Astrology of March 2012
by Henry Seltzer (
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Sagittarius Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)
Mutable Fire. Your ruling planet is Jupiter.

This monthly cycle represents a time of contemplation, Sagittarius, rather than of outright doing. You are drawn to the inside, there to discover the fuel to pursue your outer world responsibilities with what will ultimately become a greater sense of clarity. You may find that old and largely dysfunctional patterns of behavior, painfully present in recent weeks to your innermost psyche, come on even more strongly; if so this is for the purpose of acknowledging and moving beyond them. This is a potentially confusing time, when the ground seems to have been abruptly pulled out from beneath your feet leaving nothing but thin air on which to stand. Greater future solidity depends on how well you can learn to dance with the universe while aware that nothing whatsoever separates you from its beating heart.

As the month begins, you are energized at the deepest center of your being, riding the wave of the recent and powerful New Moon from February 21st that took place in your sector of home, family and tribe. The energy coming through at this time is multiple; there is the New Moon which is pure potential expressing itself as fresh initiatives that could even include painting or straightening your house, or forging better relations within your family group. Then there is the numinous energy of Neptune that has a mystically illogical and yet compelling story of other-dimensionality all its own bordering on, but not identical to, the spiritual component of your life force moving forward. With Chiron emphasized in this sector as well, all sorts of combinations could manifest regarding old wounds and the healing of past patterns of conditioning, and these impinge on the more straightforward movement of energy through the internal connections that you make with family and with your own sense of psychological strength, the basis for feelings of security as you navigate the world at large. All these poignant issues are compounded by the retrogrades this month of both Mars and Mercury, driving a more contemplative mode. This is therefore a crucially important month for you, and a time when issues that have been bubbling beneath the surface of your mind could emerge for greater consciousness regarding them, ultimately leading toward healing these issues. You are coming to a natural reexamination of the way that you put your best foot forward into the world around you, and even by what standard you judge that foot as best. The underpinning of all your motivation is up for examination and adjustment. You do well to really concentrate on this opportunity and make the most of it because the consequences could be enormous, deepening your understanding of yourself and your world. The Full Moon of Thursday, March 8th, is a powerful time, representing a plateau for the arc of development represented by the springboard from the end of the previous month. Being of assistance to the community of those around you is a prominent part of this mid-cycle phase which merges ideas such as: a greater degree of networking, issues of home, family and your psychological roots and the question of how to be of true service to others and to the life mission that you find yourself in the midst of. With the Last Quarter Moon in your sign, of Wednesday, March 14th, when Mercury is also retrograde, you are likely to be mulling over these and other ideas and perhaps planning on incorporating them in a lasting way into your future. This is a time of review and reexamination of what has gone before, and also of networking and relationship as you extend these realizations into the present moment coloring your connections with others around you. The New Moon of Thursday, March 22nd, is an important time of incorporating future vision into an emerging sense of who you really are as a person within a community and as a soul in evolution. You might find that you need to deal more directly with old issues or even wounded places within you that have come up for healing through the events of this current cycle. Your creative output is massive now, and reflects the deeper concerns of the ongoing transformation of ideals and values that you have been wrestling with in some way throughout this present month and year.