Astrology of March 2012
by Henry Seltzer (
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Gemini Gemini (May 21 - June 20)
Mutable Air. Your ruling planet is Mercury.

You are making a fresh start with career initiatives, Gemini, although perhaps a bit strangely. An extreme flirtation with Spirit is in the air. A truly mystical life direction could be emerging, or you might get lost somewhere in the mist idealization or illusion? Beginning with the mid-month retrograde of your ruler Mercury, a contemplative mode ensures. If you consider yourself to be exploring your future by means of direct experimentation it could be a case of two steps forward, one step back or even the reverse. Just recognize that the universe has its plans as well, and that even though these do not match up entirely with your own, there is value in the backward movement. The reward is greater awareness of inner rather than outer priorities, and of your fertile depths.

As the month begins you are still reeling in the cords of mental imagination that lead everywhere, all birthed within you recently, centering perhaps around the dynamic New Moon energy from the 21st of last month taking place in your career sector. This is a mystical and spacey time for you and there could even be feelings of dismay because of the very limitlessness of this period; you are so accustomed to definite limits of one kind and another on every form of activity. Indeed the limitation as represented by Saturn, also strongly configured right now are important too, and engender productivity, but the present month might be a time to revel as well in the numinousity and boundarylessness of this cycle. You are filled with powerful ideas for future initiatives and also with an intense consciousness of the gaps between the ideal and the real, or at least the concretely realizable. You might be tempted to mourn the loss of angel power that is evidenced in all forms of mere earthly activity. Yet the secret dawning upon you at this time is also very real: that the angels are nevertheless beside you always, and that they guide you in many ways barely glimpsed by your more overt conscious mind so that you must half-close your eyes in order to truly see. There is reinforcement in that your ruler Mercury is slowing down and preparing to retrograde on the 12th, because the symbolism of this event lends itself to an internal state of mind. Visionary experiences abound in many variations as the month unfolds, and some of these might even be triggered by the contrast between imagination and practicality that currently plays so large a part in your astrological weather. As you meditate upon both the contrasts and the joy of your current situation the First Quarter Moon from the 29th day of February melds into the Full Moon energy of Thursday, March 8th, forming a plateau of energy emphasizing successes rather than drawbacks. You are for this entire cycle also aware of potential issues that arise from deeply ingrained patterns of behavior that are operating almost independently from somewhere deep inside you, but the joy of spiritual connection is perhaps enough to overtake dark imaginings concerning these deficits. It is important to acknowledge the places where you were wounded in the ancient past, perhaps to reach out in a tone of comfort to this residue of the inner child within you, and also to be able to rise above feelings of negativity concerning this condition and move on. The Last Quarter Moon that comes along a week later, taking place on Wednesday, March 14th, is another powerful juncture in this regard. This is a time when you will quite naturally bring all kinds of issues that are ongoing beneath the surface layers of your psyche up into your more conscious awareness. The tendency of this phase is to reassess the experiences of the past three weeks with the intention of engendering greater understanding of these; and of past as well as future activities. By bringing greater consciousness to bear on these issues you have a much better chance of nurturing yourself through any new difficulty that you might face. The Aries New Moon taking place just three days after the Spring Equinox, on Wednesday, March 22nd, represents another amazing time of resurgence. This is so even though the condition of your ruler Mercury, still in the midst of its retrograde period, implies reflection rather than direct action. Nevertheless, this powerful moment could serve you as a springboard for the future; for action that is based on greater integration of all your parts, conscious mentation and spiritual intimations alike, even the wounded places inside you.