed within you recently, centering perhaps around the dynamic New Moon energy from the 21st of last month taking place in your career sector. This is a mystical and spacey time for you and there could even be feelings of dismay because of the very limitlessness of this period; you are so accustomed to definite limits of one kind and another on every form of activity. Indeed the limitation – as represented by Saturn, also strongly configured right now – are important too, and engender productivity, but the present month might be a time to revel as well in the numinousity and boundarylessness of this cycle. You are filled with powerful ideas for future initiatives and also with an intense consciousness of the gaps between the ideal and the real, or at least the concretely realizable. You might be tempted to mourn the loss of angel power that is evidenced in all forms of mere earthly activity. Yet the secret dawning upon you at this time is also very real: that the angels are nevertheless beside you always, and that they guide you in many ways barely glimpsed by your more overt conscious mind so that you must half-close your eyes in order to truly see. There is reinforcement in that your ruler Mercury is slowing down and preparing to retrograde on the 12th, because the symbolism of this event lends itself to an internal state of mind. Visionary experiences abound in many variations as the month unfolds, and some of these might even be triggered by the contrast between imagination and practicality that currently plays so large a part in your astrological weather. As you meditate upon both the contrasts and the joy of your current situation the First Quarter Moon from the 29th day of February melds into the Full Moon energy of Thursday, March 8th, forming a plateau of energy emphasizing successes rather than drawbacks. You are for this entire cycle also aware of potential issues that arise from deeply ingrained patterns of behavior that are operating almost independently from somewhere deep inside you, but the joy of spiritual connection is perhaps enough to overtake dark imaginings concerning these deficits. It is important to acknowledge the places where you were wounded in the ancient past, perhaps to reach out in a tone of comfort to this residue of the inner child within you, and also to be able to rise above feelings of negativity concerning this condition and move on. The Last Quarter Moon that comes along a week later, taking place on Wednesday, March 14th, is another powerful juncture in this regard. This is a time when you will quite naturally bring all kinds of issues that are ongoing beneath the surface layers of your psyche up into your more conscious awareness. The tendency of this phase is to reassess the experiences of the past three weeks with the intention of engendering greater understanding of these; and of past as well as future activities. By bringing greater consciousness to bear on these issues you have a much better chance of nurturing yourself through any new difficulty that you might face. The Aries New Moon taking place just three days after the Spring Equinox, on Wednesday, March 22nd, represents another amazing time of resurgence. This is so even though the condition of your ruler Mercury, still in the midst of its retrograde period, implies reflection rather than direct action. Nevertheless, this powerful moment could serve you as a springboard for the future; for action that is based on greater integration of all your parts, conscious mentation and spiritual intimations alike, even the wounded places inside you.

Cancer Cancer (June 21 - July 22)
Cardinal Water. Your ruling planet is TheMoon.

Changing perspectives present to you a window on infinity, Cancer. You are both exhilarated and questioning almost everything. You are in some ways like that medieval figure peering out from under the curtain at cosmic wheels in flux, not sure whether to duck back inside the safety of a more limited viewpoint. You ongoing sense of future shock might also at times turn into future stuck. This all has its point, and it is somehow for the purpose of reaffirming your sense of yourself just when you need it most. The back and forth lets you try on for size a larger conception. As you continue to advance to your next evolutionary stage it will be more of an intentional move, one that is consistent with the fullest possible measure of soul purpose.

As the month begins, you are experimenting with new ways of seeing the world around you. This is a complex period of time when ideas are shifting that you have long held regarding the manner in which the universe seems to hold together. There is some truth in the notion that as you see and believe, so you will find things to be, and so there might even be a sense in which you are currently reconstituting your universe nearer to your heart’s desire. This cycle is for you more about internal than external activity, especially with Neptune prominent in your sector of higher mind, and with Mercury in retrograde at the top of your Solar Chart during the latter half of this month. This period is perfect for seeking within yourself for answers, rather than following along with anyone else’s ideas or values. You can definitely take advantage of this time– perhaps by stepping up a schedule of meditation or by journaling your innermost thoughts and seeing where these thoughts might lead you, as you sail into the mystical. There could be minor conflicts that come up during this first week of March regarding how to mediate between the practical here and now versus the cosmically unreal; for this is the dichotomy that you are facing as you struggle to come to terms with what is actually going on both on the outside of your personal control and as well within the confines of your own mind and heart. The deep unconscious process represented by the misty mild and numinous energy of Neptune is to some extent invading your conception, and you might find in the process of dealing with this otherworldly viewpoint that your unconscious has more to reveal than you might have guessed concerning the underpinnings of your everyday motivation. The Full Moon of Thursday, March 8th, represents a time when many of these issues will start to come together in a new and meaningful way, engendering wholeness of conception. You might find that communicative outreach is increasingly important to you as this first half of the month unfolds; perhaps the point of view of creative partners will serve as a sounding board for you and help your own beliefs to coalesce. Friends and family members are likely to come into the picture now as well and could prove extremely helpful as you reassess everything from the standpoint of your evolving worldview. The Last Quarter Moon taking place on Wednesday, March 14th, is an exciting time as well, when many ideas could shift and when you are busily reexamining everything that has come before this point in time. You are filled with optimism for the future now, and gathering up the wisdom engendered by the past in order to prepare for it. Partnership is an important component. The Aries New Moon that follows a few days after the Spring Equinox, taking place on Thursday, March 22nd, is a powerful one for you, and compels activity, although with Mercury still retrograde until next month any sharp turns or radical deviations from a planned course of action are not recommended. There will be surprising realizations and events to deal with and these likely center around career activities, although these events are actually part of a wider reflection on the entire trend of your life process during this important monthly cycle.

Leo Leo (July 23 - August 22)
Fixed Fire. Your ruling planet is TheSun.

This is the first month of the rest of your life, Leo. The mystical adventure keeps expanding and yet remains at the same time unbelievably simple. Though ups and downs you are rethinking financially and in terms of higher mind activities and interpersonal ones also. Service to the larger collective has become your mantra. You are challenged to put your entire heart and soul on the line for what you most deeply believe in; and the good news is that there is no lack of motivation – it is vital that you do so for the sake of your future. You are searching for the one thing that really counts and then praying for the courage to recognize it, and to act on it as though nothing else in all your life mattered.

As the month begins, you are staying with the beat of the physical world but somewhere deep inside you are far away. You feel as though you were embarking on a vitally important spiritual journey and right, in some sense you are. The unfolding petals of your life have reached a blossoming point of focus now, and yet that focus is perhaps more of an un-focus with Neptune so prominent in your Solar Chart, and with Mercury about to retrograde on the 12th in your sector of higher mind. There is a powerful connection now between inner and outer, since Neptune and the triggering New Moon of last February 21st are located in the sector of personal evolution and of intimate connection, both with others around you and within your very own psyche, mind and heart. The numinous is therefore incredibly close to you as this monthly cycle unwinds, and realizations flow to you by the dozens. It is a powerful time, and one that eschews the concerns of the so-called “real” world, although that practical world is also very much present to you as well, and serves you in its own way, as grounding and stability in the face of massive change. You are this month busily reevaluating what you need in order to survive and equally the way that you visualize success and indeed all aspects of the world around you. You are opening to a more internal perspective. Inner and outer are after all two sides of the same coin, and they so inform and nourish each other that each is a necessary component of the other. What you get from this inner perspective is a sense of knowing does not come from received conditioning or consensus thought forms and is for that reason extremely valuable. This is so, especially as you continue to evolve your way forward into a meaningful way of interaction with the world around you. The Full Moon that comes on Thursday, March 8th, brings you to a plateau of understanding and puts the icing on the cake of some of these views and meanderings. There could easily be surprises as well as surprising realizations. This is a fruitful time, and taking into account the looming retrograde of Mercury, productive of much insight into the underlying mechanism of it all. You feel a strong connection to the entire natural environment and as well to the world of commerce and communicative interaction with your fellow beings. With the Last Quarter Moon on Wednesday, March 14th, you are entering a more reflective and optimistic time which is also one of self-examination and of seizing your power. This is traditionally a period spent in summing up everything that has come to your attention over the recent three weeks of the lunar cycle, and, with Mercury now retrograde, a time as well of re-visioning these events in some way. “There’s nothing either good or bad,” says the Bard, “but thinking makes it so,” and you are busily reconstituting your world in this way, for better or for worse. It is equally true that every difficult situation, when thoroughly examined, has its benefits; and oftentimes you do not even have to look very hard to find them. When the New Moon hits, on Thursday, March 22nd, it brings juicy energy to your process of more completely imagining your personal universe, and refashioning it nearer to your heart’s true desire. In spite of mental and psychological concerns, in spite of everything, you are granting yourself more and more power to seize the mystical side of your existence and fully incorporate it into a better integrated and more expansive sense of self.

Virgo Virgo (August 23 - September 22)
Mutable Earth. Your ruling planet is Mercury.

You are working behind the scenes this month, Virgo. There are good things coming your way but they take the form of a curve ball, stealth, without your conscious mind really knowing. It’s a time for faith and for putting one foot ahead of the other on trust. The beginning of the month is the best time for decisions; after that, wait and watch. Partners are helpful to the extreme but it might not even look that way, at least for a while. You are challenged now to find out exactly how far the help they offer might be able to take you, and how to separate out what is real in all your relationship interactions from what only seems to be. You are making an important move but it is from the inside.

As the month begins, you are reveling in the kindness of the strange ones that you have chosen to include within the sacred dance of your life stream. Of course in this category is included all your friends and enemies as well as you yourself; since we all of us are strangers here, separated from our true nature, which is divine. This truth might be coming to you in an especially poignant way right now, with numinous Neptune powerfully configured in your relationship sector. You will be imagining and re-imagining many different wrinkles on life and love over the course of this powerful monthly cycle. Ever since the potent New Moon of February 21st, in conjunction with both Neptune and Chiron on your Solar Chart’s Descendant, symbolizing partnership, these musings have been coming to you either overtly or in more subtle fashion. It is a time for compassionate connection with this powerful energy from beyond this physical plane, perhaps as embodied by one or more persons in particular. You might by contrast also be thinking about what is concretely real, and how to manifest your divine essence in the most productive way amongst the here and now. Partners are helpful in this mission but it must equally be said that the final sprint that puts you across the finish line must be supplied by you yourself, the only one who can really get you there. The Full Moon in your sign taking place on Thursday, March 8th, quite naturally speaks to this issue of self and other and the distance between. Your identity is a moving landscape right now, along with your values and your worldview. Mars is retrograde in your sign and Mercury is about to be retrograde in your sector of intimacy and personal evolution and so all of your ideas are shifting about who you are and how connected and where you are ultimately heading. In this context you must reach for balance and that is what the energy of this mid-month time period is all about. The Last Quarter Moon of Wednesday, March 14th, is accompanied by a strong push on the part of the universe to find a resolution through conflict. You are reviewing and questioning everything in your life right now, including the events of the previous three weeks of the lunar cycle. This is daunting, and yet there is a tremendous feeling of rousing self-expression and philosophical expansion in the face of all your meditative experiences over this month’s process. The New Moon of Thursday, March 22nd, provides fresh energy for the transformation in which you are so vibrantly engaged, and brings relationship issues once more into the picture. You might feel as though old patterns of behavior that stem from the past are still tripping you up, and resolve to throw a move on these ancient issues. You can make tremendous strides with these and with other issues as well, merely by acknowledging and accepting the dark places inside you, which are after all a source of strength as well as heartache.

Libra Libra (September 23 - October 22)
Cardinal Air. Your ruling planet is Venus.

This is an important time of taking stock, Libra. You are graced with an exciting inner perspective on life and love that will only grow more pronounced over the course of this spring and summer. Your intuition is sizzling, as it has been for months, and you are finally starting to pay attention. This is powerful for you, because from deep within comes a form of truth that cannot be found anywhere else. There could also be illusions or confusions to sort out, especially those concerning the mechanics of day-to-day concerns, including physical work-outs and the health of your body; even the office. Partners are helpful and a big focus as well for you these days, but in the final analysis you must realize that you have to go it alone.

As the month begins, you are noticing with great spiritual empathy the presence of important others in your life. It’s a blessing to be so blessed, but of course it is necessary also to set boundaries and be conscious of your own piece of the pie chart. Saturn retrograding through the last few degrees of your sign definitely symbolizes that solitary side of your current astrological weather report and contrasts nicely with nebulous Neptune in aspect with a strongly emphasized Uranus occupying your relationship sector. You are deeply tuned to other minds and hearts as well as to your own spiritual pilgrimage into a greater sense of oneness with the universe at large. A curious twist in the cosmic currents twists this idea right around. You are strong on service, especially in this beginning week of March, but what starts out as the concept of being there more fully for others winds up as being there more fully for yourself as well. Surprises abound, and lead you into interesting alleyways of philosophical speculation. As you constitute your beliefs about the world you constitute the world itself, surrounding your own conception. We think of the world as hard and dense with ideas soft and fluffy but it is actually the other way around; your ideas are sharp and hard and the world conforms itself to their imprint. The Full Moon of Thursday, March 8th, brings you to an interesting plateau in your progress toward your initial goals. You are intent on finding out how best to serve not only the world around you but your own highest purpose for yourself. In order to accomplish that amalgamation in the most fruitful and wholistic manner possible, you must become a spelunker within the uncharted cavern of your own inner depths. You are exploring with great concentration and abandon, enthused and going all the way. Others come into this process in two ways, as companions and helpmeets for your journey and also somewhat peripherally, since part of what you are attempting to discover regards how you do relationship and to what end. With the Last Quarter Moon of Wednesday, March 14th, your investigation intensifies. Mercury is now retrograde in your partnership sector, inviting deep meditation concerning the effect of relationships in your life. Uranus is there as well, and highlighted in this month’s cycle, so that there will be not only departures from any one idea or program but also surprises and sudden enlightenment surrounding this important area. It is becoming clearer all the time that your current ongoing transformation is huge and emotionally linked to important centers within you. The New Moon of Thursday, March 22nd, gives you added confidence and a huge boost to your ongoing process of discerning the impact of significant others on your own development. The relationships that you have grown accustomed to may seem quite different in the light of what you have absorbed from the events of just these three prior weeks of the present month, and yet further evolution awaits. Relationships are essentially mirrors, and close inspection might begin to show you where old patterns of interaction are interfering with what your own higher self would support in you; if so you might find that you benefit enormously from delving into these frozen forms of ancient conditioning and early trauma. It might be that, over time, intimate connections turn into a more conscious act of sharing and that places where you were once stuck begin to yield.

Scorpio Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)
Fixed Water. Your ruling planets are Mars and Pluto.

This is a tricky period of time for you, Scorpio. Dreams could come crashing down or else morph into more reliable form as ideals that can serve as guideposts for your journey forward, and somehow you must choose how to separate the truth from the illusion. The future you see coming toward you now is not what you once thought, and friendships or group affiliations that you espoused might lend a very different hand to help you on you way than you had formerly imagined. This is actually stimulating and enlightening if you can take it in the right spirit. Remain loose and on your toes like a pro tennis player receiving a serve and you’ll prosper; but staying stuck in any one particular viewpoint is not currently recommended.

As the month begins, you are feeling very creative and full of pizzazz, although perhaps with more inner motivation than outer as symbolized by the retrograde of your traditional ruler Mars through your sector of goals, friendship and group affiliations. This important area of your life is definitely subject to reassessment and reconsideration over this Mars retrograde period, which shifts in mid-April but does not entirely end for you until mid-June. You might find yourself reviewing all aspects of where you are currently headed with future plans, and also the manner in which you plug yourself into society around you plus the associations and alliances that you make along the way to getting there. Your self-expression is also heightened at this time, having received a big boost from the recent New Moon in your creativity sector and from a powerfully aspected Neptune there as well, so that there is bound to be a mystical slant to your musings and your imaginings during this entire monthly cycle. Events that come up, at times rather rapidly, make for a synchronistic chime to your reevaluation of your life direction and spark as they do this inner orientation that you are now coming from. Your life is enriched by the natural mental fertilizer that is turned over in this way to add to the nutrients of your evolutionary process. The Full Moon of Thursday, March 8th, stimulates this procedure and also provides grounding into concrete practicality. Partners come into your process in a big way now, and serve as an adjunct to your own arc of development as you meander forward. There is much to be gained by recognizing where a blended viewpoint can benefit you and where you must draw the line and make your own determination. It is unhelpful to erect a sealed wall where a more porous boundary would do, although it is certainly a mistake that is frequently made. The secret lies in respecting not only others but yourself, and in trusting that it never means that to partially give in, you have to lose something and become willy-nilly completely submerged in the other. With the Last Quarter Moon of Wednesday, March 14th, considerations such as these become more poignant and subject to increased scrutiny on your part. Mercury is newly retrograde in your sector of health and day-to-day work, and now, too, a strong predilection within you has you reevaluating your life and loves from an evolutionary standpoint. Rather than dwelling entirely in the present you are investigating everything that has gone on up to now, storing up wisdom for the sake of the future moment. The New Moon taking place on Thursday, March 22nd, is another potent time for you, when there is again tons of energy available for visualizing a better future for yourself and for attempting to discern the way to get yourself there. Paradoxically and perhaps contrary to what you might expect, you find that this involves more inner than outer work. What could come up for you along this pathway for example, might be old patterns of behavior stemming from childhood trauma that have long outlived their usefulness in the present moment. These could be holding you back in some manner, so that it pays to recognize them and acknowledge them, and to accept these dark places within you just as they are, and just as you are. This could be an amazing and fruitful place to put your attention over the coming cycle.

Sagittarius Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)
Mutable Fire. Your ruling planet is Jupiter.

This monthly cycle represents a time of contemplation, Sagittarius, rather than of outright doing. You are drawn to the inside, there to discover the fuel to pursue your outer world responsibilities with what will ultimately become a greater sense of clarity. You may find that old and largely dysfunctional patterns of behavior, painfully present in recent weeks to your innermost psyche, come on even more strongly; if so this is for the purpose of acknowledging and moving beyond them. This is a potentially confusing time, when the ground seems to have been abruptly pulled out from beneath your feet leaving nothing but thin air on which to stand. Greater future solidity depends on how well you can learn to dance with the universe while aware that nothing whatsoever separates you from its beating heart.

As the month begins, you are energized at the deepest center of your being, riding the wave of the recent and powerful New Moon from February 21st that took place in your sector of home, family and tribe. The energy coming through at this time is multiple; there is the New Moon – which is pure potential expressing itself as fresh initiatives that could even include painting or straightening your house, or forging better relations within your family group. Then there is the numinous energy of Neptune that has a mystically illogical and yet compelling story of other-dimensionality all its own bordering on, but not identical to, the spiritual component of your life force moving forward. With Chiron emphasized in this sector as well, all sorts of combinations could manifest regarding old wounds and the healing of past patterns of conditioning, and these impinge on the more straightforward movement of energy through the internal connections that you make with family and with your own sense of psychological strength, the basis for feelings of security as you navigate the world at large. All these poignant issues are compounded by the retrogrades this month of both Mars and Mercury, driving a more contemplative mode. This is therefore a crucially important month for you, and a time when issues that have been bubbling beneath the surface of your mind could emerge for greater consciousness regarding them, ultimately leading toward healing these issues. You are coming to a natural reexamination of the way that you put your best foot forward into the world around you, and even by what standard you judge that foot as best. The underpinning of all your motivation is up for examination and adjustment. You do well to really concentrate on this opportunity and make the most of it because the consequences could be enormous, deepening your understanding of yourself and your world. The Full Moon of Thursday, March 8th, is a powerful time, representing a plateau for the arc of development represented by the springboard from the end of the previous month. Being of assistance to the community of those around you is a prominent part of this mid-cycle phase which merges ideas such as: a greater degree of networking, issues of home, family and your psychological roots and the question of how to be of true service to others and to the life mission that you find yourself in the midst of. With the Last Quarter Moon in your sign, of Wednesday, March 14th, when Mercury is also retrograde, you are likely to be mulling over these and other ideas and perhaps planning on incorporating them in a lasting way into your future. This is a time of review and reexamination of what has gone before, and also of networking and relationship as you extend these realizations into the present moment coloring your connections with others around you. The New Moon of Thursday, March 22nd, is an important time of incorporating future vision into an emerging sense of who you really are as a person within a community and as a soul in evolution. You might find that you need to deal more directly with old issues or even wounded places within you that have come up for healing through the events of this current cycle. Your creative output is massive now, and reflects the deeper concerns of the ongoing transformation of ideals and values that you have been wrestling with in some way throughout this present month and year.

Capricorn Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)
Cardinal Earth. Your ruling planet is Saturn.

Welcome to the inner whirlpool, Capricorn, for you are now surely in the midst of it; not actually going down but admitting yourself into another dimension. You are engaged in an important process of revisioning everything that you value, your very basis for security, and how you see the world around you. Communication is key, even though your words might seem a bit unfocused right now. The ideals that you share to others around you are yet by this means clarified. A thorough-going transformation needs to spread further, to your head as well as to your heart, and you might be suspending mental operations for a while in order to reorganize. Out the other side, your sense of who you are at base comes back to you, and with added dividends.

As the month begins, you are bent of networking and communicative outreach but there could seem to be obstacles and uncertainties separating you from your intended desire. This month is a strange time when what is real can feel like illusion and what is magical and unreal can seem like reality itself. To get entirely with the program means accommodating yourself to paradox, and it is difficult for a soul of practicality such as you to even begin to orient yourself in this way; that is, to subscribe to a system with a palpable lack of orientation. The mystical side of life on planet earth is perfectly real and underlies everything that you see and do, but it is extremely difficult to get a handle on. This month, with several planets retrograde including your ruler, Saturn, and with Neptune and Uranus highlighted in your sectors of communication and familial concerns, is the perfect time to become more familiar with this unseeable world that surrounds and informs the day-to-day world of your senses. The magical mystery tour bus is stopping at your doorway with the sign on the side that reads “get to know your own inner world!” With the Full Moon that comes along in the second week of the month, taking place on Thursday, March 8th, you might be making a form of peace with this idea. A balance point can be reached whereby you go about your everyday concerns with a strong attitude toward the practical, and yet still take a mystical viewpoint into account as well. Your philosophy is somehow able to be expanded to allow holding both visions simultaneously. Your communication and your creative output is fairly sizzling during this mid-month period and reflects this idea. By the time of the Last Quarter Moon of Wednesday, March 14th, you are making quite a stand for your own unique identity in this way, and rethinking everything that you thought you knew up to now. Mercury is now retrograde, for the next five weeks or more, when you count the period of the retrograde shadow, that is the time during which it is catching up to its original station point in early Aries. Your sense of who you are at the core is a changing landscape over these many weeks and months now, and this ongoing and vital transformation is being given a huge boost in this March timeframe. Your worldview is a changing now as well, and this basic instability is difficult to accommodate to, so that you are in a natural cycle of the reexamination of all that has gone on in the previous three weeks of this lunar cycle. You win when you begin to love change and reject stability as illusion, so that nothing whatsoever disappoints you, but this is the advanced stage of the learning process that you find yourself in the midst of. With the New Moon of Thursday, March 22nd, you are making a fresh start on that goal and potentially even succeeding at it. Home and family is your strong focus now, but with equally the idea of being comfortable with the changing tides surging through this area of your life and transpiring within your inner world also.

Aquarius Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)
Fixed Air. Your ruling planets are Uranus and Saturn.

This is a time of acknowledging the unknown as well as the more obvious, Aquarius. Your values are taking a leap forward in alignment with a trend toward soul evolution that has been dawning for many weeks now, and in sync with positive changes that affect your financial as well as your spiritual balance sheet. This could also manifest as the illusion of wealth, or perhaps an idealized move away from the strictly material. Either way you are taking a trip to the deepest layers of your psyche in order to gain not the glitter of worldly rewards but the true gold of understanding that applies to you all the way through to within. You might find you can operate in the concrete world of achievement without sacrificing this basic recognition: the source of all your motivation is essentially insubstantial.

As the month begins, you are feeling the security inherent in your resources which seem abundant; or at least enough to meet your current needs. There could be a contrast with perceived lack that you are also dealing with in a form of mental tug-of-war but the glass can be conceived as half-full and so counts as a blessing. Whether this seeming abundance flows more from the seeming or the abundance may be a question that you go into in greater detail later in this monthly cycle, but for now you are feeling safe and good. You are also simultaneously and paradoxically in the midst of some degree of illusion concerning where your values are truly to be found. The material world makes a poor basis for measuring achievement, and so you are very aware that you need to eschew that measurement; but on the other hand you need to keep food on the table as a prerequisite to any spiritual work that might take you further away from dwelling in the concrete and living with both feet firmly planted in the here-and-now; it is a conundrum. The potential conflict implied could have perhaps come to a minor crisis point in recent days and now be heading toward a form of resolution. As often is the case the truth might lie somewhere in between: you need the material world to survive but as in the oft-quoted biblical phrase you do not live by bread alone. The spiritual world is only the briefest instant away from you at any one time; a gesture takes it more firmly into account and allows you to open to your inner world. And the inner realms are fully necessary to and underlie the outer ones. With the Full Moon of Thursday, March 8th, you might be able to begin to find a synthesis of these viewpoints. Relationship concerns are more predominate at this juncture as you reach for balance. You are delving deep within yourself in order to find answers to important questions that you did not even know to ask, at least not with your conscious mind, and as you do you encounter not only yourself but the mystical other. From one standpoint your communicative outreach is enhanced and inspired by these depth researches, while from another your communication is also slowing down as Mercury prepares to retrograde in your third sector of speaking and writing. Mercury stations in the early morning hours of March 12th, and begins its backward motion. This Mercury retrograde is especially powerful for you since it aspects your ruler Uranus, and since it takes place in your communications sector. This period lasts through April 4th, or two and a half weeks longer when you take the retrograde shadow into effect, and represents an excellent time for further deep reflection on where you are heading and why. It might be a good idea to journal or to dialog with friends concerning the issues you are continuing to face. With the Last Quarter Moon of Wednesday, March 14th, you are feeling your way toward a better concept of events that have transpired and what it is that you have actually been going through. These final two weeks of the month, punctuated by the powerful Aries New Moon in conjunction with your chart ruler, will be an important time for learning, and for revisioning what has gone before. Whatever conflicts arise over this period will serve as pointers to deeper issues that you have, perhaps concerning ancient trauma that still has the power to hurt. You are finding much of value within your shadow self and many places within you that prove to be opportunities for making a better connection.

Pisces Pisces (February 19 - March 20)
Mutable Water. Your ruling planets are Neptune and Jupiter.

You are full of energy and contradictions, Pisces. In one way you are sailing right along, and feeling the intensity of your forward motion, but relationship issues and core doubts may also have you in a bit of a stymie. If you are feeling stuck in these areas it is an excellent time to dialog with friends and colleagues or to meditate and journal about them. You might begin by asking yourself questions such as: What exactly do you intend? How does your relationship process serve this higher goal? Is there perhaps a style of self-sabotage that trips you up in any way that you can discover? The answers are neither easy nor simple. This month represents a series of stages of a path to the doorway to a more viable future – and only you can walk it.

As the month begins, you are enjoying the rush of energy represented by the New Moon in your sign from the 21st of the previous month. The New Moon also conjuncted your ruler Neptune, so that you are feeling a double whammy of energetic verve and forthright connection with the surrounding universe. You are able to show a fundamentally optimistic face to others at this time even though you might be looking more deeply into the way you do partnership interaction and as well all the other motivating factors in your life. You are making deeper connections with Spirit as you do. Your resources and values are also a moving target at this time. Instability in your finances are nothing new by now, and yet with Mars retrograde and with Mercury also about to change direction in your second sector these fluctuations might tell you something more interesting about your ongoing transformation of life direction and societal connection. Your world is subtly changing and your beliefs along with it and your choices are to ride the wave or go under. You could be struggling somewhat to come to terms with these and other disconnections with normal waking reality. A sense of security that depends on material continuity is gone and might never be coming back and furthermore in the larger view of things that could even be OK. The cosmos is encouraging you to turn these ideas around in every sort of direction in your mind and see what you can make of them, which beats being stuck in one point of view that might not even entirely be your own. With the advent of the Full Moon of Thursday, March 8th, some of these concerns might come to a point of resolution. You are seeking balance now, and synthesis. The issues of this month present the contrast of inner versus outer as ways of seeing. In one regard everything is perfect, just part of the universal course in developing character and being human, in which no one is allowed to get out of with a failing grade. On the other hand, from a strictly outer perspective, it is necessary to struggle for what you need to get by, and success is far from guaranteed. It is a mental stretch to admitting the paradoxical nature of the actual circumstance, in which both views are correct; soul nature while not alone in running the show, yet nevertheless forms an integral part. With the Last Quarter Moon of Wednesday, March 14th, traces of conflict could reemerge. Mercury is retrograde now in your sector of resources and values, so that there could be further turn-arounds, or perhaps shifts in how you look at things in this whole area. Your communicative outreach is vital for you now, and helps with the mighty transition that you are in the midst of whereby your vision is evolving toward a future path that you can really live with. A powerful push for practicality counter-balances the otherworldly influences that are also rushing in upon you now, and that could drive you crazy without a strong determination to make everything work together. As you continue to review past events and relationship dynamics in general with the idea of coming to better terms with how you regard them, you are definitely making at least spiritual progress, the most important kind. The New Moon of Thursday, March 22nd, fills you with fresh energy for your purpose, and that purpose is unmistakably a blend of ingredients that promote deep inner contemplation and real-world presence in equal proportions.